Igami PalaceArc Iconoclast

Forever Searching, Forever Seeking, The Eternal Blacksmith, Arc.

a character in “Redemption of a Witch ~ Shadows and Illusions”, as played by Nyxeth

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~General Information

Name: Arc Iconoclast

Nickname(s): The Eternal Blacksmith

Age: Unknown, Appears Young

Gender: Female

Theme: Song From A Secret Garden

~Physical Status

Height: 5'2

Weight: 125lb

~Physical Appearance

Body Build: Athletic/Lithe

Genetic Resemblance: Unknown, heritage unknown.

Skin: Caucasian / White

Hair: Violet

Eyes: Blue

Defining feature(s): Shocking natural violet hair and electric blue eyes.


Race/Ethnicities: Human(?) / Caucasian

Place of Birth: Unknown

Date of Birth: Unknown

Current Residence: N/A

Occupation: Roaming Blacksmith

Language(s): English, others assumed.

~Social Status

Personality: Abrupt, if a little cold outwardly at a glance.

Actions around others: Detached, disinterested.

Ideals and Views: Unknown

Goals: Unknown

Education: Unknown

Marital status: Unknown

Affiliations: Honorary Grandmaster Of Smiths Guild (Despite having never attended there), some ties with the feudal families of Kyotokoshi (These ties are however unexplained.)


Likes: Sweets, Nature, Smithing, Weaponry, Birds, Traditional Culture

Dislikes: Bitter Food, Attention Seekers and Industrialisation

~Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Magical aptitude,d physical prowess and a calm nature in face of adversity.

Weaknesses: Does not get on well with modern technology and fails in using even the simplest of gadgets, her magically charged nature seems to disagree with them and smaller electronics can short circuit around her.

Fears and Phobias: Autophobia (Fear Of Being Alone)

~Family and Relatives
Unknown, presumed deceased.

~Allies and Acquaintances
Unknown, although in public record she is treated with some reverence in Kyotokoshi.

~Enemies and Foes

~Combat Information

Weapon of Choice: Swords - Preference: Nagamaki

Weapon Class: 'Weapon' Wielder - Arc whilst holding a preference to some forms of weaponry is able to wield multiple ones, her primary fighting style involves multiple weapons being used in succession.

Style of Combat: Close Quarters

~Elemental Attributes

Primary: Spirit

Major: Water, Wind

Minor: Earth

~Powers and abilities

The Eternal Forge: As befits her namesake, Arc is capable of forging weapons and armour from the very ground via magic for use in combat meaning in simple terms, she is never without a weapon thus allowing her to discard and form weapons while fighting against opponents. Outside of combat, Arc is able to maintain any magical equipment and create exemplary works of craftsmanship if she so chooses.

General Manipulation of: Water & Wind, Minor Earth Use

~Treasury and Spoils

Weapons: Ar Altyre, Blade Of Apathy - A Nagamaki (Or Glaive) Great Sword, these weapons are created in a manner that leaves the hilt of the sword as long as the blade itself. Altyre, the blade in question is a magically fuelled creation of Arc's which grants great power at the cost of the wielders emotions, leaving only an apathy of all those around them.

Support: Toneli, The Wind Guard - Her suit of armour, also created by Arc is magically imbued to grant elemental protection to the wearer, diverting blows with slipstreams that surround the plates, this armour can grant limited flight.

Valuables: Ar Altyre itself, is extremely possessive of it and attempting to touch or take it is a quick way to seeing her bad side... which is usually not seen at all elsewhere.

Transportation: N/A, Foot Travel


Little is known of the Eternal Blacksmith, as with her name, she is an exemplary smith who creates weapons, armour and other miscellaneous objects via her talent and innate magical power. Her earliest known piece dates back at least several hundred years making her arguably several centuries old despite her youthful appearance - leading many to believe she is a successor of a previous generation or not what she appears to be. Never one to stay put, the smith roams the world occasionally appearing in populated areas plying her talent to the highest bidder - or one she feels deserving. Motives unclear, she flickers in and out of history by the names of her weapons wielded and the feats those wielders accomplished.

So begins...

Arc Iconoclast's Story