Psyren: The Return of Oroborus

Psyren: The Return of Oroborus


Nemesis Q has returned. And its time for a new generation of Psychers to play his game. But this game desides the future of the earth.

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It has been 200 years sence Ageha, Sakurako, and the others have stopped the meteor "Orouborus", from smashing into the earth, and nearily wiping out all life from the planet. But now, this deadily meteor has returned in a second attempt in wreaking havoc in our world, turning it into one big, desert wasteland. And for this reason, the woman known as #7 has recreated Nemesis Q. With this, the game of Psyren has started up once again. Every several days you will be given a call from Psyren, until you run out of charges that are indicated on your card. Everyone starts out with 50 charges. A certain # of charges is lost after each visit to Psyren. Once you are sent to Psyren, the game begins. ONce again 10 years in the future. In this future, Orouborus has already struck earth. Any humans that are left alive, are either hunted down by the large insect-like creatures that inhabit earth, or manage to hide underground in the new Elmore Base. This base is run by Elmore's great great great, grandaughter. Elmore has raised a group of youngsters known as "Psychers" to combat as a resistance against the new group of W.I.S.E. Mithra is the one who created the illumina cores, and is also the one who tricked "Miroku Amagi" into helping her create Psyren through the meteor Orouborus. Now she has tricked yet another human into helping her once more. He is the soul leader of W.I.S.E., and has power beyond the 5 chosen W.I.S.E. members combined. It is now up to you, to discover the secrets behind Psyren, and unleash your powers as a Psycher. Any other information should be covered in this wiki for non-fan Rp'ers " "

The rules of Psyren:
1)If you die in Psyren, then you turn into dust.
2)If you talk to anyone who isn't in the game about Psyren, you turn to dust.
3)There will be a map at the payphone at the beginning of the game, that will show you where you are at, where the danger zone is, and where the other payphone/exit of the game is. It will also show you where the tower is. Try to get to the exit without going into the danger zone. If you don't, then you could die, and therefor turn into dust.
4)Unless you are prepared to die, do not go near the tower. If you do, you might as well arrive at the tower as dust.

These are the basic abilities a Psycher can possess. A Psycher can only aquire these abilities after visiting Psyren and coming down with a fever while having an endless nosebleed. This is a result from breathing is Psyren's atmosphere. After they have recovered, they will possess the ability to use three different abilities that use "Psi" energy. Some Psychers choose to specialize in two, while some go beyond the limits and aquire all three.

Burst: Burst is an ability thats limits only go as far as the creator believes it can. It allows them to concentrate their "Psi" energy into physical form. One example would be to the ability to conjure fire, out of thin air. These psychers are known as "pyromancers." Another example would be to create a shield out of pure Psi energy.

Rise: Rise is an enhancement ability. It is used to increase someone's physical attributes. There are several different kinds of Rise. The 1st kind, is basically those who use Rise to boost their strength, stamina, speed, etc. The 2nd is someone who possesses the ability "Cure". This ability allows them to use their Rise energy to heal another's wounds. However, it is not possible to use Cure on yourself. And overusing it could mean death. The 3rd type of Rise is known as "Menace". Which allows someone to see danger, and avoid it. It basically gives them a small glimpse for about 8 seconds into the future. More experienced Menace users can see far deeper into the future. The highest ability in Menace to bend time itself, and even caste an opponent's attack directly back at them.

Trance: Trance is an ability that depends on someone's mental capacity. They aquire abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, and even the ability to control someones thoughts, and emotions. Some experienced Trance users, can implant illusions into the opponent's mind.

Positions that need to be filled:
We need only 5-6 main psycher's, everyone else will be part of the Elmore defence force, that exists in the time before they go into Psyren.
Main Psychers:
Psycher 1-Ichijo Ryuumi~Gintoki Sakata
Psycher 2-
Psycher 3-
Psycher 4-
Psycher 5-
Psycher 6-

Elmore Defence Force:
Lady Elmore-
Elmore Defender 1-
Elmore Defender 2-
Elmore Defender 3-
Elmore Defender 4-
Elmore Defender 5-

W.I.S.E. Members:
W.I.S.E Leader/Tricked Human who can speak to Orouborus-
W.I.S.E Commander #1-
W.I.S.E Commander #2-
W.I.S.E Commander #3-
W.I.S.E Commander #4-
W.I.S.E Commander #5-
W.I.S.E. Subordinate-
W.I.S.E. Subordinate-
W.I.S.E. Subordinate-
W.I.S.E. Subordinate-
W.I.S.E. Subordinate-
W.I.S.E. Subordinate-

Character Skeleton:
Which group your in:(Psychers, Elmore, or W.I.S.E.)
Psycher type(s):(Rise, Burst, or Trance.)
Psycher abilities:(Be descriptive, and creative.)
Normal Human skills:
Sexual Orientation:
Interesting fact/trait about your character:
How you got your Psyren calling card:(This will be a substitute for backstory.)

For W.I.S.E. only:
Where the illumina is located on your body:

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