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The American Dream... that's what we call being rich and famous. There is more to it than that, you can't fall in love, you're chosen to date who your agency thinks will make great PR.The Scandal of the year...is you and him.

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A new girl in town gets picked up by the agency. She ends up working with the popular band, and finds out she can't fall in love with one of them. Unfortunatly that's already happened. She keeps denying her feelings, as she's quickly introduced to the modeling/acting world of Hollywood. Her manager decides that it would be good for her to date one of the band members, and he picks the one she looks like she has the most chemistry with. Boosting her popularity and the sales of the bands merch.

The band member, he feels something for her, but he can't decide what it is about her that attracts him to her, when she ends up being paired with his best friend it threatens to tear up the group. He can't hide his feelings for her, and she can't deny hers. It's a scandal of the year....
paparazzi are all over them, when they find out what happenes...

Will they go with the Rules of Hollywood, or would they break free?

The small town girl
Role: She's the one who gets picked up at a coffee shop, learning the ropes in the world of fame. Falling in love with (Andy Biersack) She tries to fight the one rule Hollywood has.
Name:Alexis C. Hayes |Age: 18 |FC: Ashley Benson| Status: Taken by Nami L'Chi

The band members: Band Name is Black Nitro Circus
Name:Magnus Zeil | Age: 18|FC:Andy Biersack|Status: Taken by Mashotu
Role: The crazy wild one, who the Small town girl is deeply in love with. Though he feels jealous twards FC: Adam Lambert. Threatening to tear the band apart, he tries to hold his felings and emotions in.

Name:Age: FC: Adam Lambert Status:OPEN
Role: The funny charming one, he's a bit harsh to the small town girl not thinking she could live the american dream. Though, he's paired with her, he has no feelings of attraction to her.

Name:Age: FC: Up for DiscussionStatus: Reserved for A.C.
Role: The calm collected one in the bunch. Though he's random and spontaneous, he sees FC: Emily Osment, and they bond like best friends. That was when the Manager, paris them up as a couple.

The Small town girl's best friend:
Name:Amber Trumble | Age: 18 |FC: Emily Osment Status: Reserved for TenderHeart
Role: She's an upcoming singer, who ends up dating FC Ashley Purdy for publicity reasons. She's all for following Hollywoods rules, and encourages her best friend to do the same.

The manager:
Role: He's the one who watches the Small Town Girl, making sure she's not doing something she's not. Always making meetings, showings, and interviews for her, he's the one to set her up with one of the bandmembers.
Age:22-24 FC: Eminem Status: Open


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Beeep! Beeep! BEEEP! Alexis's phone was going off. Grumbling she rolled off the couch, and slowly got dressed. Her manager had an important interview scheduled for her with the popular band Black Nitro Circus. She gave herself a once over. Smiling she fixed her hair in some wavy tresses. She looked totally adorable. Maybe not Hollywood material, but it was interview starts.

Finally Silencing her phone, she grabbed it and walked out of the house. She smiled and waved to everyone she met, some took pictures of her. But she didn't seem to care. She was Hollywood now, and she should start acting like it. Shoving that thought away, she continued smiling. Excited to meet the members of the band.

That was when it hit her, she wasn't allowed to date anyone out of free will... it was her Manager's choice, the entertainment of america...that's all they cared about.

It was a Rich Mans world... because it seemed to be all about the money

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Amber had woken up early that morning, excited to be going to an interview with Black Nitro Circus with Alexis today. She had showered and changed into her outfit and was headed to the site of the interview when she saw Alexis ahead of her and across the street. "Alexis! Hey, wait up!" She yelled, smiling and waving to her friend, then looking both ways before crossing the street, doing a half jog to meet up with Alexis. "Are you excited for this or what? I mean, it's the Black Nitro Circus. They're a pretty hot band right now, and they're all hot... I hope the manager lets us date one of them!" She laughs a bit at herself, realizing she sound sa bit stupid and that there are people around, and the manager would definantly hate it if the world knew it was a fake relationship, if one were to be set up.

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Derek sat in his chair and groaned aloud in front of the rest of his band members. He had been poked at to get dressed all morning, and now these girls got to arrive whenever they liked? "Why are we even doing this? I doubt they're gonna make it in Hollywood anyways. Why get their hope up?" Derek then began to play with the spikes on one of his gloves, sighing heavily. "I hope at least one of them is hot if I'm gonna have to date them. Though I really wish I could fly it solo longer. Makes partying more fun." He waggled his eyebrows at Magnus and Alex. "Y'know what I mean?"

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Character Portrait: Magnus Zeil Character Portrait: Alexander "Sasha" Lawless Character Portrait: Derek Woodrow

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#, as written by Mashotu
Magnus Zeil

"Yes. Because getting drunk of thy ass is so much fun." Magnus said back, "You never get any girl 70% of the time so why bother?"

Magnus was not in a good mood. Not only did he get no sleep, but he had a terrible headache and Derek always knew how to make things worse. It's not like he didn't like Derek, he just knew hoe to get under his skin.

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