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Sam Liles

Ss the sun had already been up for many hours, a long haired blonde slowly rolled out of her small bed. She rubbed her eyes slowly and she began to wake. She looked around the familiar room and sighed, "Ugh...fuck this place..." she murmered as she stood up.

She walked over to her dresser and grabbed some clothes, a dark grey zip up hoodie, black skinny jeans, and a random dark navy blue tee shirt, and quickly changed out of her previous clothing, that were shorts and a tank top. She quickly zipped up the hoodie, and put on her black boots. She grabbed her phone and looked around, making sure she hadn't forgotten anything.

She eventually made her way out of her small room, which had previously been a storage closet, before she 'moved in' into the small building. She made her way out of the building and onto the main street. She squinted her eyes as she hadn't adjusted to the sudden sunlight just yet. She had her hands in the pockets of her hoodie as she made her way down the sidewalk, managing to blend in with the average person. She sighed as she felt her stomach growl, she knew she needed to eat, but she didn't have any money with her. As she didn't have a job, not that she was lazy, more of that she didn't ever get hired, as there were many other worthy applicants.

Sam looked at passerbys as she walked down the street, 'No...too rich looking, would cause a distraction..' she thought to herself as a man in a suit and tie was walking next to her. 'No..cops are too close for that one..' she said to herself as she looked at a group of men in suits, it would be easy to swipe one of their wallets, but it was too risky as there was four police officers stationed at the corner.

She was close to giving up hope as she turned the corner, and accidentally walked right into someone. "S-sorry. My bad.." Sam said as she casually patted down the person, as if she was dusting the imaginary dirt that was on them. "Pardon me" she said as she awkwardly nodded at the short haired girl that she had accidentally walked into, and continued on walking. As she continued on with her marry way, as she was what in her mind, she considered a good distance, she turned into an alley way and walked far enough in, and stood against the wall. Looking down at her hand, " Sure she won't be missing this" she said to herself, all be it was a bit loud, as she looked at the small leather wallet in her hand. She shifted through the contents, pulling out the ID, "One...Alex Montgomery, eh? Well sorry, but a girl's gotta do what she's-" she was cut off as she heard footsteps. She dropped the wallet under the dumpster, only after she swiftly put the cash in her pocket.

"What do we have here? A young pup in these streets?" said one of the men that was closing in on her, "These streets are full of dangerous and wild wolves, young pup..You shouldn't be by all yourself.." said the other man, as he creepily smiled at Sam. "Listen, boys...I don't want trouble. If you want money, well...You're outta luck cuz I don't have any." she said smoothly, one of the men started to grin, as his friend chuckled, "Listen girlie, we don't want any money...Just, some good ol' fun." the man said, as he got all too close to Sam, who was now backed up against the wall, he grinned, with what teeth he had left.

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Hey, I'd like to reserve the Alex Montgomery character if that's alright

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This rp is still accepting characters and is still alive.

My schedual for when I'm not active is from 6:30am-3:30pm Monday to Friday, weekends are always off and open. Unless I get overtime which is almost never. After work I'm always active and will always be online. And from July 1st to the 7th, I'll have off from work and will be active then, even with my fiance visiting me then.

So feel free to still join this if you want

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Sorry for the late reply as I have been busy with work, but sure!! Role is totally saved for ya!

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Dibs have been called on the role of Loki! It's mine, mine I say!

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