Quest For Immortaility

Quest For Immortaility


A quest for immortality, given by a shadow. Guided by It's hand.

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In a dark Gothic world plagued by demons, ravaged by war and inhabited by hundreds of different creatures, a few strive for immortality.
Guided by shadow, A mysterious shadow. They search for this goal.

Galt, the leader of this Quest, And has found himself a group of adventurers.
Found the shadow in a bar, where it convinced him, that it could give him immortality, if only he followed it, and did what it said.. But there is something strange about this shadow-being
But not only is Galt a half-Orc, but the chosen of Bhelue, The god of destruction, if unwilling.
There are many secrets of this world... If only they had been left well enough alone
This pack of adventurers, each has a dark secret.

God of destruction and strife. Small cult

Goddess of the night, wildly worshiped by many people, and many cults

The unnamed god:
God of death, only one person worships him.

God of hatred. his age was the first.
He has a dedicated cult for him.



It's the age of the major god's.
That means every three year's a certain god is in power, and allowed to rein free
This year, it is Bhelue's, his chosen is mean't to kneel, and subject himself to his reign, and do whatever he requires, or wants.
There maybe Other chosen.

Before the age of the gods.
There was a great war,called the 'Racial war'
Which resulted in the humans fighting every-other race, elves, being the most war-like race, they succeeded in nearly exterminating all other races.
Now High-King Maxikohn.
Has decreed-ed the war has ended, but every race must stay within it's boundaries or risk being executed on the spot.
This war, has generated alot of racial hate from the humans. Very xenophobic, and they treat magic, if used by none-other than the all-human high council, to be blasphemous.
This has made the Other races desperate for more territory, and the age of Bhelue begun.

War has begun, and it will end with one race victorious.
But the cost of war will be great.
Even the prophets fear it.

Game-masters are:
They control everything about the Roleplay.
Grayfox draws the maps, ETC.

Character Sheets

First Name: Your characters first name.

Last Name: Your characters last name.

Age: How old is your character?

Gender: >.> Well than this should be easy!..Right?

Race: Hey, is he/she a human?, a Nymph, What?

Weaponry: Feel free to be creative! However do try not to go to far over board. (That means no Cloud type swords, or anything else of that matter, no guns.)

Magic: Explain what you can overall accomplish. If you’re an absolutely amazing fighter, spells to a minimum.

Appearance: A description and image of your character. A pic also if you can manage it!

Personality: How does your character act within society?

Back story: What has happened to your character in the past? Here you can describe more about your characters reactions and feelings, plus an awesome story. Whatever you want.

Extra: Anything else we need to know.

Secret: His/her dark secret

Religion: Certain gods grant boons, etc. Tema gives one the ability to see clearly in the day, etc, if one prays to her regularly.



30(of a max of 100)
20 (Of a max of 100)
50 (Of a max of 100)

Skill points:

Secondly Why do these characters want immortality
1)Face a dark Force/Evil/Person
3)Over throw a dark ruler to bring the land to peace
4)To Destroy a god or another Immortal.
5)To fulfill destiny as the the next generation of immortals
Any race.

Rules, yeah the boring stuff

1.I will have no form of godmodding, this includes but is not limited to
a.Auto-hitting and forcing damage
c.Ignoring damage

2.Literacy please
3.No one liner posts... At least 100 words please!
4.Cursing is allowed. Tastefully please.
5.Romance is encouraged, If it gets frisky, then Meh.
6.We are your GM's, therefore We will enforce the rules however We see fit. If you have a problem, bring it to Us.
7.Post at least in minimum once every 2 days. If you are going to be gone, let me know. If you are going to drop, tell me.
8. I have the full intention of this being a long term role-play, so therefore when you join I hope you are in full awareness of this. If it gets boring, then you the writer are tasked with making it unboring!
10.You are going to have fun. You don’t have a choice. Don't make me have dagon eat your soul.
13. OOC is to stay in the OOC. Don’t interrupt the In Character thread with it.

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#, as written by Gasmask
The Fly-infested ruins-city of skelleth.
The tavern. simple called "Drinks"
The half-Orc galt, sat in a chair, his feet on a table, a mug of ale in his hand.
He was waiting for the 'Forgotten king'.
His sword laying upon the table, it's malevolent presence projecting itself into Galt's head, it was becoming an annoying nuisance.
Most of the human occupants had edged away from the half-orc.
Since the racial war's, the once great outpost of skelleth had been a stronghold of great magnitude, to keep out the half-orcs.
But now it was a pile of dung, not even worth attacking.
He took another sip of ale.
The barkeep had tried to con him with watered-down ale. Easy to forgive him, even with the sword, attempting to twist his mind, to make him kill the scum that had attempted to scam him.
A couple of prophets, had foretold him, to gain his immortality, he would have to find this "Forgotten king" or someone who knew him.
He placed the iron mug down with a clang, resulting in many heads turning his way. a slight showing of his elongated lower canine teeth sent them right on turning.
He was still waiting.

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