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Numerous people have been apparently diagnosed with harbouring the deadly plague seeds of Denva. All of them have been removed from their homes and placed in a new facility in order to be "quarantined". (One Subject, One Staff slot open)

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Monica Flack

"A hiccup? I still wouldn't help him. Not after what he did to Shanae and not after what your about to do." Monica sighed as if she didn't care, but her stormy grey eyes hardened, irritated. She was sure she'd had him. Glancing at Shay, she found the pleading look on her face and rolled her eyes, kicking Shay hard in the ribs.

"You're not protecting anyone Shay." She hissed wickedly, grabbing a fistful of blonde hair and yanking her head back to face her. "Adrian needs Nick to find something. That's all. What's the harm?" Grinning, Monica dropped her head, smacking it hard against the post she was roped to. "If there's a brain in your head, you need to use it Shay. You may heal quickly, but you'll still feel the pain."

Turning sharply, she crossed the room to Adrian's various torture instruments. She ignored the counter and cabinets, reaching for a hot metal poker that had been resting in a crackling fire. "You will agree Nick. Or I'll torture her until she's unconscious. She's spent four years in this place Nick." Monica pleaded falsely, trying to pull sympathy from him. "Don't you think she's had enough?"

She turned to Shay, lowering the red hot piece of metal until it was level with her back. Using it's end, she swiped the girl's blonde hair out of the way. A satisfied grin came to her lips as Shay's back tensed, readying herself. After a moment's hesitation, Monica thrust the metal towards Shay, slapping her hard on the back with it and holding it there as the thin skin along her spine burned. The scream that rose from the girls throat made Monica grin and pull the rod from her back for a second only to slam it right back at her, this time holding it firmly against her neck. Again, Shay shrieked.

"Had enough yet Nick?" Monica grinned, digging the tip of the poker into the place where her shoulder met her neck, watching the red line of blood trickle down her singed skin.