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Project Dragonfly || Remaster

"I say, let me tell you a story, stranger. Oh, don’t worry. It’s a fun one! With tons of blood, gore and death… I can assure, you shall find it quite interesting. It is the story about you.”

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"Dragonflies are important predators that eat mosquitoes, and other small insects like flies, bees, ants, wasps, and very rarely butterflies." - Wikipedia


“Where goes the line between man and monster, you ask? Well… that is a hard question to answer. It all depends on your own thoughts and values, doesn't it? After all, what we call ‘monster' could be anything, really. So how to know whom to apply this term to? I say, let me tell you a story, stranger. Oh, don’t worry. It’s a fun one! With tons of blood, gore and death… I can assure, you shall find it quite interesting. It is the story about you.”


It all started in the year of 1993. A child with 'extraordinary' abilities was born. To be more precise, he was a pyrokenetic, which was quickly discovered as he just a few hours after his birth had set a whole hospital on fire. Although he was the first, this boy was far from the last child born with such mutations. Many, many more children with this kind of 'special condition' were to follow. In order to prevent global panic and that the children came to harm, they were taken into custody by the government. Some parents agreed to sending their children away to 'safety', but some had their children taken by force.

Everything happened behind the scenes. The general public was never informed about any of this. It was a top secret operation. Of course, this was all for the safety of humanity. Secluding the children from normal society was for the better. Not only could they pose a danger to normal individuals, but they could also possibly pose a danger to themselves.

Yet, after they were taken away by the government, what happened to these children?

At a very young age they were sent to a secret training camp of the organization Dragonfly. Some were no older than a few weeks, others had already reached the age of five. You were one of them.

Yes, for as long as you can remember Dragonfly has been your home, your everything. Not only did they teach you how to handle your abilities, not only did they train you to become an agent... but they are also your life, your family... don't you agree? You love them. Together with the other dragonflies you have had your fair share of hardships, but they have also given you love and friendship. Dragonfly is the only safe place for people like you. After all, your whole life you have been warned about the dangers of the world outside, about how the people would treat you if they ever found out. So you stayed with the organization without question, you know you are a chess piece to be moved, a pawn in their game to make the world a better place. You are the 'hunting dog' if you so like. You know that your efforts are for the best. That your sacrifice will not be in vain. Dragonfly is and has always been your world.

Depending on your special ability and natural skills, you were trained in a certain area of expertise. Someone with the camouflaging ability, for example, would most likely be trained in spying, while someone with the ability of pyrokenesis would be trained more offensively. This is with the plan in mind that you will eventually be assigned to a team where your area of expertise is required. The structure of the Dragonfly teams drives from the mechanics of the SWAT system. Naturally you were also thought in ever subject a normal child would be educated in at a normal school.

On your fourteenth birthday there was a dragonfly tattooed onto your left shoulder blade. This meant that you had officially completed your training at the camp and finally ready to face the outside world. After graduating at the end of the year, that is. During the graduation ceremony you were told which team you would be assigned to and where in the world you would be stationed... and two months after that... well... that is where we are now.

The newly 'hatched' dragonflies are sent to whatever team where they are required, usually replacing a team member which has...previously perished. Thus, the teams consist of both experienced as well as inexperienced members. The disappearance of agents is not at all unusual. Considering your line of work is espionage and assassination, it is only to be expected. Simultaneously the same time these teams pose as families and alongside their secret agent life, live as relatively normal people. Just like normal humans you attend school and/or work for a living. You seem completely normal. At first glance... no one could never guess that you are in fact a deathly weapon, a danger far beyond their imagination... and it better stay that way.

"Okay, I suppose there wasn't too much blood, gore and death... but believe me. There will be. Do not underestimate the life of a Dragonfly... yes, indeed... this is where your true story begins...


Although it might also be your end..."


M-01-1998-RU: 7125 | Vincent | 25 | Field Agent (Leader) | Male | Heine Rammsteiner | Taken by Lyysa

F-01-09-GB: 2332 | Iris | 14 | Field Agent | Female | Anna Kushina | Taken by Chikawaa!~

F-02-2004-GE: 2190 | Cadence | 19 | Infiltrator | Female | Nonon Jakuzure | Taken by Ninja Bunny

M-03-1998-SE: 0880 | Olsen | 25 | Hacker | Male | Noiz | Taken by umademeink96

F-04-1999-AU: 0-153 | Danielle | 24 | Medic | Female | Mayday | Taken by Byte

M-05-2000-US: 3542 | Edward | 23 | Strategist/Analyst | Male | Sora | Taken by Phantom's Sword

F-06-1999-GR: 0088 | Muse | 23 | Technician | Female | Touka Kirishima | Taken by Rainbow Unicorns

F-10-3180-XZ: 4275 | Persephone | 15 | Chemist/Explosive expert | Female | Anthea Kallenberg | Taken by Cheshire_Girl

M-07-2002-DE: 4061 | Aldrich | 21 | Strategist/Analyst/Interrogator sent from Dragonfly | Male | Izayoi Sakamaki | Taken by chaotix14



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Example: F 01 97 UK 0311)
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#, as written by Lyysa

“Alright Pops, I got it covered, you know I do. You’ll have your papers on the printer in ten minutes. Aie, Deactivate. Anything else I should know?”

“No, that’s it. I will come back later if I need some help with anything else,” Even as he spoke Flynn had to think about it. There wasn’t anything more, right? No, he had already taken care of the things he wanted to take care of. Or… yes he had. If there was anything more he had already forgotten about it. So it couldn’t be that important.

“And hey, back off with your cleanliness shit. I hear you’re driving the kids mad.” Flynn was already by the door when Olsen pointed that out and that comment, out of the blue, it made Flynn chuckle. He just found it funny, like some sort of joke. He couldn’t take it seriously coming from Olsen. But it wasn’t a mean laughter in any way, it came from the heart. The heart of some sort of father figure.

“What are you talking about? Back of? Cleanliness shit?
He chuckled once more while shaking his head, “Olsen… You disappoint me, how can you say something like that? I remember when you were younger and used to clean your room as well. I understand that you want to be the kid’s friend and all that but I’m not here to be a friend. And once they’ve understood that I’m the one in charge I will continue to have rules and demand that they are followed.”

After his little speech he gave Olsen a small nod as a goodbye before leaving the room. He needed to get back to his office and take a look at those new papers. See what the mission was about. And then let Edward take a look at them. Yeah, so much to do all the time. No time to rest at all. But the kids played around, well, there was nothing wrong with letting them play around a little bit. They were still kids after all.

Once inside his office he sat down in the huge armchair once more and picked up the printed papers. As he glanced through them he relaxed, it seemed to be an easy mission this time. Nothing too complicated. They could definitively do this without any setbacks.

Time skip
The first mission

Dragonfly's servers has been infiltrated by a hacker, they don't know if or how much
information the hacker has gained access to. The location has been located, the Hunters need
to infiltrate their hiding spot and capture this person alive. After that you will have to
download all the information they have on their computers, take anything of interest in the
house. This needs to be done with uttermost carefulness. No one shall know that you were
in there. When you are done delete everything from the computers. Destroy the hard drives,
no one shall ever know what was on there but Dragonfly.
Now it's up to the Strategist/Analyst to come up with a fitting plan that will work.
Good luck and succeed with your mission. Failure is not accepted.


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#, as written by Byte
“Sorry Dad. Unless you've got a medium on-hand, this one ain't sayin' much...”

“Capture target, destroy evidence.”

Didn't sound too difficult. Among the misfit gang assigned to kick ass and take names, Dani was usually the exception rather than the rule. Usually preferred a more subtle role over anything involving poking 'round inside the enemy base and nicking whatever was on Dragonfly's laundry list, but... well, this was another one of those missions where finesse was the less brutal option. Kept the target alive and breathing anyway, and Dani fit that niche perfectly. 'Or, y'know, teach the kids not to go kill-crazy.', but apparently that was a concept Dragonfly didn't teach the halfwit front liners of the family. Not that she was gonna judge. Bad karma and all that...

From the outside, the apartment didn't look too suspicious. Run of the mill, probably rental so it was a bit run down (although given this guy's background maybe that was reason to raise some brows). One window appeared to have been smashed open, which caused Dani to approach the building with similar caution like that one time they'd been given orders to infiltrate some rich posh's villa; back glued to the walls and one hand ready to zap anyone alive, her eyes darting back and forth between every viable ambush spot.

Glancing through the open window it was a bit difficult to make out the details. She could make out a few things closer to the window, like a couch and several crushed soda cans littered around but everything else seemingly blurred into a shadowy mess. Shifting a little to lift the window upward in order to inspect the inside, Dani simultaneously beckoned for the rest of the gang to follow suit. It was quiet, so it didn't seem like there'd be much opposition to fight. And if there were, they were damn good in hide and seek.

Further inspection once inside yielded several conclusions of opened drawers, tables turned over and smashed chairs. The lamp had been crushed to bits, 'So much for seeing a fucking thing...' and the door was hanging on its hinges. Seemed someone had beaten the Hunters to the punch, either that or this slum house was indeed a slum house. “I'll check the other rooms, see if I've missed anything here” Dani muttered to her colleagues before walking through the hall and searching every nook and cranny for any hints on where this hacker may have kept his stash.

Somewhere, somehow Dani hoped for the best. Given the fact that this one managed to hack into Dragonfly's network and snag some of that precious data, she figured they were still catching a life one and could go about their day with a happy Pappa Flynn giving his sarcastic praises. The deliberating thought? Well, deep down Dani didn't really care what was gonna be popping 'round the corner. But still felt like she had to brace herself for the worst when she pushed open the last door and flicked the light switch.

The result? A wholehearted 'Fuck.', though that's arguably putting it lightly. The room had welcomed the medic with the rotten stench of death, accompanying the viscera that lay before her swimming in crimson puddles Dani correctly guessed to be blood. It didn't take a genius to figure out that this bloke had been offed. And not exactly in the nicest way either. Blood decorated every available surface, painting a gruesome picture of the man's last moments (although Dani was kind of used to this by now she couldn't help but wince momentarily at the thought of how this man died). One wall had a curious blood splatter, leaving several distinct clean spots between the marks suggesting something had been hanging there but was removed after...

Another wall had been vandalized with a weird circle-like drawing out of blood, though Dani couldn't really find any significant meaning behind it. “Yo! Vince! A hand, please?” She shouted before approaching the computer to see what remained of its contents. Although it was quite obvious that whoever did all this, was probably clever enough to clean up something at least...

“I hate days like this...”


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Alex walked out of the aisle, and sat down in an armchair; closing her eyes, and enjoying the silence of the bookstore. Scooting further into the chair, Alex sighed; the bookstore was homey. Sometimes she would just come to relax, and not even read, it was sure better then hanging out at a loud bar, or gun shop all day. At least here she could have some peace and quiet.

"These are great! I can pick out something else in case you already have read them." Elliott said, returning her to the world. Alex heard the thump of books on the table next to her, and opened her eyes. Inspecting the first novel, she flipped it over and began to read the synopsis on the back. "No, no. I think some of these will be fine", she replied. She looked up as Maria poked her head out from behind the door to the back room, and waved in return, "It was fine, and yes it was about space travel. I did think a few of the minor characters were kind of dry though. Still, it was a good read", she replied crossing her legs.


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#, as written by Lyysa

What a quiet night. Nice even. Vincent had never been a fan of long car rides with his family, but the whole mission thing was always enjoyable. Even if he didn’t have a part in plan A, the one without violence and confrontation. He just had to wait for plan B, the one where the hacker fought back and he got to play. Ow, he was just waiting on the outside. Leaning against the wall beside the window, waiting for something to happen. The view was nice though, the moon however over the city like a big eye. Watching everyone. Kind of like Dragonfly. What a scary thought.

Everything was fine, everything was quiet. Even boring. Vincent was starting to lose interest, to lose focus, it was a late night so he should already gone to bed by now. He was starting to fall asleep where he stood and guarded the exit, yawning constantly as well. Just as his eyes started to feel heavy and he started to nod off there was a sound, a voice in his ear. A single word, but it made him regain focus immediately. Opening his eyes and glancing towards the window, Fuck?

He couldn’t hear fighting or shouting from the inside. But what had made Dani respond like that? Oh, perhaps the hacker wasn’t home. But that didn’t make sense either, why would Edward choose this night if that was the case? Edward usually never was wrong when it came to these kind of stuff. Yeah the whole situation confused Vincent. It seemed so strange, well that was until he suddenly heard someone calling his name from the inside, “Yo! Vince! A hand, please?” And inside his ear. Leaving behind a ringing tone and a headache.

So he stepped inside, it was dark. Not that surprising. But as he walked through the apartment he seemed to furrow his eyebrows more and more. Things was gathered on the floor, drawers was left open. This was not professional. This was not the Dragonfly style, he couldn’t understand why his companions would do something like that. Were they crazy? No one was supposed to know that someone had been in here and just happened to kidnap the guy who owned the apartment. People was supposed to believe that he had just disappeared, vanished, moved on. According to their information he was a loner so that wouldn’t be that surprising. But this, no one would be fooled.

But as he moved around in the rubble, there was this hint in the air. A smell. A stench even, of death. Vincent remembered it. He had smelled it so many times before. But this time… it wasn’t supposed to smell of death this time. The closer he got to the source the stronger the smell got, if he wasn’t used to it he would probably be feeling sick by now. Because… it smelled bad. Like the dead thing had been lying in here for a while, in the heat. It smelt of decomposition.

And sure enough that was just what Dani had responded to, once he found her he found her beside the corpse… no mess left of the man. “Oh man… Is that? Yeah, it probably is…”

Once the initial shock had subsided he slowly shook his head while dragging the hand over the neck, “So… What do we do now? I guess we need to pick the pieces left of the computer and bring them to Olsen? See if he can find anything.” The others should have heard the whole conversation, they should had picked up on the smell as soon as Dani had opened the door. So even if the earlier statements was directed towards Dani Vincent continued to talk, without even moving an inch of his body. The small microphone picked up on the sound anyway and sent it to all the others earphones of the team, even Edward and Olsen who still was in the main house. “The dude is dead. Murdered. Should we clean up the mess and do some tests on the? Because well… the way he’s been dumped here will raise some eyebrows. People will be too interested in the case. Should we perhaps set the apartment on fire as well? Erase all fingerprints or something? I don’t know what to do.” Even if this was a major setback Vincent still kept his composure, he didn’t need to work himself up over this. No, the best way to handle the situation was to stay calm and collected. And figure out a way to get back on track and make something out of this mess.


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The flight had been absolutely horrible, economy class, horrible food and of course 3 seats from an ever crying baby. Should be made illegal to bring those noisemakers aboard an airplane. At the very least they arranged a driver for the ride to the Hunter residence, not to mention that the car itself wasn't half bad. But given how much time he'd spend in the airplane versus the car it wouldn't have hurt to spend a bit more on the flight and less on the ride.

Within the silence that reigned supreme within the car, Aldrich stared out of the window of the car in an almost catatonic appearing state, watching as the lights of civilization passed into and out of view. Apparently the situation was quite tense, it seemed a hacker had infiltrated the servers of Dragonfly. With as many secrets as they have they wouldn't take cyber security lightly, this would indicate that our hacker is either highly skilled and knew what and more importantly where he needed to be to infiltrate the servers, or this wasn't some lone hacker trying to fish up incriminating information from a secretive organization. Hopefully it was just a lone hacker and he could go home soon enough, but his gut was telling him that it wouldn't be that easy, it never was.

After all they had send him here in such a rush that there wasn't even enough time to give him the in and out of the situation, the complete briefing would be send first thing in the morning. Though if all went as planned it would likely only serve as mustard after the meal, as interrogations likely won't even take that long.

As Aldrich saw the Hunter residence arrive at the horizon he went through the contact information one last time. Contact name, Flynn Hunter. Cover, live-in tutor previous location München." Not much later the driver opens his mouth for what must have been only the third time since arriving on the airport. "We have arrived, Sir."

With a sigh, Aldrich came into motion and got out of the car. "Time to put up the charade." He thought as he walked to the front door and rang the doorbell. Keeping in the back of his mind to speak English with a Bavarian accent when the door opens.


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❝Our enemy is the light of humanity, we are forced to exterminate ourselves.❞

It wasn't Percy's job to fight, she didn't need to go to the front lines, use her abilities that she had trained in to hurt others. No, Percy did nothing like that; she mixed chemicals. In a way, you could say she was the most boring of the bunch. Her fake siblings all got to go off to maim and murder, Percy would in her chair, mixing bombs and toxic substances to create something useful. This job was of no exception, while they went off on their seamless extraction, Percy had given them a few useful tools. A chemical that could turn into goo to erase all signs of being there, one to knock out the target for a live delivery, and another to subdue them in case things got harry.

Meanwhile Percy had slept in her bed, the house awfully quit except for the man who posed as their foster father. Percy thought of him as more of an uncle though, the crazy control freak one the family would never talk about. Why couldn't she have guests over? Her friends would ask, that is, they would have if Percy had any friends. She was the weird, shy girl that sat at the back of the class and had to remember to get a few questions wrong on her tests to make it look like she was normal, like the others, that she wasn't a dragonfly.

Even here, among those in the house Percy had never felt as though she truly fit in. They all had something about them, a personality, a hobby, something that made them special and unique. All Percy had were hallucinations that sometimes got so bad she contemplated walking into the middle of the road to make them stop. She couldn't use her ability after all, she had promised, promised she wouldn't do that ever again, not after the accident. So Percy stayed calm, she bit her pillow, wrote frantically, made scaled down models of their nebula in her book. Her walls were filled with drawings that she frequented to keep her mind occupied. A raven, a stack of books on the table, anything.

Even now, at whatever time it was she sat with a textbook open. It was chemistry basics, one that Percy had memorized, but reading it comforted her. The pages were worn from being turned so much, the graphite from a pencil underlining certain words that she needed to memorize. Formulas, chemicals, anything to keep her knees from going weak, to stop the voices in her head.

The doorbell rang, her pencil snapped. Percy jumped to attention, the sound startling her. "Dad!" Percy called upstairs, just in case it was a door to door salesman. She smoothed down her shirt, threw out the snapped pencil and went to greet the person standing there.

It was a boy. "Is there anything I can help you with?" Cress asked with a polite smile.


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Hexcode is #590059

He hated quiet. If it is quiet for too long, you will be consumed by your own thoughts. A little bit of noise to liven things up won't hurt anyone. Maybe this whole thought-string was because of the harbinger of destruction known as silence. Silence also leads to slumber, which puts you at the mercy at your own mind. In things people call dreams. The only thing that kept Edward awake was the many cups of coffee that he has consumed, with 5 sugars and 6 creamers deposited in each cup.

In came to a surprise that they decided to do the deal and execute the person in question. After looking through Dani's eyes, he was rather disgusted. "Oh...There goes breakfast." It seemed a feast for the eyes as blood filled every surface, hopefully the little ones didn't catch a glimpse at this revolting image. Edward changed to his second setting and surveyed the area, it seemed to be too dark to see, only a few lights distinguished dark from darker.

"No need to cause a scene. Collect some bits and pieces for our friend Olsen, but don't burn the apartment. Fire will cause a scene and alert our enemies and innocents that we have arrived, if not already. If someone is going to stumble upon this,The Dragonflies will be 100 miles away from it. Collect the body for some tests and report back to the house immediately. Be ready to engage in combat as they might already know we are here." A rather lengthy response to Vincent's question. Being this far from the mission, using a speaker was a doubled-edged sword. Edward was, of course, safe, but the other dragonflies might not be with the lack of a person.

As the mission, at least on Edward's part, was concluded. He downed the last cup and picked up his new textbook. Taking a seat in his desk. He always wanted to learn Korean, Kim Jong-un was his favorite Asian dictator after-all. The doorbell rang, which scrambled his thoughts, just in time for him to suffer a side effect of his power, which in turn, made him fall off his chair. "젠장 (jen-jang)" Edward cursed. After a long trek, he finally met his destination of his bed and laid down. A sigh of relieve followed by a groan of pain.


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#, as written by Lyysa

Wasn't this troublesome? Flynn had been watching how the progress on the mission was going through the small button cameras some of the Dragonflies wore. But the moment the hacker has been found he took off his glasses and started to massage his temples instead. A headache was lurking and clearly this wasn't the time for something like that. He couldn't help but sigh. This was not the way the mission was supposed to go. But clearly things was worse than he could had imagined. What files had been lost to the attacker? He truly hoped it wasn't anything crucial.

As he leaned back and shut his eyes he continued to listen to the Dragonflies conversation, he could speak to them through his own mic if he wanted to. But he didn't want that. And clearly he didn't have anything important to say either. It was not his choice to make when it came to how they handled the missions. That was up to the strategist and the leader of the team. Flynn was just there to check on them and clean up after them if they screwed up. But this was not their doing.

When Edward instructed the others Flynn nodded slightly in agreement, he agreed with the boy. Burning up the apartment like the leader had suggested was not the right way to do it. Once the doorbell rang he picked up his glasses once more, he knew who was standing on the other side of the door. But he didn't look forward to meeting the guy at the moment. It would've been so easier.

"Dad!" And now Persephone would be the first one to great their guest. As long as she didn't chase him away it was fine. But it was for the best to go out there before anything happens.

"Persephone there is no need to keep our guest waiting, he's allowed to come inside. He's from the family, a cousin." It was not like Flynn had meant to just sneak up on the two, it just happened. But suddenly he stood there behind the girl and gave the boy a tired smile. "Aldrich was it right? It was a while since I read through the file they sent me." Now he directed his attention towards Persephone with the same tired smile. "And I'm sorry that I failed to inform you that we would get some company."

Once Aldrich had stepped inside the house and the door behind him was closed the tired smile disappeared immediately, "If you would follow me to my Aldrich, there has been some unpleasant develops when it comes to the mission. I'm afraid that you won't be able to perform the task that you were assigned with."


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It wasn't long before the door was answered, however the one standing in the doorway wasn't the old man he was expecting, but rather a young blonde girl. She politely asked him whether there was something she could help him with. "Yes, would Flynn Hunter happen to be at home?" He asked the girl while laying in that Bavarian accent. It couldn't even be a second after he had finished his question when the old man appeared behind the girl, and reaffirmed that he was indeed at the right address. "Then you must be sir Flynn. Would it be possible to move our conversation inside?" He asked still upholding the accent.

As he walked into the house his mind already pondering what could have gone wrong, after all those eyes didn't lie, the disappointment was laid thick within those eyes, as was the worry. Did the target escape, are the operatives still alive, was the target still in possession of the computer, did they accidentally kill the target? When Flynn explained that he could no longer perform his assigned task, he sighed and assumed either the first or last possibility was true. "So what is the current situation? I presume you mean the target is either dead, or has escaped. But the actual assignment I was given was simply 'Unearth all culprits.' Which given that there is no subject to interrogate, could mean this is going to be a long mission." He said as he followed Flynn to his office.

It only took a glance at one of the button camera's in the blood splattered room to make his previous question obsolete."Mein Gott." Aldrich said as he took a second look at the camera's in that room. A laptop smashed to bits, more blood splatter than a torture chamber and a mangled corpse in the process of decaying. Aldrich rushed to the installed mic as he saw hands reach for pieces of the smashed laptop. "Don't touch anything!" He yelled into the mic. No matter how he looked at this, it felt like at least part of the scene was set up.

"I want every single square meter of this house, and especially the blood soaked room, on tape before any of you move a single piece of evidence." They didn't have the luxury of being able to just quarantine the house, letting whoever made that mess know they were on his trail didn't feel like a particularly smart idea, leaving the only option of having them walk around the entire house look at everything with their eyes and their camera's. The devil would be in the details, miss one piece of the puzzle and you'll never solve it. "This would certainly be an interesting puzzle" Aldrich thought as he watched carefully at what the camera's showed him, pointing out things he'd want to see in more detail or on different angles.


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#, as written by Byte
“Sorry, I don't conform to Lemming-status kiddo. Ask Eddy for the details if you're bothered.”

'Well, duh...' The situation wasn't as dire as the boss-man thought it was, or perhaps Dani was just blind to the bigger picture (and, frankly, didn't care to see) that the uncovered Dragonfly files were still missing. Not that it bothered her too much, served the organization right for being the way they were. Bunch of assholes going around covering shit up someone was going to find eventually anyway. But the medic would never dare speak of such extremes out loud, really, and, to be fair, probably didn't want to given how hypocritical it sounded in all.

Right, moving on...

With orders received, Dani opted to began to inspect the left over tech in order to discern the inevitable and take out the hard-drive for Olsen to crack. He was good at that sorta thing and made another good excuse to spy on the master-at-work for... obvious reasons. Crouching in front of the screen, Dani was about to take an observational glance for any would-be entrances until someone felt the need to order the ragtag bunch around. Clearly this was his first day at work...

Now, Dani by and large was never much a fan of Edward's bossy comments, so when some unknown twatty cake bloke attempted to lead the charge and shout demands all over the place she was, perhaps, the last person to comply willingly and instead offered a passing: “Guess I missed to post-it about getting a new plaything in the family?” Because, y'know, it was hard not to notice this one wasn't a regular (the thick accent gave it away, probably).

“Anyway, don't panic or anything... but I've got this.” And, Dani being... well, Dani, without so much as a please, resumed her murmuring on the computer; meanwhile passing a judgmental glance at Vincent, silently scolding whichever kid got access to the mic.

Surely the boss wouldn't take these orders on board, right?


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#, as written by Lyysa

"No need to cause a scene," Alright then. If that was what Edward thought was the best idea Vincent could accept it. Even if he still was a bit concerned about the fact that they could have left some sort of DNA evidence behind. Like a strain of hair. But since no one else believed that something like that would happen there was no need to argue about it. "Be ready to engage in combat as they might already know we are here."

"What? They? Who are you talking about? The ones that killed the guy?" Did Edward think that someone was waiting for them? Was this all a trap? Holy crap, what if this is a trap? And they just walked straight into it! Even if Vincent didn't want to he could feel his pulse raising as he made himself jumpy, staring around in the room. He even walked over to the window and as he reached out his glove covered hand to separate the blinds something made him stop immediately, a new voice. One he had never heard before spoke inside the small ear piece.

The first thought was simply This is it, this is the end. He was so sure that the guy was one of those that belonged to that They that Edward had mentioned. Who else could it be? Neither of them had gotten any information about someone new joining them. Vincent was sure that they had been hacked, it was so obvious. Or maybe not... It was not like the guy on the other side made any types of threats or demands. Or he did demand things, but not something that could be expected of the culprits, right? No, Vincent had no clue by this point. He could feel the thoughts bounce around his head in hyper speed. Why was it one of these types of missions? He wanted to punch someone so bad at this point.

After a couple of deep breathes and a unhappy look from Dani Vincent collected himself again, somewhat, "Who are you?! And how are you able to access our devices? A hacker?" Dani's comment about a new family member had entered one ear and went out through the other. "If you are one of those who killed this guy you are extremely stupid! Wait... what..? Don't disturb the scene? Who the fuck are you?! Don't give us orders! Just collect the things Edward told us about so we can leave this place before someone notices us. This was supposed to be an in and out mission! We can't stay much longer."


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It didn't exactly take long for a response from the field agents to come back at him. Though he had expected some resistance, he hadn't expected something on this level. While one of them appeared to just go on with her business, whom Aldrich presumed was the source of the female voice, given the few identifying features visible through the camera(or that was a guy with surprisingly feminine hands). At least she seemed to be respecting the no touching he had asked for. Another voice, who he figured was the one who's camera was having some severe issues of motion blur, seemed more than a tad paranoid, and very on edge. Something told him he wasn't the brightest of the bunch, but then again sometimes brute force is the best solution. His reaction, his panic, if it weren't a mission Aldrich wouldn't have bothered holding his laughter.

It took a few seconds for Aldrich to regain composure to the point where he'd feel confident that he won't shoot into laughter right the moment he tries to open his mouth. "Take it easy, I'm just from the intelligence branch, codename M-07-2002-DE: 4061. Given your reaction and the warm welcome I found at the doorstep you weren't briefed that someone from my department would be coming." He hoped saying this much would at least calm down the currently panicking operative. Maybe it was just him, but it seemed quite strange for a field operative to react with such a degree of panic, even a rookie should have had enough training to not go full tilt from something like this. Aldrich took a moment to glance at Flynn and sighing quite audibly. "At any rate back to the mission. Indeed it was supposed to be in in and out mission, unfortunately for the both of us, it no longer is, it now is an investigation. So we'll need any information we can pull from the scene, and I wish there was another option. But with this much visual data to process in a scene we can't quarantine putting as much as possible on disks in the only solution." He said trying to not come off too lecturing. It certainly was annoying, as Aldrich thought more and more about it, the report he would have to write grew. Not to mention the fact that some evidence could be lost during the purge he'd have to request for the location, too much risk that something there could trace back to dragonfly and be found during a police investigation.

Only giving the operatives on the other end of the line a couple of seconds to process what he had just said Aldrich proceeded to give them his analysis of the situation. "So here's what I make of the scene. You all arrived well after the target had died, none of your fault that's on central, and while I can't say what killed him I'm pretty sure they took their time killing him. Meaning they had plenty of time to prepare an ambush or something along those lines. Yet when I look at how you guys move around it doesn't look like you've stumbled upon traps. Which likely means they haven't bothered with that, furthermore since you haven't been noticed there wasn't an ambush. Nor will one come, turning on the light in that room would have been any would be attackers signal. Doesn't mean they might not be waiting to follow you all back home, might need to be wary of that." He said in a tone and manner similar to someone trying his damnest to figure out a complex riddle.

"The blood-painting..." He continued. "... The state of the laptop and the body leave me to believe that the attackers didn't care about us hunting after them, perhaps you could even say they want us to try and hunt them down. However seeing as there are quite a few potential red herrings, they do not seem keen on actually being found. So, are the field agents done with their panic attack and ready to live up to that last name of yours? Or do I have to hope I catch the needle in a haystack while looking through your cam's?" Ending his train of thoughts with a rather uncharacteristically mild jab as he rubbed his temples. Headaches and jetlag certainly aren't a nice combination.


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#, as written by Lyysa

Keep yourself calm man... Don't freak out. Come on, you've done this shit for ages. You know how it is. Everything don't work out fine. Sometimes everyone screws up. This is nothing, the new guy is nothing. Don't freak out, you're better than this Vincent. And now you're talking to yourself... Great. Without even thinking it through first Vincent smacked himself in the head, feeling nothing. But it made the spinning line of thoughts get quiet. Instead he just stood there, staring blankly at the wall painting as the new person continued to speak, ending his introduction.

After the new males introduction a familiar deep raspy voice spoke in his ear, Papa Flynn, "Yes, I'm deeply sorry for not being able to inform you about Aldrich's arrival beforehand. It caught me a bit off guard as well when Dragonfly informed me that they had changed their mind when it comes to the interrogation, Aldrich was supposed to lead it. As you all know, you were supposed to handle it by yourself from the beginning. But because of some circumstances they changed their mind. When I heard about this you all had already left the house."

It sounded like bullshit. Vincent was sure that Flynn had known about this Aldrich guy's arrival long before the group had left the building. He had just forgot or chosen not to tell them about it. Vincent put his money on the first option, because he couldn't see why Flynn would choose not to tell them such important details. It wasn't like him. But was anything like usual today? Nope. Vincent didn't even need to look around at the bloody mess to draw that conclusion, he could just continue to stare at the circle on the wall.

"At any rate back to the mission. Indeed it was supposed to be in in and out mission, unfortunately for the both of us, it no longer is, it now is an investigation. So we'll need any information we can pull from the scene, and I wish there was another option. But with this much visual data to process in a scene we can't quarantine putting as much as possible on disks in the only solution."

True, Vincent could perhaps admit that the guy was right to some degree. Even if he didn't put much at risk, he was just sitting in their home or something. While they had to work in this dump. So it was easy for him to act all high and mighty over there. Someone should punch him, Vincent would definitively volunteer for that. "So we're just supposed to take a stroll around the apartment to give you more visual data before taking the samples from what's left of the body? And what's left of the computer as well."

And the guy kept on talking and talking some more. He was talking for ages. But while he was doing that Vincent took his time moving slowly as he could while he inspected the room. Giving this douchebag the shitty video footage he wanted. The more the guy spoke the less Vincent thought of him. The more annoying he got. But even if Vincent could admit to imagining how great it would feel to just smack the guy in the face the guy was still somewhat right. If this was a trap they probably would be in a bigger mess by now.

When the guy was done speaking Vincent moved around for a little while more until he believed he had covered every inch of the room, “So are you happy with the footage now? Can we just take the samples and be on our way? If we’re being watched at this point by those who did it we probably should split up and take separate routes back. Because if you are going to keep us here forever how are we even supposed to hunt these people down, they are clearly teasing us. Just like you said, the drawing on the wall and everything else indicate that they know something. In my opinion this is an invitation to play cat and mouse.”

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