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The urge to know the truth is overwhelming. Will you be a friend or foe in Elena James's quest to find her true identity?

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Vanessa was getting her hearing back. She could hear the footsteps of the vampire coming closer. She felt his foot come down on her leg. He was about to strike. Vanessa quickly opened her eyes and pounced on the vampire. She threw her right hand at his neck and pushed him to the tree. She used her left to take the stake while the vampire was stunned. She lifted the vampire up by his neck and brought his face closer to her. "Give me a name." her voice was confident now. The vampire couldn't move and she had his stake at his heart.
The vampire looked at her, and muttered, "Damon."
Vanessa froze, that name sounded familiar to her. She looked through her memories, and remembered that there was an Original called 'Damon'. She looked back at the vampire and pressed her stake against his heart, "You're lying."
The vampire smiled, "What? Do you realize that you have no chance now?"
"Shut up." Vanessa snapped, she was getting annoyed with this guy. So she decided that she was no more use to her, she pulled back her stake and stabbed his heart. A deafening cry came from the vampire but he became limp. His face frozen in fear, his skin became darker, and his veins seemed to pop out. He was dead. Vanessa turned around and looked for the others.