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A shiny eevee doing everything to reach her goal

a character in “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explore Rescue Teams”, as played by dawnfire07

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Name: Crystal

Species: Eevee

Type: Normal

Gender: Female

Appearance: Crystal is a shiny eevee with cerulean-blue eyes and very fluffy tail. She wears a navy blue bandanna around her neck and almost always has a smile on her face, except in dire situations.

Personality: She is brave, adventurous, and sometimes flirty. She has had a complicated life, and sometimes just bursts all of a sudden. But she's always a true and loyal friend.

History: She lived with her mom as a child, but she died when a rock avalanche happened where they had lived. Once Crystal found found out an evil shiny eevee was the cause of it, she set out to confront it. When crystal found the eevee they battled. But they battled inside Star Cave and Jirachi appeared. The evil eevee, Scarlett, wished she could take over pokemon, and Jirachi made her share Crystals body so that sometimes Scarlett could literally take over her. Crystal now just wants to get rid of Scarlett and be a helpful rescue team member.

Moveset: Tackle, Flail, Dig, Shadowball, Headbutt, Attract, Quick Attack

Fun Fact: She's really smart, so she can solve most puzzles as if they were a breeze. Also she's a really good swimmer.

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Crystal's Story