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Red Liners » Places

Places in Red Liners

This is a list of locations that can be found in Red Liners.

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         Terry wasn't satified with the older mans answer. He had never heard of these "Red Line missions" before. They operate outside the government? Is that leagal? Before he could ask anymore questions, despite Franks obvious distast for them, there was a knock on the door. The young agent tought that Al probably forgot something like his bottle. But before Terry got up to answer the knock, Frank was already opening the door.

Frank Looked the small man up and down. It was obvious who this person was- a replacement agent. Frank didn't like replacement agents becuse the agency hardly ever put any effort into picking them. From the looks of the man, frank was not impressed as he let out an audible disaprovement.

"Did he just growl?" Terry asked as he pointed to Frank with his thumb. He looked back at Jinx, taking a few seconds to admire her new look before focusing back to Frank who was out the door.

"Put your things inside and come downstairs," Frank told the new Agant, "be quick about it" He added as he past by him to get to the hallway. Another thing that bothered the old man was that his boss didn't tell him about this new last minute addition. Frank read everything about Jinx and Terry, but he knew nothing about this new guy.

Terry was more polite than the senior agent in welcoming the new addition. "Terrince Norton, call me Terry." He said as he extended his arm out for a handshake. Dispite his manors, the young agent didn't expect to see such an untreatening man like the one infront of him. "This is Agent Junpier Black, and the geltelman who just left is the one in charge, Frank. He's a little jet-lagged." Terry said half heartedly.

"Well we shouldn't keep him waiting." He nodded at the two before rushing out of the hotel room.

One of the largest cities in the world, it has been called Europe's doorway to the Middle East.


Recorded Files of Red Line missions.