Unrequited Love TourDarcy Toretto

"What? Cat got your tongue?

a character in “Reliquish Records: Unrequited Love Tour”, as played by Midnight's Work

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Darcy Toretto

Fading Memories
Lead Guitarist
Darcy is a fierce girl. She's headstrong, stubborn, and when angry, hard to reason with. She is a kind person, but she's got a quick wit and a sharp attitude and is never afraid to use them. When she's angry, or sad, she'll usually run off and go where people cant find her. She is never afraid to fight for what she wants, and if you piss her off, well, lets just say you'll regret it. It takes a lot to gain her trust, but not very much to lose it. She's a very forward girl. Whatever she is thinking usually comes out her mouth within seconds. When she's happy, she's a big party girl. She's the kind of person who's not afraid to have fun.
-Hanging with her band mates
-Relaxing and strumming her guitar
-People who cant get enough of themselves
Heroes-All Time Low

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Darcy Toretto's Story