Re-Union: Marriage of Sky and Earth

Re-Union: Marriage of Sky and Earth


Two worlds come together for the very first time. Chaos blooms but peace comes shortly afterwards. It isn't long and it is fragile. Six years are given. Will it last or will it break? No one can say for sure.

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"It's even harder to preserve peace than it is to attain it..."

“In the beginning, there existed two worlds. The World of the Sky, home of the beings called the Transcendent and the World Beneath, the dominion of Man. For the longest time, these two worlds have never met, never interfered in the matters of each other. Sometimes, things just aren’t meant to last.”

The World of the Sky was almost like a utopia, a peaceful world where concepts like greed, lust and pride do not exist. The Transcendent live out their lives as a uniform society with all of their minds conditioned to work for the greater good of their world. They lived a life of plenty, never having to feel the pangs of poverty and conflict since none have desired to go above the others. In Man's world, it can be interpreted as an ideal communistic state.

On the other hand, the World Beneath suffered from the banes of knowledge and free will. There were wars, there was discrimination and there was suffering all around. The world of Man simply suffered from too much freedom, from dreams and interests that conflict with each other.

For the longest time, these two worlds never interfered in the matters of each other. All that changed during the First Break. A rift in the dimensions caused the two worlds to drift closer to each other, almost to the point of collision. Another dimension was formed in the part where the two worlds could’ve intersected, one that was empty and hollow. This new dimension served as a gateway between the two, allowing Man and Transcendent to move between worlds.

With the differing ideologies and way of life, it didn’t take long for the Transcendent to view mankind as a potential threat. They saw the free will Man possessed as something dangerous and harmful. And so began the war. The Transcendent initially had the advantage, due to possessing power that was beyond Man’s comprehension. For a while, they managed to dominate the two worlds, even to the point where Man almost saw them as Gods, their power akin to divine punishment. It seemed as though their dominion over the World Beneath would last. It wouldn't. Man eventually found a way to fight back.


"And so it begins..."


Man created the Harbingers, powerful machines that can destroy the Transcendent. The resulting battle caused severe casualties on both sides, forcing them to find a peaceful solution. It wasn’t an easy task; The Transcendent refused to let Man have dominion over their own world lest they destroy it further. On the other hand, Man refused to hand over their world and even coveted the resources of the other.

As an initial nod to their open rebellion against the Transcendent, the nations of Man have gathered under one banner known as the Babylonian Federation of Free Nations or the B.F.F.N. They fought within the confines of the gateway, which they called Hazama: The boundary between two worlds. Lives were lost during all those years on both sides. Even with the discovery of Anomalies; inter-dimensional beings that thrived on the dark plains of Hazama, both Man and the Transcendent continued to fight.

Finally, after 80 long years of conflict and strife, the two sides finally reached a compromise: The Transcendent will return the lordship to man on the year 2800, exactly 100 years after the First Break. Before that, Man has to prove that he is capable of self-administration, starting with eliminating internal threats like terrorist groups and working hand-in-hand with the Transcendent to destroy Anomalies that could threaten the peace.

Then there was the matter of sudden changes occurring on both the Transcendent and Humans alike. Unusual developments that could potentially be disastrous, should they be realized. Such was the state of the world as it approaches the promised date of liberation.

Suffice to say, the peace born from this coalition was fragile. Some men still desired the wealth of the Transcendent and believed that it is they who should be eradicated while some Transcendent do not believe that man will ever change. It is now the year 2794, six years before the promised date.

Character Skeleton

General Stats Overview:
Melee -
Shooting -
Tolerance -
Teamwork -
Strategy -
Command -
Synchronization Level (Espers)/Abnormality Level (Transcendent) -
(Note: Parameters are rated from 0-5, 0 being the lowest, 5 being the highest, with the exception of Synchronization Level for Espers, Abnormality Level for Transcendent which are measured in percent. Stats will be elaborated more on an OOC Thread)


Machine Spec and Detail:


Toggle Rules

General guidelines:
- No God modding.
- Observe usual RPG code of conduct.
- For any questions or clarifications, use the PM or the OOC.
- If you have a problem with another user, settle it via PM. Otherwise, you can PM me and we’ll try to sort it out.
- Be considerate.
- Literacy. No text lingo please.

Actions and Storyline:
- Global time zone. When it is nighttime for one character, it must be the same for everyone. As a mod, I reserve the right to progress the day in certain situations. Hazama has no specific time table, given that it's empty.
- This RP is more of a sandbox style where any form of interaction goes though one is allowed to introduce a story arc of their own if they want.
- Do not kill NPCs other players made, especially NPCs that I, as mod created. If you cannot resist not killing NPCs, create your own. But do not do so just for the sake of making your character look cool.
- Do not kill other player’s characters. Unless they give you permission to do so but it is still discouraged unless absolutely necessary.

Miscellaneous Rules and Notes:
- I might have activity drop on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays due to schedule. If I’ll drop activity due to projects and other obligations, I’ll leave a note. I also expect the same from the others if they have to disappear for three days or more.
- Romance is allowed but, keep it PG-16.
- Anime face claims for characters.
- For Harbingers and Transcendent mechs, it doesn't necessarily have to be anime, so long as it falls under Real Robot (Think Gundam or Armored Core). For Harbingers, the grittier, more military style machines, the better. (e.g. Gundam Mobile Suits, Aldnoah Zero Earth Kataphrakts or machines from Armored Core.) For Transcendent mechs, fantastic and grand designs are better. (e.g. the Valvrave Units, Code Geass Britannian Knightmare Frames)
- Dedicated roleplayers please. Do not bother submitting a character if you don’t plan on sticking with the RP. (If one has already read this far and is interested, password is your character’s face claim and “mech” claim.)
- After securing a spot, you have two days to submit a WIP and another three days to finish for a maximum of five days. I'll try to keep an even number of Humans and Transcendent.
- There is no definite number of spots yet but expect one sometime soon.
- Have fun and please, let’s make this RP work this time.

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