LostSantana Moreno

Rules? There are no rules...and if there were I'd break them anyway.

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Name: Santana Moreno
Age: 23
Occupant: Street racer
Gender: Female
Personality:Santana is wild and an adrenalin junky, she always lives in the fast lane, in her eyes only reason a rule was invented was so that it could be broken, she lies a lot and is considered a professional at it (so don't take her seriously), she has a knack for finding ways to get under peoples skin, only passion she has is for driving fast, though she looks like someone who parties a lot really she'll stay home and either work on her car or study her competition, she'll pretend to have a fiery temper, but it's hard to actually make her truly angry, only thing she is ever serious about is her racing and her car, you mess with either and you'll get the ugly side of a bitch slap
History: She was born in poverty in southern California, her mom did the best she could, her dad was never around, and her mom taught her Spanish (which in her secondary language), when she was 15 she started taking drugs and joined a gang. At age 18 she was put into jail where she joined the Mexican Mafia. She eventually got straightened out that same year by a local engineer. He taught her all about fixing cars and took her to an illegal race, it was then that she found her calling. Ever since then she had been practicing 24/7, she became extremely good. At age 20 she made a deal with another racer, car for car, she won by a landslide, that's how she got her car. Ever since then she'd been racing illegally on the streets of California, and now is wanting to take it to a whole new level by this race.
Appearance: Image
Style: starting off a little slower and then weaves in and out of the cars, keeping her eyes on the road, and keeps two or three nitro tanks sitting next to her
Relationship (or crush): none at the moment
Car: Image

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