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Numerous people have been apparently diagnosed with harbouring the deadly plague seeds of Denva. All of them have been removed from their homes and placed in a new facility in order to be "quarantined". (One Subject, One Staff slot open)

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Jason Conelly

He couldn’t keep time in his head anymore, the blood was rushing through his ears and his arms and legs felt as if they were on fire. He barely noticed the interaction between Axel, Destiny and Erin. He felt as if he were going to collapse on his feet. He was getting light headed and was seeing spots through his vision. Almost suddenly Axel was running next to him, and in the back of his mind his ears had heard and remembered for him that he was now supposed to do more work in order for Erin not to be hurt. His breathing was coming in short gasps, his lungs feeling as if they were on fire along with the rest of his lungs. That’s when his legs gave out on him; he couldn’t get them to work much more. He collapsed to the ground with a groan and started coughing. He was to weak but he pushed himself back up, legs shaking, unable to hold him up and he collapsed again.

(Sorry it's short, it's a little late XD)