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Quietly Into The Night


a part of Quietly Into The Night, by FullArmorNavy.


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With a THUNK, a young woman of about 25/30 jolted awake. Rubbing her head with her finger, she looked around the enclosed cylindrical case. What the fuck? Not caring for being enclosed in a small space for whatever the reason was, she placed her unoccupied fingers upon the glass panel she had previously been acquainted with. With a normal amount of strength, the glass easily opened to the outside world... well room. The young woman stepped out with semi-shaky legs, her eyes scanning the room for any threats. The room was a decent size for one person. The bed was roughly a full size with comfortable, well worn sheets. The comforter on top was a heavy patchwork blanket with a mandala pattern in the center with at least a dozen fluffy pillows piled on it. The walls were covered in tapestries, string of beads, dream catchers, and more. The ceiling was peppered with paper lanterns. She turned to look at the cyro chamber that held more answers than it was willing to give.

Carpe Noctum

Lot of good you're telling me. With a huff, she strapped the four thigh knives she found onto her and checked the piston that was housed under one of the shelves in the room. Finding it locked and loaded, the woman nestled it in the back of her fitted stretchy cyro pants before heading up the ladder presumably to the rest of the ship. Quietly and slowly she opened the hatch that lead to the main floor of the ship. Before moving immediately out into the open, the woman listened and looked up and down the hall. Unconsciously her nails shifted to claws that were ready to rip apart anyone who threatened her. Still finding and seeing no one, she stepped and crouched in the corridor. It's too quiet. What the hell is happening?

Finally standing, she crept down the hallway until she happened upon a wall computer. Keeping her ears alert, the woman woke the screen from its slumber...

"Outer hull damaged. Engines offline. Life support on emergency tertiary power. Sensors offline. Navigation off line. Outbound communication offline. All available power routed to life support and cryo chambers."

The ship was in a disastrous state to say the least. Alright, fight I need to get the hull fixed so the oxygen doesn't continue to leak out. The I need to get the life support and engines working, hopefully at full power but half will do for now. All the while finding out who the hell the other cyro chambers belong to. Are they friend or foe? Her inner monologue was interrupted by footsteps to her right. Sliding around the corner and pressing herself against the wall she listened. The footsteps at first became louder before petering off. She managed to look around the corner just in time to see a shadowed figure walking away and turn a corner. With a nod, she retracted her claws and slipped the gun from where it rested against her spine. stalking along the hallways, she scented air. The scent was familiar but no images or explanations as to WHY she knew that scent came to mind. Still unsure whether to trust the other person or not, she tip-toed onto the bridge where one of two chairs was now occupied.

Still as silent as a shadow, she pressed the barrel of her gun to the back of the man's head. "Hello, Darling. What the hell is going on? Lie and I'll know. Lie and I'll blow your fucking brains out."