Nitrol RegionLeila Leveret

Seventh Gym Leader of the Nitrol Region; Dark-type user of foreign birth

a character in “Pokemon: The Nitrol Region”, as played by Hypnosis

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Name: Leila Leveret
Gender: Female
Age: 20 years
Hometown: Sinnoh Region - Solaceon Town
Appearance:See rightImage
Personality: In a somewhat comical contrast to her Pokemon type of choice, Leila has a bright and optimistic personality. She is genuine in everything she does and says, and often goes out of her way to help the citizens of Patira City. In battle she can be seen encouraging not only her own Pokemon, but the Pokemon of her challenger, earning her the nickname, Leila the Loving.
History: Born in the small town of Solaceon in the Sinnoh Region, Leila did not have the typical start to her Pokemon journey that most children experience. Her father was a retired trainer and her mother a Solaceon native, so it wasn't expected for her to really go anywhere. She was given a Murkrow by her father as her first Pokemon, and decided on her own that she was going to go out and see the world. At age eleven (11), she left home and began her journey.

She traveled throughout Sinnoh, Hoenn, Unova, and Nitrol though it wasn't until her her travels in Nitrol that her talent for using Dark-type Pokemon was noticed. At the time, she was sixteen (16). Encouraged by the Nitrol Region's Pokemon League, Leila took the Pokemon League Challenge and fared well, though she was no match for the region's Elite Four.

Still, the Pokemon League's committee thought some form of honoring was necessary and extended an offer to become the Patira City Gym Leader, as the former leader was retiring. With an ear-to-ear grin, Leila humbly accepted the invitation. At the age of nineteen (19), Leila was one of the youngest trainers to be offered a Gym Leader position in the Nitrol Region.

  1. Honchkrow (Wing Attack, Double Team, Dark Pulse, and Shadow Ball)
  2. Drapion (Cross Poison, Hone Claws, Pin Missile, and Toxic Spikes)
  3. Absol (Night Slash, Razor Wind, Double Team, and Quick Attack)
  4. Cacturne (Needle Arm, Leech Seed, Pin Missile, and Ingrain)
  5. Pupitar (Sandstorm, Dark Pulse, Rock Slide, and Iron Defense)
  6. Eevee (Tackle, Growl, Bite, and Helping Hand)

Also possesses:
  1. Bisharp (Metal Claw, Iron Defense, Night Slash, and Fury Cutter)
  2. Sandile (Mud-Slap, Protect, Bite, and Fire Fang)

*I am well aware that neither Pupitar nor Eevee are Dark-type Pokemon. Their evolutions are what Leila is aiming for.*


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Leila Leveret's Story