Sumacai'aClayton Inherst

The Keeper and Guardian of the Wizard's Staff. Born in the Second Age of the Fire Powder.

a character in “Quest for Engrant the Great”, as played by Cypher

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Name: Clayton Inherst, AKA "Clayton, the Hawk-Eyed One"
Age: 35
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Personality: Clayton is extremely pragmatic and straightforward, with much intensity and drive when pointed towards a goal. This often puts him at odds with the people around him, who are annoyed or unnerved at Clayton's laser-guided focus. He also seems to leave much to be desired in terms of people skills. He's honest and blunt to the point where people hate him for it, and he refuses to change or weaken for anyone.

In battle, he is just as pragmatic as he is in his daily pursuits. He becomes completely unreachable vocally, shutting out all noise except that in his head. His eyes become as sharp as a bird of prey's (which netted him the nickname "The Hawk-Eyed One") and his hands move with speed, grace and efficiency as he fights.

In a few words, Clayton has been described as a bullet: fast and straight to the point, with no frills or secondary features to wow anyone.

Biography: Clayton was born in the Second Age of the Fire Powder, a parallel to our own Age of Gunpowder. In this time period, the gun was the law of the land - anyone who wasn't able to wield one was as good as dead, exploited or both. His parents were both hired guns, desperados, mercenaries, and throughout his life Clayton was taught little else than how to handle guns with deadly efficiency. His parents, though, for living their lives of blood and death, died in the way of their victims - by the gun - leaving Clayton homeless and with little in the way of worldly posessions.

So he wandered. For twenty years (from the age of thirteen to the age of thirty-three), Clayton Inherst killed and stole and did all manner of deplorable things to make ends meet. Eventually; though, he was taken in by a very popular religious community and "absolved" - his guns and soul were now the property of God, although Clayton never believed it. God also held his purse-strings; though, so he had no problem with fighting and killing under the banner of The Man Upstairs.

Eventually, while he was on the job, he was pulled from his time and dropped into the quest for Engrant - a man out of time, with nowhere to go but forward. His goals had changed, and Clayton - always the one to follow orders - took up the Staff of Engrant.

Weapon of Choice:
-Engrant's Staff: The staff of the missing wizard Engrant which he is entrusted to protect. Clayton knows little of the Staff's workings and the amount of power it holds, so he has little interest in using it in any other manner than a crude bludgeon.

-The Guns of Inherst: A pair of heavy, long-barreled silver revolvers with ivory grips. Elegant, swirling etchings curl and twist around the gun's workings. Each holds eight bullets, and spare rounds are kept in Clayton's gun belts (although the gunbelts were blessed by priests to never run out of bullets, Clayton still hangs on to a few spares - just in case). Both of these guns belonged to his parents - one to his mother, one to his father - and they are his most prized posessions. It is unlikely - but not impossible - that if it came down to these guns or Engrant's Staff, Clayton would sacrifice the fate of the world to retrieve his guns.

-Sword: A basket-hilted broadsword (parallel to a real-world Scottish broadsword) that was a gift from the church. Its razor-sharp double edge hasn't taken nearly as many lives as those terrible guns he carries, but it is still to be looked upon warily.
Role: Keeper of the Staff

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Clayton Inherst's Story