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The urge to know the truth is overwhelming. Will you be a friend or foe in Elena James's quest to find her true identity?

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(Post idea!)(Also midnight, i was wondering how we would make our charries know each other before they got turned. And why my guy was turned. This is my idea. My charrie tried to stop Damon, not knowing he was a vampire. So naturally, they got pumbled and almost killed. To save their lives, before he went to save yours, Stefan turned them into vamps. And the reason i said them was because i was thinking of having a younger brother for my charrie too, anyways, il post my idea now for this post in this one)

Matthew got fully up, and looked at the vampire, holding a dagger (wait, i didnt give him that? How the hell did he get that dagger without MY knowing?) to his neck. However, Matthew froze for a moment, focusing on the face...

He looked at this kid holding his hand next to him. He began to say something, only this time he could remember. "Brother, if i live long enough, but since i also wouldn't age, would that make me young or old?" he asked. He appeared to be about 11, and his bite mark still looked new. But not his size of fangs. He looked back saying "Well Tim, i think it would make you both", also smiling. As they walked toward a balcony, he stopped. "Wait, i think i dropped my key! Hold on Matt, il be right back!" he yelled, running back down the hallway. Matthew proceeded to the Balcony. He looked down and Stefan and Elena, or Katrina. But then he heard a name moments before. Damon. (yes, he heard you) He saw him, recognizing him going toward them. He was about to warn them, except he felt a punch. Thats why he turned. He wasn't abandoning them. Someone else had attacked him...and he saw the face of his attacker before he couldn't remember anymore. It was the same face that he was looking at now....

"You.....You were are going to tell us what happened!" he yelled, holding the dagger at his neck tightly. "You are going to tell us or i will kill you right now!" he screamed, then calmly looking at Elena. "He.....he was the one that prevented me from warning you.....he was working with whoever caused you to lose your memory" he said, then noting "at least, thats all i can remember....and thats barely anything, but it is enough. That and....i have a brother...". He went quiet then, holding the dagger closer to the attackers neck.

(Well, there you go :D )