JanusNyxeth Nullfire

An eclectic person whom goes against his instinctual heritage in pursuit of his own goals.

a character in “Redemption of a Witch ~ Shadows and Illusions”, as played by Nyxeth

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~General Information

Name: Nyxeth Nullfire

Nickname(s): Nyx

Age: 22

Gender: Male

~Physical Status

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 208lb

~Physical Appearence

Body build: Lithe/Athletic

Genetic Resemblence: Mixture, Lighter Human Skin tone whilst hosting the tattoo like patterns across his chest and forearms.

Skin: White, Pale

Sigil/Tattoo: Electric Blue

Hair: Brown/Black

Eyes: Gray

Definining feature(s): Albino like skin whilst having a set of Xythican Sigil's naturally occur on his skin.


Race: Human/Xythican (Generations removed, mostly Human)

Place of Birth: Newark

Date of Birth: June 27th 2032 AD

Current Residence: N/A, Roamer

Occupation: Ex-Cytiatech 'Field Tester'

Language(s): English, Swedish

~Social Status

Personality: Stubborn, Quick-Tempered, Battle Hungry, Overprotective (-Bully, at times.), Altruistic.

Actions around others: Boisterous, Muscle & Brain Flexer, Likes To 'Protect The Weak Or Downtrodden'.

Ideals and Views: Lineage, Creed and Birth should not rule a persons life from cradle to grave.

Goals: Pursuit of Knowledge, Scientific or Otherwise.

Education: Cytiatech 1st Degree Masters In Applied Forces & Science

Marital Status: Single

Affiliations: N/A


Likes: Technology, Spicy Food, The Colour Blue, Charity And Fighting

Dislikes: Bigotry and Discrimination

~Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: High Physical Capability, Mental Aptitude and Scientific Knowledge.

Weaknesses: His thin Xythican blood has had an adverse effect causing magic to be his antithesis, he cannot wield it and he is harmed by it on contact (Beneficial or not).

Fears and Phobias: Aquaphobia (Fear of Deep Water), 'Not Knowing' or not being able to 'Grasp' Something intellectually.

~Family and Relatives

Mother: Sara Day (Human)

Grandfather: Erran Nullfire (Xythican)

Rest Deceased Or Out Of Contact

~Allies and Acquaintances

Contacts here and there, mostly those on the bad side of Cytiatech.

~Enemies and Foes

Cytiatech, due to a slight misunderstanding of his contractual agreement and how he may of 'liberated' some of their equipment he was field testing.

~Attire and Equipment

Chest: Sleeveless Brown Leather Vest, zip up the front, shoulders and top of back bare.
Hands: Power Gauntlets.
Waist: Force Belt & Utility Compartments.
Legs: Black Cargo Pants, multitude of pockets, mostly empty.
Feet: Heavy Duty Steel Toe Capped Boots.

~Combat Information

Weapon of Choice: Fists
Weapon Class: Pugilist
Style of Combat: Heavy Hitter / Brawler
Elemental Attribute: Magnetism/Force

~Powers and abilities

High Striking Strength -From Gauntlets, capable of punching down walls, small buildings, etc.

Gravity Field -From Force Belt, causes a high gravitational field around the wearer on activation, applies to wearer, purpose is to keep opponent within strike range.

Force Redirections - Able to reduce incoming physical blows, falls, impacts etc. by lessening the physical trauma sustained by subtle or large shifts in gravitational pulls and directions.

Magnetic Blows - By applying polar charges upon the receiver of the blows by the Gauntlets, Nyxeth is able to literally attract or repel an opponent to and from his direction via the functions of his belt.

~Treasury and Spoils
Weapons: Combat Variant Mk2 Power Gauntlets - These Gauntlets allow the wielder to greatly increase their physical strength by means of manipulation forces in play on contact, by altering the gravitational field of an object it can become lighter or alternatively by rapidly applying opposing magnetic charges between the gauntlets and an object it can allow for it to be held onto indefinitely. Striking strength comes from the ability for the Gauntlets to become much heavier and faster on impact due to an alteration of gravity and accelerative forces which in turn allows for near blinding fast jackhammer blows.

Support: Force Belt - The Force Belt is one of Nyxeth's own creations, allowing him to manipulate universal forces to a degree in a five meter radius around himself, such as magnetism, gravity and motion.

Valuables: PID (Personal Information Device) - Acts as a multi-purpose phone, palmtop computer, storage device, form of ID, Credit Card, so forth. What is actually contained on storage on it is a exclusive secret of Nyxeth's and he will always, without fail have the PID on his personage at all times.

Transportation: Feet & Legs (Excluding public transport).


So begins...

Nyxeth Nullfire's Story