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You either win or you die; Either way your doomed

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Lore credits go to George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones.

Westeros was originally divided into several independent kingdoms. But in the War of Conquest, these various kingdoms were united under the rule of House Targaryen into what is known as the Seven Kingdoms. House Targaryen divided the Seven Kingdoms into four principal regions - North, South, East, and West - and named one of its bannermen as the Wardens and Lord Protectors of each; House Stark the North, House Tyrell the South, House Arryn the East, and House Lannister the West.

Tradition tells us that the known history of Westeros extends back for 12,000 years. Prior to this, little is known of the peoples and tribes that populated the continent. The children of the forest were perhaps the most advanced race, but their uncharted history is lost to myth and legend. Giants may have walked far and wide in these primeval days; other peoples may have vanished into the mists of time as well, such as those who left the Seastone Chair behind on the Iron Islands. Eventually, all would either disappear or fall to invaders from the east.

There are many kinds of people found in Westeros; Rugged wildlings, honorable warriors, ignoble knights, unscrupulous mercenaries, power hungry nobles, venerated kings, mysterious assassins, and just about any other sort of character, from denizens of seedy seaside ports to the masters of lavishly adorned palaces. In Westeros, virtue and vice are not the province of any specific class. Rather, they exist freely in both ordinary and extraordinary characters in Westeros.

It was many years before the fall of house Targaryen, dragons already fell and High King Leonell has the throne, along with his wife Queen Eleanor and his son Lucion. King leonell is not the most lovable king. A war will start very soon. The 6 houses will devide into two forces. They will fight against each other, for a claim of the throne. If the Targaryen's and their allies win King Leonell will stay king. But if the opposing forces win its their choice to decide who will be king. The meaning of life is your Kingdoms Words.

Each of you will be king, each kingdom has its own resources and different amounts of forces and wealth. Each king has his "Secret soldier" that will be played once in battle.

Where you will start?

Each of you Lady's or Lord's is summonded to a court in Kings landing. Start at home, wrap things up take your champion and a few man and be on your way. House stark and Baratheon are allies and always have been, just as Targareyn and Lannisters are joined by marriage, king Leonell is married to Lady Ealnoer daughter of the lord of the Lannisters.

Basically you are a lord or a lady, you control them, you control your champion. You also control anyone in your house, that goes to guards peasants anything. There will be a rebellion in which you must fight to win.

The Map

The Sigils

(Main Roles can be played as a Lord or a Single Lady, with a few exceptions. There must be only one of each)
White- House Stark --- "Winter Is Coming", Supply's most of the kingdoms wood, Must be a Lord. Winterfell
Cyan- House Arryn --- "As High As Honour", Most of the Kingdoms Coal and Silver comes from here. No restriction. The Eyrie
Blue- House Tulley --- "Family, Duty, Honour." Holds the kingdoms fish and the only passage to Kings Landing. No Restriction. Riverrun
Red- House Lannister --- "Hear Me Roar" Richest in the entire Kingdom. Must be a lord with a daughter, Queen Elanor. Casterly rock
Green- House Tyrell --- "Growing Strong." Most beautiful in all the kingdoms, has rich resources of food. No restriction. Highgarden
Yellow- House Baratheon --- "Ours Is The Fury" Has lots of land and wheat, powerfull warriors. Must be Male. Storm's end
Black- House Targaryen --- "Fire and Blood." Holds the Throne. Kings Landing
Gray- House Greyjoy --- "We Do Not Sow" Fish and other water supplied goods. Ships and Weapons are their specialty. No Restriction. The pyke

Sub- Champions.
Craftsmen, performers, diplomats, heralds, and stewards are all Artisans. They each use their specialised skills to make their way in the world.
Priests and followers of the Faith, the Godsworn are the loyal servants of the Seven.
Men and women of the wilderness, Hunters learn to bring down their prey through stealth and lore.
Some use stealth and guile; others rely on brute force and fear. All Knaves seek to take whatever they desire, whether bread for their suppers or gold for their pockets.
The embodiment of chivalry and valour, Knights are martial men, sworn in the Faith of the Seven. While rare in the North, they are what southron boys dream of becoming, and southron girls dream of marrying. Only addressed as "Ser"
Men-at-arms may be loyal bannermen or sellswords from foreign lands, but at heart, all are soldiers and warriors who survive and thrive by their strength and prowess.
Nobles are the children of high birth from the great and small houses of nobility. They have wealth, education, and influence — every conceivable advantage over the smallfolk beneath them — as well as their own share of responsibilities and enemies.
Royal Assassins
Are the assassins for the king, will try to destroy their targets in any means necessiry. All attempts to assassinate a king or a lord will result in FAILURE.
Water Dancer
The best of the Bravos — perhaps one in a hundred, perhaps less — learn the water dance, a style of fighting that relies on speed, finesse, and perception. They are artists as much as soldiers, and hone their craft as an art.
Soldiers and martial lords aspire to lead great armies and rule the battlefield. The Commander is a specialised warrior, trained to master strategy and logistics.

The Sides
Rebel Side= Stark, Baratheon.
Enemy Side= Lannister, Targaryens.
Undecided= Arryn, Tulley, Tyrell, Greyjoy. -- Will be bribed, joined through marriage, or make their own decisions.

- You talk as your Champion aswell as your self and anyone in your Hold. You may be a Lord or a Lady. Houses can be joined by marriage and therefore decided the sides in the war
- No godmodding. This should be obvious.
- No Metagaming
- Don't be perfect.
- Correct grammar and spelling is highly encouraged, make an effort.
- No One Liners.
- The meaning of life your kingdoms words.
- I am the king, think twice before not taking my side..
- Dont attack other houses until the war starts.

Character Sheet
House= Which house do you prefer?
Name= Simple
Lord or Lady?
Appearence= Be Descriptive
Family= Describe who you live with
Champion= Male or Female and what kind?
Companion= Can have one companion animal. Be Realistic.
Weapon of Choice?
Meaning of Life?

My Character Sheet
House= Targaryen
Name= Leonell Targaryen
Appearence= King Leonell is young and agile. He has golden hair like his ancestors before him and wears a kings armor. Has a very light beards and usually isnt seen in public without his champion. He always carries a Dragonborn Steel at his side for protection.
Family= Lives with his Son and Wife. Husband to Lady Elanor of house lannister and father to Lucion targaryen.
Champion= Male, Ser Wulf
Companion= None
Weapon of Choice= Golden Royal Long Sword, Valyrian steel.
Meaning of Life= Fire and Blood.

(Only one of each)
White- House Stark :Reserved (S1mon)
Cyan- House Arryn
Blue- House Tulley
Red- House Lannister
Green- House Tyrell
Yellow- House Baratheon
Black- House Targaryen :King Leonell Targaryen - Arik223
Gray- House Greyjoy

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Character Portrait: Leonell Targaryen
Character Portrait: Dmitri Arryn
Character Portrait: Rowan Greyjoy


Character Portrait: Rowan Greyjoy
Rowan Greyjoy

I am Lord and Master! My word is rule . . . The Iron Islands will not yield!

Character Portrait: Dmitri Arryn
Dmitri Arryn

"All can end without bloodshed,"

Character Portrait: Leonell Targaryen
Leonell Targaryen

“"Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop”


Character Portrait: Leonell Targaryen
Leonell Targaryen

“"Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop”

Character Portrait: Dmitri Arryn
Dmitri Arryn

"All can end without bloodshed,"

Character Portrait: Rowan Greyjoy
Rowan Greyjoy

I am Lord and Master! My word is rule . . . The Iron Islands will not yield!

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Leonell Targaryen
Leonell Targaryen

“"Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop”

Character Portrait: Rowan Greyjoy
Rowan Greyjoy

I am Lord and Master! My word is rule . . . The Iron Islands will not yield!

Character Portrait: Dmitri Arryn
Dmitri Arryn

"All can end without bloodshed,"

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Re: Race For Glory

Hi there! I was wondering whether this role play is still going as no one has replied here in a while. If it is I would like to reserve House Greyjoy and will be a regular poster. I look forward to joining you all, if you'll have me.

Scarlett DuBois

Re: Race For Glory

Fantastic :D and assuming that our charries will be originals rather than Eddard and Robert...
I'll send app asap

Re: Race For Glory

Yes of course that was my complete mistake! :P

Re: Race For Glory

Thank you for adding that in. :)

Re: Race For Glory

I thought I did add that the story is from game of thrones, I must have overlooked the fact, And of course the story is copy pasted its not my story nor is it my creation, its an adaptation from Game of Thrones into a role play. And about the grammar, i'm aware that some of it is wrong i didn't look over it fully I finished late last night. @S1mon you can add what ever you'd like its lacking in some parts.

Re: Race For Glory

I don't mean to bash, but I must say it's pretty daring to talk about 'correct grammar and spelling' when just about the only parts that have no mistakes are directly copy-pasted from Song of Ice and Fire wikis and other online sources.

Re: Race For Glory

I think you need to remove the "original" tag, because not all of this is not your work.
Please credit people when using their ideas.
This is based heavily off of Game of Thrones, written by George R.R. Martin.


Re: Race For Glory

This is FANTASTIC! Sorry for caps, but def loving this :D
So it's a player(as a Lord/Lady) per House, so no-one else can join that House after? if I've read correctly. If not, please clarify.
The Champion acts like a sort of second-charrie for the House, so is the Champion the "secret soldier" that is mentioned, or that something else.
As for who I'd like to place as reserve, I'd like House Stark. For the character sheet, if we wanted, is it ok to add a few more extra stuff?

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