Skarmory CityTekno Lahjik

Master of machines and demon of the dance floor--a sharply intelligent young man always looking for a fun time...if he's not hard at work on his next project.

a character in “Pokemon: Midnight Region”, as played by Drake Nightwing

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Full Name: Tekno Lahjik
Nicknames/Alias: Tek, Tekhead, Muffin
Age: 18
Class: Trainer/Scientist (Inventor/Mechanic), Dancer on the side
Apperance: Tekno is rather tall, around 5'11''. Wears a standard yellow-and-black T-shirt with the international hazard symbol emblazoned on both the front and back, with a matching set of midnight black biker pants underneath. Black leather sneakers complete the overall ensemble, although the young man does sport a red wristband on his right arm, his PokeGear attached to his left. Also wears a set of dark tinted goggles on top of his messy unkept chocolate brown hair. His eyes are a sparkling hazel, and his face and body is spotted with freckles here and there. Tekno's overall body is a bit gangly, though he's not scrawny nor pudgy by any stretch of the imagination.
Goal in Life?: To be recognized as an inventor of great renown. Failing that, a famous and popular dancer.
Pokemon: Three Magnemite (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma), one Charmander (Vesuvius)
Family: Nero Lahjik (father), Saiko Lahjik (mother)
Hometown: Periodio Town, Vokhan Region


Tekno is normally rather easy going, and is a very hard working individual. However, he does love to have fun. Generally an inventor by day, a dancer by night (although not necessarily)--Tekno purses the mysteries and enigmas of science as he ponders and develops new ideas for inventions and machines but has no qualms to a night out of the town being spent at the local club. He is an amicable individual, and very friendly...although whenever he's drawn into his own project he tends to withdraw into his own little world and generally be unresponsive...preferring to not be bothered unless it is an actual emergency.

Tekno is, however, provoked rather easily...and is rather easily startled. He also tends to be exceptionally snarky and sardonic to the point of condescending during battles as well, regardless of who is he against.


Tekno almost always carries his satchel with him, containing his PokeBalls, badge case, items and supplies. He always has his laptop computer with him at all times, as he does with his PokeDex and PokeGear.

His main source of pride, however, is his goggles--designed and built by himself, they not only protect his eyes but also act as shades as well as reducing glare from snow and being able to see underwater, on top of being able to switch between night vision and thermal alongside providing a scanner via a HUD to display a Pokemon's level, overall power, and potential moveset. Furthermore, they act as binoculars being able to zoom in on anything to give him a sharper and clearer view of what he's looking at. Or at least, in theory it's supposed to.

Truth in told, the goggles are completely useless--at least regarding the night vision, thermal vision, HUD, and binocular functions. They still act perfectly well as sunglasses, aviators and snowboard goggles, as well as swimwear--reducing light, protecting from high wind and bugs, as well as shrapnel and sparks whenever working on metal, and being able to see underwater.

His current Pokemon consists of his sole Charmander, bred and given to him by his parents, that he nicknamed Vesuvius as well as three other Pokemon in posession--three Magnemite by the names of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.


Tekno hails from the Vohkani region, a land far to the north, yet oddly subtropical in weather and climate. At only 18 years of age, Tekno decided to travel and see the world--alongside having fun and working hard wherever he goes. Incredibly smart and talented as an inventor, alongside equally skilled in rhythm and dancing--Tekno dreams of one of two things: either becoming a hit sensation doing a synchronized dance step with his Pokemon or selling his ideas and inventions to corporations such as Silph or Devon and becoming rich off of royalties...if he doesn't go into business himself.

The young man also expresses a desire to challenge the gyms as well, but only for the sole purposes of starting a badge collection on the side. He has no interest whatsoever in challenging the Pokemon League.

So begins...

Tekno Lahjik's Story