Igami PalaceMK03KT - Knight Templar

Prototype Cytiatech Knight Class Cyborg, used for extreme Search & Destroy scenarios.

a character in “Redemption of a Witch ~ Shadows and Illusions”, as played by Nyxeth

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~Personal Status
Name: MK03KT Knight Templar
Nickname(s): Mark Three / Three

: Timebomb

~Physical Status
Height: 8'0
Weight: 1050lb

Race: Machine
Place of Manufacture: Cytiatech Cradle
Date of Manufacture: 5/2054
Task: Search & Destroy
Language(s): English

~Social Status
Personality: Current inhibitors do not allow emotions or free thoughts beyond the allotted task.
Actions around others: See Above
Ideals and Views: See Above
Goals: Task completion.
Affiliations: Cytiatech

~Strengths and Weaknesses
Strengths: Immense physical strength and speed despite its size.
Weaknesses: Restricted by order system, unexpected scenarios inside its data banks can cause calculation errors.

~Combat Information
Weapon of Choice: TechWeapon
Weapon Class: Multi-Weapon User
Elemental Attribute: Energy, Magnetism, Industry

~Powers and abilities
Physical Capacity - The Knight class in general was made for immense physical durability and output in the face of combat and the Templar variant is no exception, with the removal of exterior 'waste', the Knight Templar is fast, strong and exceedingly efficient.

Templar Class Armour - The protective combat armour is comprised of thick plating at the the unmoving areas of the body made of carbon-tungsten composite at roughly a hundred times stronger than steel. The plating can be found at such places as shins, upper and lower arms, chest and so forth, other flexible areas are covered in a flexible mesh material of the same composite which encases a semi liquid which hardens when force is applied to it. The inner areas of suit where the electronics and neural pathways that link areas of the suits control are insulated from EMP, Heat, Radiation and Pressure, this allows it to avoid most conventional combat against usual electronics. Because of its element composite it is primarily constructed of, the armour physically gets stronger the hotter it is.

Limited Flight - The Knight Templar has limited flight capabilities over short (5-10 mile) periods or during combat as it was stripped of the primary flight system for weight management.

Sensory Tracking System - With a state of the art detection system, the Templar is able to track effectively, able to hear the most minute of vibrations and see for several miles, effectively promoting its ability to "Seek" and then "Destroy"

Slephyr System - A directive force mechanism, the Knight Templar is able to protect itself or manipulate base forces (Gravity, Magnetism, Velocity, etc.)

Nanobot Repair Drones - Housed under the layers of plating lie millions of microscopic nanobots, using outside materials akin to how the weaponry functions, they repair damage to the armor mid combat, this process taking time varying on the severity of the damage.

~Treasury and Spoils
Weapons: TechWeapon - A weapon capable of changing shape and performance on demand, its current functions allow: Greatsword, Great Axe, Lance, Spear and Halberd. The weapon itself has a vibroblade edge, the edge vibrates at rates invisible to the organic eye allowing it to slice through metal like butter. This is all managed via the Nanobots housed in its system which allow it to rapidly construct and destruct material.
Support: PID Combat Variant
Transportation: Cytiatech Drop Ship for initial transport, then by foot.

Cytiatech, as a global business always will have enemies and at face value can do nothing about them aside from what falls into the 'legal' area, The Knight Templar was the solution to this. Created for Search and Destroy, Knight Templar classes are created for front line battle but given assassination missions, making them exceedingly dangerous. Unmarked, the Templars can never be linked back to Cytiatech always leaving mystery in the mouths of those who encounter them.

Whenever a Templar is 'decommissioned' or 'destroyed' all its collected data is transferred to the Cytiatech Cradle where production on the next version is started, as a rule there is only ever one Templar in existence as its role and purpose is kept out of the public eye.

So begins...

MK03KT - Knight Templar's Story