Treasure Town/Wigglytuff/DungeonsTeam Blood

A regretting jolteon, a shiny umbreon doubting his loyalty, an evil and cruel absol, and a dark delcatty

a character in “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explore Rescue Teams”, as played by dawnfire07

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Thunder (Jolteon)
A regular jolteon who is regretting doing bad things. He has spiky,yellow fur and a slightly intimadating appearance.He's used to be fully commited to doing cruel things to pokemon just for the fun of it, but now he is starting to regret it. He feels like he's being used Daisy, and now wants to leave without being hunted down by Daisy. ... cut352.jpg ... lteon&qo=1

Shade (Shiny Umbreon)
A shiny umbreon who is starting to change his view of things. He is the second stronget in the team. He loved doing bad things, but now he's starting to be nice to pokemon. He doesn't want to become a good pokemon, but another side of him is glad to be rid of his evil side. Like Thunder, he wants to leave the team. ... breon&qo=0 ... breon&qo=9

Slash (Absol)
An absol evil to the ultimate extent. His intelligence isn't that great, but don't get on his bad side, or you're in for an intense battle. He let Daisy be leader after Scarlett disappeared because he has a crush on her. But he still remembers the times he spent with Scarlett, his former crush and lover. ... absol&qo=0 ... bsol&qo=40

Daisy (Delcatty)
Daisy is the new unoffical leader of the team after Scarlett disappeared. (She got merged into the same body with Crystal, but they don't know that) She has a major obsession with Shade and does anything to get her attention. She totally treats Slash like dirt and ignores him whenever he tries to do something nice for her. She is the strongest pokemon among the four, and if you do something to her, you'll bet she'll try to make your life a living hell. ... catty&qo=4 ... atty&qo=13

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