Nitrol RegionJamie Collier

Pokemon Breeder; looking to establish herself in the Nitrol Region

a character in “Pokemon: The Nitrol Region”, as played by Hypnosis

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Name: Jamie Collier
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Hometown: Sinnoh Region - Solaceon Town
Appearance: See RightImage
Personality: Jamie is the perfect stereotypical hick from Solaceon Town. Her accent is unmistakably country, her clothes somewhat rough and dirty, and her Pokemon perfectly match her upbringing. Jamie, however, is incredibly intelligent when it comes to Pokemon, as her aspiration in life is to become a renowned Pokemon Breeder.
History: Granddaughter to the Day-Care people of Solaceon Town, Jamie has always had a love for taking care of Pokemon, as opposed to strictly training and battling; this fascination directly correlates to decision to be a Pokemon Breeder. At the age of sixteen (16), she struck out on her own, attempting to market her own Pokemon food and grooming products, but it was a failed venture in Sinnoh and Unova.

Returning home, Jamie was discouraged. Her dream seemed shattered. She was hopeless.

Seeing their granddaughter in such a pitiful state, the Day-Care owners generously offered to finance a business trip into the Nitrol Region. Through tear-filled eyes, Jamie gratefully accepted, believing this her last hope at becoming a reputable Breeder.

  1. Tauros; knows Work Up, Zen Headbutt, Earthquake, and Double Team
  2. Miltank; knows Milk Drink, Rollout, Body Slam, and Defense Curl
  3. Bouffalant; knows Swagger, Head Charge, Focus Energy, and Wild Charge
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Jamie Collier's Story