Verdes TownTekno Lahjik

Master of machines and demon of the dance floor--a sharply intelligent young man always looking for a fun time...if he's not hard at work on his next project

a character in “Pokemon Magenta”, as played by Drake Nightwing

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Full Name: Tekno Lahjik
Nicknames/Alias: Tek, Tekhead, Muffin

Age: 18

Starting Pokemon: Magnemite (Nickname: Alpha)

Region of Origin: Vokhan
Hometown: Periodio Town

Favorite Type of Pokemon: Steel, Electric, Grass

Height: 5 feet 11 inches / 180 cm

Weight: Broke the scale 185 lbs. / 84 kg

Apperance: Tekno is rather tall, around 5'11''. Wears a standard yellow-and-black T-shirt with the international hazard symbol emblazoned on both the front and back, with a matching set of midnight black biker pants underneath. Black leather sneakers complete the overall ensemble, although the young man does sport a red wristband on his right arm, his PokeGear attached to his left. Also wears a set of dark tinted goggles on top of his messy unkept chocolate brown hair. His eyes are a sparkling hazel, and his face and body is spotted with freckles here and there. Tekno's overall body is a bit gangly, though he's not scrawny nor pudgy by any stretch of the imagination.

Reason For Being in This Tournament?: Ultimately for fun and just for the hell of it....though the prize money is also a considerable factor.

Legendary of Choice?: Dialga

Personality: Please see Personality section below

  • Machines
  • Inventions working properly
  • Having fun
  • Dancing
  • Music
  • Pokemon
  • Nature

  • Inventions NOT working properly
  • Sticks in the mud
  • People with no sense of humor
  • Jerks
  • Cheap scares

  • An invention of his going completely haywire
  • Seeing any of his friends, Pokemon included, hurt
  • Possibility of getting seriously injured in his experiments


Tekno is normally rather easy going, though is a very hard working individual. Generally an inventor by day, a dancer by night (although not necessarily)--Tekno purses the mysteries and enigmas of science as he ponders and develops new ideas for inventions and machines but has no qualms to a night out of the town being spent at the local club. He is an amicable individual, and generally very friendly and sweet to others. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is always willing to have fun. In fact, his almost carefree attitude towards life which is at an odd contrast to his work ethic--whenever he's drawn into his own project he tends to withdraw into his own little world and generally be unresponsive, preferring to not be bothered unless it is an actual emergency.

Tekno is, however, provoked rather easily...and tends to be rather easily startled. He also tends to be exceptionally snarky and sardonic to the point of condescending during battles as well, regardless of who is he against. He also tends to have a very low tolerance of people who tend to mistreat others, whether they be human or Pokemon.



T-Stars: 3

Current Status: Operational, but Incomplete

Travel Satchel
-One PokeBall
-600 PokeDollars

Pokemon on Hand
1. Magnemite (Nickname: Alpha) - Lv. 7


Tekno hails from the Vohkani region, a land far to the north, yet oddly subtropical in weather and climate. At only 18 years of age, Tekno decided to travel and see the world--alongside having fun and working hard wherever he goes. Incredibly smart and talented as an inventor, he ultimately wants to sell his ideas and inventions to corporations such as Silph or Devon and becoming rich off of royalties...if he doesn't go into business himself.

The young man has come to this tournament mainly to get some practice in battles, but overall he has come mainly to just take a break from his work and have some fun. While he IS a trainer back home, he has left his current team at his home in Vokhan to get a completely fresh start in Diantos, to give himself a little bit more of a challenge. He could honestly care less whether or not he ultimately wins the tournament, though the prize money would definitely be helpful for some of his more ambitious projects...

So begins...

Tekno Lahjik's Story