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Never Forget. They'll Make You Remember. You cannot train the untrainable. You can't kill what has been around for millions of years. They are back from the dead and they won't let you forget.

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Setting: The Town2012-03-05 01:00:26, as written by Reianna
The morning sky was fully lit by the sun when Jade was finished with her training. Her muscles ached as she pulled them every which way, stretching them just a bit further than she had the day before. Flexibility was something Jade prized, and her grandfather had taught her was important in fighting. It's not only about muscles and strength, but flexibility of the mind and body.

Panting and wiping the sweat from her brow, Jade grabbed her canteen from the ground. Quickly unscrewing the lid, she tipped the top into her mouth - but was greeted with only a few measly drops of water. With a grunt, she went inside the abandoned cottage that she'd been staying in for the last couple of days, but was greeted with an empty water basin. "Damn it," Jade muttered, running her finger along the bowls rough edge.

"It's about time I get moving anyways," she said to herself, grabbing her few belongings and stuffing them into her bag. Whistling an old folk song, Jade strapped her sword to her back and knife to her ankle, and swung her bag over her shoulder. Her mouth now desperately needing some cool water, she set off at a slight jog towards the river.

She hadn't gotten far when she saw a group of men marching. She scanned the skies for dragons, or any disturbance, but saw none. She fell in step with a man that seemed to be around her age. "What's going on?"