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Numerous people have been apparently diagnosed with harbouring the deadly plague seeds of Denva. All of them have been removed from their homes and placed in a new facility in order to be "quarantined". (One Subject, One Staff slot open)

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Monica Flack

Monica listened attentively to Nick's little speech, ignoring Shay's comments. "I say it again. My answer is no." She watched as he closed his eyes and leaned his head back, almost relaxed. This pissed her off and her whip shot out again with a large crack, slicing him just below the eye, allowing even more blood to run down his face.

"HA!" She smirked loudly, pulling the whip back in and shacking her head with laughter. "You're going to try and guilt me?" Rolling her eyes, she cracked the whip, allowing the sound to echo in the room. "The world doesn't even know what's going on in this facility. All they think is happening is research for a disease. Didn't the people who picked you up tell you that?" Again, she rolled her eyes. "When this place shuts down, the government will just tell everyone that we've found a cure and it's all over. Then, they'll burn the facility and make up some bullshit excuse about getting rid of the disease and it's germs completely. You'll be dead..." She grinned, "And I'll move on to be in government." Laughing wickedly, she stepped up close to him and grabbed his chin harshly, making him look at her and digging her nails deep into the cut on his cheek. "If you want any chance of a future, you'll do what Adrian says." She dug her nails in deeper. "And you'll watch this. I see your eyes close one more time and Shanae will join her down there."

"I'll go until you tell me to stop or she's unconscious Nick. Just say when." Grinning wickedly, she slammed his head back against the wall and turned sharply on her heel to face Shay. She knelt behind her and yanked the back of her shirt up over her head. "Remember Shay." She hissed. "He's letting this happen to you." and with that, Monica pulled back sharply and stood, raising her arm high, black whip in hand. And brought it down with all her strength and speed onto Shayla's slim, bare back. Monica grinned, rewarded by a deep gash, and whipped her arm forward again and again, tearing Shay's skin with every hit.

Shayla Bones

Shayla watched as Nick tried to guilt Monica and caught the silent "I'm sorry" he shot her way. I know Nick. It's ok. She thought, wishing she could tell him. She didn't want him to feel guilty. Especially not for her sake. Her eyes followed Adrian's black whip in Monica's hand closely. She'd seen it kill a boy before. The thought made her wince and look down. At least this time it was her under the whip, not Nick. She couldn't do that again. Just couldn't.

When Monica was done lecturing Nick and advanced on her, Shay pinched her eyes shut for a second before completely wiping her face clean of emotion, silver eyes locked on an invisible dot straight ahead. "Remember Shay." Monica's voice hissed in her ear. [b]"He's letting this happen to you." Shay rolled her eyes.

"Better me then him or Shanae." Was all she said, before Monica pulled back sharply. A moment of hesitation hung in the air and Shay's back tensed. And the loud crack of the whip broke the silence, striking down hard on her back. The force and speed Monica was able to use the whip with shocked her, and she found it hard to breathe as pain danced it's way across her skin. Searing pain. Like the burning-ice sensation running through her veins of the injection Adrian had given her. Only this was on her skin, burning her back fiercely. Still, she bit down so hard on her tongue that blood filled her mouth and she had to spit it out. She wouldn't scream. She wouldn't give Monica that satisfaction.

Monica whipped her again, and again, each time causing her to jerk and bite down on her tongue, and each time with more and more force. She could feel her back being torn and her new powers working furiously to heal it, exhausting her body even more. Spitting out another mouthful of blood, Monica struck her so hard, Shay's body collapsed completely to the floor with only her arms raised up, tied to the post. A loud scream finally tore from her lips, and she fought down a second one.

Shay was beginning to lose consciousness. Usually, she'd be able to stay awake much longer, but the emotional strain of Shanae's whipping along with her body trying to heal her wounds were wearing her out fast. She fought to stay awake. There was no way she was going to fall asleep and let Monica have a go at Shanae or Nick in her place. Her eyes flickered and she whimpered, but kept consciousness. All she wanted to to was let the black velvet of sleep take her, but she couldn't. She wouldn't let anyone take her place. They could be killed. At least she was healing. It would be over soon. Though she knew she didn't have much time left as her blinks got slower and slower with each strike and the pain came in waves. Her healing was counteracting weirdly, numbing the pain for a few seconds while it tried to heal the wounds, then Monica would strike extra hard and all of the burning fire would roll over her, making her scream even though she'd told herself she wouldn't.