Jacob Whitney (Typhon)

"Why don't you run, little men, and leave my children for the three who claim kingship?"

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Jacob Whitney (Typhon)




Basic Information:

Full name: Jacob Isiah Whitney.

Age: 48

Alias: Typhon, taken after (violently) refusing to answer to "Hydra". Referencing the Greek titan of one hundred dragon or reptile heads.

Height: 8 ft 8 in (2.6 meters)

Body Length: 23 ft 9 in (7.2 meters)

Neck/Throat Length: 5 ft (1.5 meters)

Weight: 1,865 lbs (845.9 kg)

Gender: Male

Description: Typhon is an enormously sized beast, with the body length of a monstrously large reptile. He has four, thickly muscled and scaled legs that hold up a body that dwarfs most men by being longer than they are tall. And taller than most men too, for that matter. Extending from the main body are numerous necks and heads, all of them reminiscent of crocodile skulls. Some out of the multitude are far too wide to be crocodile, and so have been called dragon-like. Others are club-like with four horn-like protrusions extending from the front of the top and bottom jaws. Yet more others are seemingly blind, with nothing but jaws protected by what seems to be armor plating presumed to be incredibly thick chitin. All of the heads are capable of speech, but it is assured by thinkers around the southern states that only one has the 'true' brain, if the brain is even in a head at all.


Moral Alignment: Lawful Evil


Known History:

Three separate survivors, heroes all of them, from a small town from where Typhon is originated from have clarified, with confirmation, that the 'monster' is the once 'normal' Jacob Whitney. And from the times that teams from the PCRT have encountered Typhon, he has clarified this. Any much else is known only to the Changer himself. What information many heroes, and even some villains, have on Typhon is gleaned from video footage that the heroes have taken, or from word of mouth as a result of survivors. Of which, Typhon and his 'children' leave very few.

Accordingly, the 'man behind the monster' was scathingly ordinary. Apparently having only ever had a normal childhood, a normal adolescence, a normal 20's... and 30's, and early 40's. He had just turned 48 when he triggered. Jacob Whitney had been relatively obsessed with reptiles of all kinds, though his favorites were crocodiles and alligators, and dragons, even though they were mythical. He loved them, they were the forefront of his life, and before his trigger he had been planning to become an educator at the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center, miles away from his boring life in Clewiston. He had hoped then to move to Miami, get himself closer to the Everglades, and study the reptiles that thrived there for the rest of his life. He had actually managed to succeed in educating at the Charlotte Harbor Enviromental Center, and was already setting himself up for the move to Miami to fulfill the rest of his life's dream.

This would not come to pass.

The advent of Leviathan's attack on Florida, which would sink not only Miami and the Everglades, but would also push flooding as far as Cape Coral would obliterate any chance he had at becoming an educator like he wanted. In the chaos of the evacuations, Jacob had become trapped on the roof of the greyhound bus he had been riding as travel, with flood waters rising up past the bottom frame of the windows on the vehicle.

So begins...

Jacob Whitney (Typhon)'s Story