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Places in Radioactive: The List

This is a list of locations that can be found in Radioactive: The List.

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Maldoy Academy, La Veta, Colorado

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As he was adding the flames coming out of the dinosaur's mouth (well this one did have fire breath, so there) Aiden glanced up at the teacher to make sure he wasn't looking his way and chanced to notice a couple of students slinking in late. Checking to see that Head Bossman was still busy with the whiteboard, he gestured at the seats next to him, almost the only ones unoccupied by now. Whether they saw him or just saw the seats, the two new kids made their way over to them and sat down, the guy next to him, the girl on his other side.

Aiden flashed them both a grin. The girl was amazingly cute. Dark hair, largely swept to one side, about shoulder length, smoothe features and a carefree air about her that instantly endeared him. He resisted his first instinct to flirt with her, though - partly because they were in class but mostly because there seemed to be something between the two of them. The guy seemed nervous, constantly glancing at her as if trying to gauge her mood, like he'd done something bad and was worried she'd snap at him. Well, he had sat down next to her and she didn't seem about to change seats (and if she did, there was an empty one right behind Aiden) so she couldn't be too furious with him. Unless she just hadn't decided yet whether to be furious or not. In which case, that guy could be deep in it now.

Either way, far be it for Aiden to get in the way of another man's relations with the fairer sex. On purpose, anyway. Thus he had the courtesy to keep his fat trap shut for once and just watch them out of the corner of his eye to see how this unfolded. It was way more interesting than whatever the teacher was saying.

Jason Martin Blake


When all else was said and done, Jason made his way to the library with five minutes to spare for his appointment. Breakfast had been satisfactory, though he scowled at the sight of pizza on the table. Honestly, as if the school didn't serve enough unhealthy fare already, now there was pizza for breakfast? What kind of institution was this supposed to be? The new Health teacher should be focusing her efforts on the faculty almost as much as the students. Shaking his head at the thought, Jason stepped around a bookcase and smiled (a rare event) at Divinia Castiglione sitting at a desk and browsing several books.

They had met some years ago, before he became a graduate student, having been assigned to work together on a science project. Naturally the project was not only interesting but visually impressive, but more importantly he had found along the way an intellectual equal whose company he actually enjoyed, something rarer than platinum in the school. He had also found a strong infatuation - one strong enough indeed to persist to the present day. At first he had not recognized it for what it was, but once he did he had found much to consider.

Love was a subject that almost everyone spoke of at some point, usually in glowing terms. Still, for all its supposed virtues the drawbacks were also noted, and having seen them he viewed the matter in an entirely different light. While a certain sense of emotional fulfilment at the mere presence of another and the knowledge of her approval seemed appealing, it also implied a lack of fulfilment at her absence or disapproval. Furthermore he had found himself distracted, his mind wandering at any given moment to think of her. It was unhealthy, he decided, for one's happiness to depend so greatly on another person. Practically obsessive. For that reason primarily he chose not to pursue any relationship with her beyond that which they already had.

That was not to say that he avoided her, of course. He may not have any romantic notions or intentions, but he did enjoy their discussions and value her opinion greatly. They were, for lack of a better word, good friends. He had no intention of abandoning that simply because he could not cope with infatuation properly. Instead he freely took pleasure in her company - probably what had allowed that infatuation to remain over the years rather than dying out like a guttering candle - and simply exercised self-control where his emotions were concerned, as he always did. For all the artistic insistence to the contrary, following one's heart over one's head seldom brought joy or contentment. Usually it only resulted in disappointment.

On reaching the table he set down his briefcase and brought out his laptop, nodding cordially to Divinia. "Good morning," he said politely. "Enjoying your light reading?" It was nice to see they kept a copy of Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment in the original Russian. For all that the school failed to do in policing its students or looking after their health, it did provide adequate resources for education at least. Otherwise he would have left the moment he learned to master his abilities.