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a character in “Reconnoiter Seven”, as played by LSunday

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Name: Tal'Uhn
Gender: Male
Age: 48
Height: 6.5 feet
Species: Grnthat'ls-Rough translation is 'Mirrorphage'
Biology: The Mirrorphage lifespan is roughly twice that of a human's, however they take 3 times as long to fully mature. This places Tal'Uhn at a human physical age of 16. The Mirrorphages evolved from creatures that resembled birds, and have wings, however neither they nor their ancestors are capable of flight. Over millennia, the Mirrophages lost most of the feathers of their ancestors, and now resemble a tall, grey-skinned human. They have a short beak, similar to that of a falcon, and an almost neon-blue streak of feathers down their back. Rather than feathers, their wings are flaps of leather that fold down under their arms, similar to that of a bat.
Special Power: A natural, uncontrollable Illusion, which is where the name 'Mirrorphage' comes from. Anyone who is in the presence of a Mirrorphage cannot perceive their actual location. Rather, the Mirrorphage will appear on the exact opposite side of them, as if there is a mirror angled directly at the location of the actual Mirrorphage, a projection of the creature that is referred to as a 'Mirrored.' This makes them the ultimate creatures of stealth-however, they are not able to turn this ability off. The Mirrored is all that is ever seen of them. The Mirrored cannot be touched or interacted with, and if the Mirrorphage walks into an area where the Mirrored is obstructed, the Mirrored will simply walk through the object. This leads to many misunderstandings where people believe that the Mirrorphages are actually capable of Phasing, which is not the case.
Weaknesses: The Mirrorphages are nearly inept at facial expressions, pointing, or using visual references for things about people. They have little to no fear reaction, even in situations of extreme danger, and will often fail to remove themselves from harm's way as fast as they should. Their Mirror Illusion can be seen through by sufficiently advanced technology.
Skills & Training:
-Scientist specializing in alternative power sources.
-Has worked on wormhole-based ship engines.
-Has basic training in firearms (Pulse weapons only, however-does not know how to deal with the kickback of a projectile weapon) He has never had to actually use one, however.


Tal'Uhn has worked as a scientist for most of his life. Just like most of his race, he prefers peace when at all possible. He avoids confrontations, and regardless of how much he disagrees with something, he will usually let the other person believe what they want and then do what he wants anyway. He will not argue, even if he believes the actions of the other party will get him and anyone else killed. Even for his species, he borders on the extreme edge of pacifism. He is, however, one of their top scientists, and was on the verge of finishing his research on the engines required for interstellar travel before he ended up on the ship.

Tal'Uhn has an overly analytical mind. Even though his race already has a nearly nonexistent fight-or-flight response, Tal'Uhn's is low even for them. He, like most of his race, has never had to deal with a situation where he was in any real danger, and thus he has no idea how to react to such.


Weapons: None.
Gadgets/Equipment: An informational tablet resembling a PDA that contains most of his research notes.
Armor: None.


The Mirrorphages were very close to interstellar travel, but hadn't quite managed to reach it yet when Tal'Uhn vanished. Tal'Uhn was the top scientist on the project, and with his help they were making great progress. He is one of the best scientists on his planet, but the people of his planet hadn't yet succeeded with interstellar travel, and he now finds himself unable to understand many of the pieces of the ship.

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