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Full Name- Ashton Jay Carson; isn't that a lot to write? For most people, it's a lot to say. His first name is usually shortened to "Ash". (The things people come up with when they're too lazy to say your full name.) All of which are common nicknames he goes by. He wasn't named after anybody special, either. His dad named him Ashton, his mom came up with his middle name, and Carson is Cajun. Yep, Ashton's from Louisiana, but that's a little off topic

Nickname- Ash is the most common, unless he tells you about his middle name, then people decide to call him Alex.
Gender- Male

Age- Eighteen

Role- Guy Two

Crush- - -

Ash is a fun, humorous, kind of guy, careless and relatively worry free. He doesn’t let things get to him, preferring to shrug things off rather than freak out about them. Even if he enjoys, well, enjoying life, he’s still a layed back kind of guy, friendly and social. Maybe not the most trusting, he still makes friends, despite a few quirks. Ashton is the kind of guy with endless energy, and can’t sleep. Impatient when he doesn’t get what he wants, but unusually happy and generous. A lot of things about the guy contrast, and it’s not exactly something he does on purpose. It’s just part of him. Or part of his condition, really. Either way, it creates a person who can really be something to watch.

The first thing you’d notice are the obvious things about his personality. Ashton loves talking and interacting with people, but you‘d probably think otherwise when you first meet him. He’s got this cool, layed back, almost sarcastic, demeanor that he falls back on, like a default. His personality can change in an instant though. Anyway, he’s a people person. I mean, he can tolerate being alone, but why be alone when you could be social? It’s almost the basis for some of his strongest personality traits. Like being competitive. Ashton grew up playing sports, watching them, and had a lot of older friends that only pushed him to be better with their constant bragging. He really can’t stand to loose. At all. That’s probably one of the few times you’ll see him really show emotion, and it’s not even extreme.

When being competitive isn’t in the picture, he’s a friendly guy, easily able to make friends. Ash is guilty of judgeing people before he get's to know them, though. He's a really observant person, and can't help but make judgements based on first impressions, actions, words. At least he's adaptable and lives in the moment; Ashton can change those assumptions as he gets to know people. There are a few traits in people he can’t stand, but he deals with that using his painful honestly. Ash isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind, and doesn’t really think about others feelings when he calls them out on something. The same goes with his sarcasm. His mouth can sometimes get him in trouble, though. Not that he cares; you better make sure you're willing to fight if you're bold enough to have a problem with something he said. When fighting isn't in the picture, Ash can be a pretty good talker. A smooth talker, he can convince and lie to people to get his way without even batting an eye, even get out of trouble. Pair that with decent acting skills and you’ve got a guy who can get you anything and get you anywhere. That also goes with his helpful nature. He likes to make sure people he cares about are ok, you know? He has a good work ethic and doesn’t complain about much, so helping people doesn’t bother him at all. Sometimes he's guilty of being impatient, especially when teaching people. He's capable, but if someone can't grasp the concept, he can get frustrated.

Ashton has issues, though. Who doesn’t? First thing first, he can’t be comfortable sitting still. He prefers to be up and doing something. Whether it’s hanging out with friends, playing sports, whatever. For as long as he can remember he hadn’t been able to sit still like most people. He feels antsy and trapped, needed to get up and walk. Maybe that's why he can't stand lazy people or procrastination. And if something isn't getting done right, he'll let you know. Thanks to all of that, he’s developed some unconscious habits, like pacing, tapping his foot, throwing a ball against the wall. Boredom is also something he can’t stand. That’s why Ash loves creative or unusual people. They always give him something to look at or focus on. He also doesn’t take much serious. That includes school; he’s lucky he's smart and could remember practically anything. However, he’s a persistent flirt, whether he has a girlfriend or not. Ash’s aware of the problem, but it takes time to change, right? Even so, he doesn’t full out cheat on girl’s he’s in a relationship with. Ashton is great at listening and giving advice. That is, if he’s in a good mood. It takes a lot to really affect Ash, but if you do strike a nerve, he won't hesistate to fight you. Then there are the times when he just doesn't feel like talking; then he'll just sort of disappear.

Likes- Skating, Soccer, Football, drums, cold, rainy or grey days, big dogs, good cooking, movies, the south.

Football. Need more?

Before Ashton decided to get serious about Football, Track and Soccer were his main sports. Ever since he was a little kid he's been a runner, so it was only natural to sign up for both those sports. He played a forward in Soccer and ran the 400m and 4x400m in Track, along with the 800m. He could have been a long distance runner in Cross Country, but never really had the time for all the summer training and work-outs. Or, well, he'd rather hang out with friends and do stupid things than go up to the school track and work out with Cross Country. Anyway, he's always been athletic, and may even pick one of the sports back up eventually.

Ashton loves the colors black, grey, and white. By themselves or in a combination, whatever, they're his favorite colors. Maybe that's also why he loves the rain. Grey skies calm him down, and rain doesn't bother him like it would somebody else. Even thunder storms and lightning aren't a problem to him. It's interesting.

Being from the south, Ashton can appreciate good cooking. He isn't exactly a five-star chef, but if he meet's somebody that is, he'll probably befriend them for their cooking, and their personality some other day. Athletes have to eat, so why not eat something good?

Ashton use to play the drums until his younger brother ruined his drum set and his mom said he couldn't get another until his younger brother saved up enough money to buy him one. Well, Ashton isn't one to wait. Eventually he plans on buying another set himself. Until then, just like with cooking, he plans to sit back and admire the drumming he hears in music, or meet someone who can play. Bad playing drives him crazy, though. He'll flat out tell you to shut up and quit if you're just killing the art.

Music is music to Ashton. He listens to any and every type of music except for country. His favorite would have to be metal, with rap coming in shortly after that. Now, rap is subjective. If some lame rapper like Soulja Boy is being played, he'll probably leave the room. There's a difference between him and Kanye West, or Public Enemy. There's also a difference between a hair band and legit metal. However, aside from a few things, Ashton isn't that picky when it comes to music. Most of it sounds good to him, especially when you play it loud.

Dislikes- Insecure or boring people, procrastinating, chihuahua's, mango, getting stuck in the house, ants, being interrupted.

He can't begin to tell you how annoying a boring, shy, quiet, or insecure person can be. Why are you shy? We're all human beings, so there shouldn't be any surprises to scare you. Just say hello or something. No reason to be insecure. We all have flaws and secret's that make us fucked up people, so you've already joined the club - yet you refuse to socialize with it's members. Ashton isn't going to go around preaching about how everyone's special - as the wide receiver, he knows that's not the case - but at least take some pride in who you are. No one likes a downer unless it's not in the form of a person, if you catch my drift.

Ashton is normally a very chill guy who's friendly, aside from his usual smirk and sarcastic comments. But there are a few small things that really tick him off. Number one; being interrupted and asked to repeat himself. He hates both of those by themselves. You should have shut up until he was done. Ashton hates when you meet those people who seem to interrupt everybody, and think what they have too say is so much better. And repeating himself is something he refuses to do. If you didn't catch it the first time, why should he care? Interrupting him then asking him to repeat what he started to say? Never. There are a few other things that make him irritated, like when people bump your elbow while you're writing, or when someone walks into you, and keeps going while you're still practically touching. It's almost like they're pushing you and taking you with them. When people walk into a room, stand there, and then walk out; he hates that. People who mumble. Jesus freaks. Valley girls (he's met a few). Clingy people are of the devil to him. There's more, but you'll find out when you do one and he hits you out of nowhere.

Mango is disgusting. Raw, cooked, candy flavor, in juice, in food, dried, grown in the U.S or in Venezuela - whatever. It's all nasty. All of it.

Ashton hates when people brag about or broadcast their race or their sexuality. He's Cajun, which most people probably haven't even heard about, and can even speak Cajun French. Does he brag about it? No. He's straight and has never dated a man or a trans. Does he brag about it? No. So why should he listen to you speak your perfect Portuguese because you're from Brazil or listen to you go on and on about how proud you are to be gay or lesbian. Keep it to yourself, because no one really cares. It's your business.

Ashton likes movies, but sitting through one can really suck. As soon as he finds out a movie is two and a half hours long, he's out. An hour and a half is pretty much his limit, no matter how good the movie is.

Appearance in Description- Ash isn't really the kind of guy you'd stop and stare at on the street unless he was doing something stupid and reckless, which may happen. And even though he's got some nice eyes, he's no movie star, so it's fine to call him attractive, but not drop-dead-omg-jesus-take-the-wheel-i'm-dying gorgeous. Going back to his eyes, they're a dark brown. The kind of dark that almost looks black and soulless from a distance. They don't change with light or mood or anything, they're simply... brown. He always laughs at people who claim their eyes change when they're happy. Back on topic, his eyes are appealing, as he's been told. They don't catch your attention the way blue eyes could, but how dark they are can make people take a second look sometimes. However, Ashton has a thing for sunglasses, and is always wearing them. Most people have to ask what color his eyes are before they actually see them.

Ashton has black hair. It's usually kept short, around an inches, and he only considers growing it out in the summer. The back is actually a little shorter than the front, but most of the time he's wearing a hat or a helmet. His hair is naturally straight, and he doesn't have to do much with it, making it manageable. He enjoys dying it for fun. Not the whole thing, just a little color over the vary top. Most colors really contrast with the black of his natural hair. At the moment, there's nothing in it, and he doesn't plan on adding or changing the color.

Ashton stands around six foot, two inches, being just short of six feet. He weighs around one hundred and seventy five pounds. He works out, and has noticeable muscles on his body. Track and Cross Country can take the credit for his six pack. Ash is prone to tanning, turning an olive brown that last for a few days. It makes his eyes stand out when he isn't wearing sunglasses. But his natural skin color is light, and he has a couple scars here and there from various falls, accidents, fights, whatever whatever. The most interesting one would be on the back of his neck. Making a short story even shorter, his mom tried to cut his hair when he was around five or six, and ended up cutting his neck by accident. The inch long mark makes for an interesting ice breaker. He has gotten quite a few piercings done, but he doesn't wear them often, and doesn't wear more than two at a time. Ashton's eyebrow, mouth, and ears have been pierced in different places. The one he wears the most would be his cartilage piercing on his left ear, with his eyebrow piercing coming second after that. However, he's usually too lazy to put them in, or get's bored with it. He only has one tattoo for right now, and it's on the inside of his arm.

Ashton normally wears regular t-shirts, sometime with band names, but most of the time they're just regular shirt with whatever design the brand put on. Sometimes he cut the sleeves off of his shirt, and cut them all the way down the sides, too, either leaving the ends intact or cutting them and tying them back together. He hates really tight shirts, and something simple is good enough for him. As for pants, Ash normally just wears jeans. Black or blue, plain or torn up, he owns some of each. Basketball shorts are also something he'd wear. Nike's are his first choice in shoes, but Vans are also fine. He has a few pairs of sunglasses, each really dark. However, he wears hats even more than his sunglasses. All of his snap backs have Louisiana teams and college logo's on them. He also has a grey trapper hat.

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Other- 'Alligunkey'

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