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The urge to know the truth is overwhelming. Will you be a friend or foe in Elena James's quest to find her true identity?

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"Like I'd tell you anything." the vampire snapped at her.
"Oh you will." Vanessa pressured the stake against his chest, not too much as to actually puncture and kill him though. She wanted to know who these guy's were, and killing him would not help her get any answers. "You are all together I presume." commenting on the other two vampires that attacked. "Who are you working for?" The vampire stayed silent and then rudely spat in her face. "Oh that's it!" Vanessa was disgusted, she lifted the stake and was bring it down to his heart, but at the last second, she intentionally missed, she stabbed the right side of his chest. "Fine. I'll ask you another question." she said after he finished screaming. "I overheard your friend over there, and he called Elena Katerina, what did he mean by that?"
"I'm not a rat." the vampire hissed. "But all I'll say is this. He is coming for her, and there is nothing you or your weak little friends can do about it." Vanessa knew she wasn't going to get anything else out of him, so she drew back her stake and was aiming for his heart this time. At that moment, Vanessa let he guard down, and the vampire was able to somehow escape. He came up from behind her, threw her by her head into a tree. Vanessa blacked out at that moment.

(She'll wake up in the next post.. :D )