Nitrol RegionJaden Itori

The steel gym leader

a character in “Pokemon: The Nitrol Region”, as played by darkune

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Name: Jaden Itori
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Hometown: Toloi City in the Itrol region
Appearance: Image
History: Long line of Aura Guardians that began with Sir Aaron.

1: Lucario (Aura sphere, Bone rush, Extreme speed, Dragon pulse)
2: Aggron (Protect, Iron tail, Metal claw, Autotomize)
3: Skarmory (Air slash, Night slash, Steel wing, Roost)
4: Scizor (X-scissor, Metal claw, Iron head, Bullet punch)
5: Empoleon (Metal claw, Hydro cannon, Water pledge, Icy wind)
6: Metagross *Shiny (Meteor slam, Hyper beam, Psychic, Hammer arm)


Jaden owns a large Beldum ranch where over one thousand steel type pokemon live and can train. Jaden doesn't allow people to trespass on the land and capture the pokemon, so he has a twelve foot high electric fence surrounding the property. It has been known that this land is a safe haven for one or two legendary pokemon, like Cobalion and Genesect have spent some time on the property once a year on their migration period. Jaden doesn't own any of the pokemon on the ranch he just allows them to stay there away from trainers trying to catch them. Jaden also has a daycare for the towns pokemon and does have eggs for experienced trainers that have a contract with him saying that they will not abuse the pokemon.


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