Amirillo, Texas.Peter Staff

"it's easier to be brave from a distance, but either is fine for me."

a character in “Rage Disease”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Age: 19
Gender: male
Weight: 190
Height: 7'2"
Distinguishing marks: a damaged and discolored eye (purplish red)
Fears: lightning, drowning
Weapons: thermal sniper, akimbo sig p226's, pepperbox revolver
Skills: basic first aid, urban warfare class graduate, cook.
Personality: peter is a cold and unemotional person on the outside but cares for people on the inside. his weakness would be zombie children or furry animals
History: peter had a bad car crash in which his right eye was damaged and the iris was discolored by the blood rushing in and mixing with his ice blue tint. He is a scholar, but decided that he should learn how to defend himself against war in cities. he always did joke about zombie invasions...

So begins...

Peter Staff's Story