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The urge to know the truth is overwhelming. Will you be a friend or foe in Elena James's quest to find her true identity?

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Vanessa was eavesdropping while she hid silently in the bush. Katerina? What? Why did they call her... Vanessa turned her head around as she heard a twig snap behind her. Crap... That other guy's back. She quietly moved from the bush and went to where she heard the sound. If I don't end him now, he'll just kill me. Vanessa broke a branch from a tree and was going to use it as a stake. Not the best stake in the world... But it'll do. Sure enough, the other vampire had found her, he slammed her into a tree, and when Vanessa turned around she didn't see him. "Not gonna show yourself huh? Smart." Vanessa felt the vampire appear behind her and grabbed her hands, making her unable to use her 'stake'. Dammit! "Who are you guys? What do you want with us?" she asked as the vampire strengthened his grip. She didn't hear any answer, so Vanessa used her legs to trip the man. She quickly picked up her stake from the ground an held it against the vampire's chest. "Now. Answer me, or die."