RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

The characters in Star Wars have been re-cast! Characters from fictional universes have been placed into the roles of these iconic characters and relive their story in their own way...

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

STAR WARS has been re-cast! Stripped from their own timelines and thrust into the roles of iconic characters such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, Padme Amidala and more, characters from various sources of fiction are now central to the storyline of one of the greatest Sci-Fi epics of our time! Imagine a world where anything is possible and even the slightest differences could mean changing an entire species central to the history of STAR WARS!

Players are encouraged to be creative with their choices but must also remember that while there are major and minor characters absolutely no one’s character will be forgotten in the least! If you feel that you are being left out, please jump in somewhere! As long as it doesn’t interfere too much with other characters (I.E. battles, epic monologues, things of that nature) then I see no problem why your character couldn’t be off with another group somewhere. Just remember that if you are on Naboo at the time and everything is happening on Tatooine, you can’t mystically appear there beside the others. If you take a ship to get there however, that is perfectly alright.

Certain aspects of the universe will also affect characters. When the group first meets Anakin Skywalker, he is but a boy at the time. Therefore, any character that ends up taking the place of young Anakin would be at that age. An example of this would be using Kakashi Hatake (Naruto). Young Kakashi would now be nine years old in the first game, aging as the games progress.

Other aspects that change would be names. Characters wouldn’t be called by their scripted names in Star Wars, instead being referred to as their true names. Using the same previous example, Obi-Wan would train young Kakashi to become a Jedi Knight. Kakashi would become Darth Vader. Kakashi would be the father of Luke and Leia (or whomever their counterparts are!)

Finally, species would greatly be affected. There are many alien races in Star Wars and we see them frequently with humans as the minority. This is fine! If Jar Jar Binks is replaced by the Hulk, then the entirety of the Gungan race would be Hulk-like aliens. If Chewbacca were to be replaced by Darkwing Duck, then consider the Wookiee race to be duck-like from then on!

1) When choosing your character, Make sure to list their name as they appear in their original show/comic/etc first with the character that they will be replacing in the story in parentheses. Example: Roronoa Zoro (Obi-Wan Kenobi)

2) Keep things simple yet fun. While it is great to imagine Superman in the role of Han Solo, we can’t have him vaporizing Darth Vader with his heat vision in Cloud City or busting free of his carbonite prison before Leia has a chance to rescue him. Story trumps everything here, so don't change too much!

3) If you are unfamiliar with the storyline of Star Wars (which happens believe it or not!) don’t worry! Your fellow players will help guide you and I as your Game Master will do the same! Just feel free to ask Out Of Character in the thread or elsewhere so we can get you back on track.

4) Don’t steal the spotlight! This kind of ties into #2, but keep this in mind: yes you are the Hulk. Yes, Hulk can smash. Hulk cannot smash everything without getting into trouble. If the other players are at a story-centric part of the game (Yoda training Luke on Dagobah) then Hulk had better not smash Luke’s X-wing… bad Hulk.

5) Have fun! That is what this game is for, so please have lots of it and spread it around! I would love to see a variety of characters from other movies/books/cartoons/etc taking the roles of these characters! So what are you waiting for?! Get those characters in!

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Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

I will get my Kirk in some time tonight, I have to go on an adventure tonight.

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

Who knew Sasuke had the capabilities to create a death bringing monster. XD Seriously Legion is going to be like Hk-47 in KOTOR at least thats how I picture it, he'll have to call Sasuke a meatbag once lol.

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

Apparently he did!

It'd be like when the Quarians first created the geth as a whole.

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

So wait, Sasuke built a Geth? This just got really weird.

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

Just an update:

I've decided to take on the role of Qui-Gon Jinn.

Also, it seems we have a C-3PO now and I welcome SatoKasra52 to our little game!

I think I can get us started with what we have now, but I would love to have more characters involved.

If anyone has a character that isn't on the list that they would prefer to play at this time, feel free to let me know! I'll graciously look them over!

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

Just a quick update to get us back on the main page.

People seem to quickly forget games if they don't stay in the public eye for too long.

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

I'm going to give this a few more days (probably until this weekend at the earliest) before I'll get this started.

Hopefully by then we will have gotten a few more people interested in the game by then.

Please spread the word folks!

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

I made a Jar Jar character and my brother is thinking of taking up Qui Gon as Captain Kirk that was suggested earlier.

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

I couldn't agree more! If we get a Qui-Gon and possibly a Jar Jar, we could certainly start without too much trouble.

As far as the other characters go, I don't mind if people wish to double up on some characters.

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

I'm glad to see Sasuke/Anakin up can't wait to get enough people to start. We kind of need at least a Qui Gon Jin before we can start and maybe a Jar Jar. Hope to see some more characters come in so we have a whole main cast. I might be willing to take up another role if need be.

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

Just going to give this thread a playful little bump seeing as we hit the 3rd page already~

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

I posted in the Roleplayers Wanted forum to hopefully gain some interest. I'll add a link here shortly.

We currently have our Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Padme! The only character in reserve right now is Anakin.

Tell your friends! Tell your folks! Tell your town!

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

Sengoku you might put a post in the rolplayers wanted forum to try to get more people to join.

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

austyn101 and ultimas308, if you can get your character sheet added (this goes for everyone too) I will be more than happy to consider whichever character you choose to portray another character.

I actually kind of like the idea of Kirk as Qui-Gon and Sasuke as Anakin. Sasuke as Anakin eerily fits for some reason!

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

Hey guys. This is a pretty cool idea. Can I reserve Anakin? I'm thinking of replacing him with Sasuke Uchiha.

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

I am so f-ing tempted ti join this and be qui-gon-jin and use caption kirk for him. I can picture it now: SHatner in his odd but awesome voice "I will teach this boy."

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

Mr. Fly on the wall (may I call you Fly?),

You will want to submit your character like this:

Kermit (Yoda) or some form of the name be it Kermit the Frog (Yoda) or Kermit (Master Yoda) whichever you prefer really.

It's only so we can keep track of who is playing who when we respond in the roleplay.

Sorry if I'm being just a bit nit-picky :(

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

Great! Nice to meet you! Your sister did mention you a little, but she didn't get into too much detail about you.

I have no problem with allowing you to reserve Yoda for now.

As soon as you get your character sheet submitted I'll take a look at it.

Re: RE-CAST! Star Wars: Episode I

Hello, I'm Snipergirl24 Brother wanting to reserve the character of Master Yoda Being played by Krimit De frog, So yeah My sister Probably told you about me