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A recognized pokemon trainer from Viridian City.

a character in “Pokémon: Dies Irae (Judgement Day)”, as played by EternalSonata

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Age- 15

She stands at 5"3 and weighs around 105 pounds. Being petite, short, and skinny, Natalia has smaller features than most girls her age. To her dislike, she has the body of a washboard. Meaning, she basically has no figure at all and looks like she hadn't even hit puberty yet. She has thick, midnight black hair that tumbles down her back in tangled strands and stops at the middle of her back. Her long side bangs partially cover her left eye in an annoying curtain like manner. Natalia has icy-blue eyes with small flecks of golden in them that can only be seen if shown in the light. Her skin is a pale white that looks like alabaster. It had a slightly sickly tinge about it as if she hadn't seen the sun for a while. With her unfortunate appearance, many around her mistake her for a wide-eyed, cute little girl with the appearance of an albino doll who looks much younger than she really is.

Her daily outfit consists of a thick, navy blue vest that covers her entire neck and part of her chin, but exposes her arms. The top half of the sweater is white while the bottom is blue. The hood is lined with artificial fur that protects her from wind and sun, although it does get hot when she puts it on. It stops halfway down her stomach so it exposes her navel. On the bottom, she wears dark blue pants, held up by a white belt with a golden buckle on it. The belt is adorned with badges while many chains and strings of charms hang from the sides of her pants. One particular badge, the Viridian City Earth Badge, is sown onto her upper left pant leg. The bottoms of her pants are tucked into white lace-up boots.

She carries a tan, leather sack that slings across her shoulder and allows the actual bag part to sit beside her hips. Items are easily accessible at a moment's notice.


Natalia is fiery and stubborn. She has a strong sense of justice and hates unfairness or inequality. With these character traits, she can be a rather difficult person to handle and get along with. Often careless and unpredictable, she drags herself into many unfavorable predicaments. "Think before speaking" or "Think before doing" don't register in her mind. She often forgets about the consequences of the certain actions she carries out.
Although Natalia doesn't approve of unnecessary violence, she hates being called "adorable" with a passion. Many have dared to call her small or terms along that and they have experienced her wrath. They don't expect her fury because of her calm demeanor. Insults don't faze her as she merely glares at those who dislike her loud personality.
Natalia has a bad habit of hiding her weaknesses. She hates giving others chances to see her falter, therefore strives to always appear tough even when she's not. Lightning, bugs, and the dark are fears that she pretends she doesn't have.
Natalia despises big crowds for she has an extreme cause of claustrophobia.


She carries an assortment of pokeballs, potions, and antidotes.


Natalia comes from a family of 12 in Viridian City. Her father was gym leader and was scarcely at home to spend time with his family. Even with his high standing, making ends meet for the family was tough since they had so many mouths to feed. Attention and love was lacking with so many children to look after and with only one mother to care for them. Natalia learned to improvise and fend for herself at an early age. It didn't help when her elder brother Sync, was the pride of Viridian City and feared and respected all over the region of Kanto. He had ventured into the lands for exploration and experience right after she had been born. Natalia adored him and he was her role model throughout her entire childhood. Stores of his heroics and victories over criminal gangs were spread all over and Natalia just grew to love him more and more. It was strange, though, how they shared the same blood, but he was forever a distant figure.. a shadow that always loomed over her. At age 13, it was shocking to hear that Sync had been killed by Team Magma for interferring with their businesses. It was a giant blow to the family and especially for Natalia. She vowed to become a pokemon even greater than her brother was and could ever be.

A year later, Natalia left Viridian City without saying goodbye to her family. She has been traveling around for nearly 2 years now.

-Team- :D
To make up for her lack of height, she caught bigger pokemon instead! Her entire party is made of mostly dragon-type pokemon.

-Charizard ( Valkyrie )-

He started out as a Charmander, given to Natalia by a kind professor in Pallet Town. At first, their relationship was rocky.. like Ash and Pikachu's when they first met. After a while, they began to become friends. Valkyrie evolved from Charmander to Charmeleon to Charzard. He was a watchful protector and a good friend she could always talk to and rely on. His attacks aren't usual like ember or growl. The special training involved focused on powerful fire attacks that are mainly used to defeat the enemy in 3 shots or less. Valkyrie's defense is very good, although he isn't he most agile pokemon.

-Dragonite ( Rhys )-

Natalia's fastest and most agile pokemon. He was caught in the wilderness on the way to Saffron City. Defense, offense, and agility are all in good shape with this pokemon. Dragonites are naturally strong pokemon when angered. Rhys is Natalia's most gentle pokemon and loving pokemon. She usually allows him to wander free on his own instead of the confines of the pokeball.

-Militoc ( Azure )-

Given to by a mysterious man, Natalia traded her pikachu for it. Azure generally hesitates to fight, being a peaceful pokemon. It has powerful physic attacks and good agility and speed.

-Rapidash (Altessa )-

Captured on the way to Pallet Town. Natalia usually rides Altessa when traveling. The flame horse has strong flame attacks as well as agility and defense. He has a fiery personality and can be fickle. Although Altessa is one of her less controllable pokemon, they remain good friends.

-Laefeon ( Corrine )-

Corrine is a leaf-type pokemon.. Natalia caught him when she left her home city. Calm and smooth, the cat-like pokemon possesses agility like none other and speed. His attacks mainly focus on draining others of their energy and using it as his own health.. he also has some elemental attacks. Natalia doesn't confine Corrine to his pokeball. He always sticks close to her.

-Salamence ( Brising )-

Brising was given to her from a friend. Natalia made friends with Brising.. eventually. It took a while for them to get to know each other. He's territorial, violent, and vicious. She definately uses him for first choice of battle. With his powerful Dragon and Fire attacks and amazing defenses, he rips the enemy apart. Brising gives her rides.

So begins...

Natalia White's Story