Jeff Bloxham

A Former Marine that has grown tired of the crime in his community. Maybe it’s time he used his abilities to fix that.

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a character in “Project Oddity”, as played by MockingBird


Jeff Bloxham

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Birth Place: Yuma, Arizona

Birth Date: November 20th,1990

Current Residence: None

Height: 228.6 cm (Seven and a half feet)

Weight: 113.398 Kilos(250 pounds)

Hair Color: Brown

Hairstyle: Undercut/ Fury Style

Facial hair: Perfectly cut goatee

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Tone: Toned and Freckled

Body Type: Mesomorph.

Blood Type: Type AB

Special Talents: Jeff is invulnerable to most forms of harm, including bullets and knives. He has super-strength and flight. He is vulnerable to gamma and x-ray radiation and can be injured by those stronger than himself. Jeff is combat-trained and has a black belt in Marine Corps MMA. He is very well versed in multiple kinds of firearms and explosives.

Personality: Charismatic and Kind. Caring and calm.

Quirks: Jeff is quiet during combat. He performs his duty with utmost care and is not afraid to brutally kill those who attack him or his friends.

Likes: Women, Helping people and creatures, dark places, nature, silence

Dislikes: Surrender, Cowards, Bad People, Intentionally hurting someone for your own gain, killing people for no reason, Shady People, Liars

Typical Clothing: Hoodie or blazer, t-shirts, Wrangler’s jeans, and combat boots. When he is working, he wears a black suit with a red tie. He often wears his dog tags and his best friend’s dog tags.

Equipment: Fists, a pocket knife, a 9-inch KBAR he carries strapped to his leg, and an assortment of firearms at home.

Jeff was born in MCAS Yuma in the Base Clinic in 1990. His Father was a pilot and his mother was a grocer. When his father discovered his mother was a Parahuman. He threw her out of his life. Jeff and his mother lived on the streets for 6 years until his mother was killed by radical anti-parahuman protesters. When they began to beat him, Jeff discovered his powers. He ruthlessly killed the protesters and went into hiding. He moved around the country, place to place, helping people along the way. One day, when he turned 18, he came across a recruiter for the USMC. He almost instantaneously joined. He stayed in the USMC for 4 years. His job was a 0321, a Recon Marine. He served two tours in Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan, he lost his best friend and most of his squad to an ambush. He collected his friend's tags and carries them with him. After his second tour, he was discharged from the marine corps. When he left, he felt like he had no purpose. He was helping people by protecting them from the bad guys. He missed protecting the little guy. But Jeff knew that the HLA wouldn’t let him do it his way. So he took to the streets, again. He moved to Oklahoma City. The town was rampant with drugs and crime. It was also the birthplace of his father. So not only did he have the chance to smite the crime in the town, he also had the chance to find his dad.(Jeff knew nothing about his father’s treatment of his mother).Jeff used his training in the Marine Corps and his street knowledge to fight a one-man war on crime. He discovered quickly how small he was compared to the crime syndicate. So he decided to attack key members first. Within 72 hours, he killed 15 drug lords and wiped out their facilities. The crime families used there Parahumans to try and counter his destruction of their way of life. But every time they were close to him, he got away. Soon, he decimated 56 % of the crime rate within 5 months of his being there. He eventually discovered his father and his father's treatment of his mother. However, his father welcomed him back into his life with open arms, feeling like a sack of fucking shit for doing that. Jeff then got soft. The Crime Lords capitalized on that. They found him and his whole family and killed everyone except for him. Jeff was devastated. He swore off his heroic deeds permanently, choosing to live a life of remorse and regret. He became a Rogue. He started to drink heavily. Jeff started to let himself fall into a deep depression. He had lost hope. Jeff tried to kill himself. Repeatedly. Until he had a dream.The dream was about his mother, telling him to live his life to the fullest, no matter what. He started to stop drinking as much and found a stable construction job and begun delving into his mother’s history. He found that she was apart of the THA teams. He couldn’t find any specific ones, just that she had been one. He gained hope for himself again. Maybe he could make something of himself that doesn't have to be an embodiment of hate. He discovered that he had more abilities than he thought other than his ability of strength.He could fly. He would have to get a running start and then he would jump, where he could fly to his heart's content until he chose to land. Jeff started to travel more often, seeing more of the world. He traveled to Europe, Asia, Africa, And Australia. He encountered other Parahumans like him. He also encountered the HLA. He found a group of HLA Heroes fighting a Master-Type villain calling himself Slayer in Puerto-Rico. After watching each hero fall, Jeff jumped into the fray reluctantly. He easily beat the villain to a pulp. One of the heroes noticed this, and before he could question Jeff, Jeff flew away. Jeff decided to return to the states after his 25th birthday. Jeff chose to go to Capetown. Jeff settled down in an apartment complex near downtown. Jeff chooses to live his life quietly as possible. He got a job as a construction worker again and started to raise money to get decent clothes and other odds and ends. Jeff then got a job offer as a bouncer at a nightclub and he accepted it. He cut his hair and his beard and started wearing suits. He got a nice house and his dream car.(1965 Mustang California Special). He settled down finally. Until his past came back. One of the crime lords from Oklahoma had shown his face at the nightclub and had noticed him. Crime increased in the city. The heroes were struggling to combat it. Jeff was having more and more trouble trying to stay out of it. His inner core was telling him to help. Then he noticed weird things going on in the nightclub. The owner was doing strange things to the patrons. Most of the bouncers were involved too. One night after work, Jeff snuck into the owner's office. The owner was controlling a bunch of people in his office. He was telling them to break into houses and steal stuff. Jeff escaped and went to his house. Jeff sat there and thought about things. Even his job was not free of crime. He was going to have to make a choice soon. He either was going to have to help the heroes, becoming the very thing he was avoiding, or run. And Jeff was tired of running.

So begins...

Jeff Bloxham's Story