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Remnants Lost

Remnants Lost

The world of Remnant is beginning to spiral into chaos once more. | Group RP |

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Ever since man was first born from Dust into the world of Remnant, conflict has been commonplace. In a hostile world teeming with creatures of Grimm it was only through the use of Dust that mankind was able to fight back. Free from the constant threat of death humanity began to turn on itself. Tensions had been rising between the four kingdoms for years now, and it would take only one bloody riot between Vale and Mistral to finally spark the beginning of the Great War. While there were great technological advancements, these were only done to better humanities ability to destroy itself.

When the Great War finally came to a close, the four huntsman academies — Beacon, Haven, Shade and Atlas — were created to serve as icons of hope for humanity. They would serve their purpose in training hunters who would fight against Grimm with the use of powerful weapons, Aura, and Dust. Years after the Great War there would be another historical conflict, the Faunus Rights Revolution.

A revolt was lead due to humanities attempt to confine Faunus to the continent of Menagerie, and in the end Faunus had won, being able to live freely all over the world of Remnant. This also sparked the creation of the White Fang, a group that was originally intended to be the symbol of the peace between Human and Faunus. This symbol would soon be tarnished in the face of ever continuing discrimination against the Faunus.

Soon, there would be another even to further challenge humanity's tenacity. Five years before the beginning of our story there was a disastrous increase in the number of Grimm outside the kingdoms. The change was gradual at first, but all at once countless cities and villages were overrun. The Cross-Continental Transmit System between the kingdoms briefly went down. Hunters were deployed in futile attempts to fight against the creatures of Grimm. Lives were lost and blood drenched the landscape.

The tragedy came to be known as the "Fall."

After the initial slaughter of millions, Humans and Faunus alike fought to rebuild all that had been demolished by the hordes of monsters. Displaced populations and food scarcity where only the beginning of their problems; the negative emotions running rampant brought wave after wave of Grimm attacks, constantly undoing any considerable progress that was made.

Any small village that wasn't destroyed by the Fall were quickly razed to the ground over the following months, and the four kingdoms themselves suffered even more casualties. Terrorist groups like the White Fang benefited greatly from the chaos, using it as an opportunity to steal Dust shipments and loot abandoned villages.

Recovering from the Fall was a slow, grueling task, and after society regained a foothold, they began to push back against the Grimm. While the world was preoccupied with rebuilding itself, the four headmasters of the academies gathered together in the shadow of secrecy. Their meeting brought to light more devastating realizations that would long affect the future of Remnant.

Since the Fall, many young citizens have joined the huntsmen academies to stem the tide of the growing population of Grimm. This story follows two groups of such people — Team OPLE and Team GRDN — as they do their best to complete their training at Beacon Academy and soon aid in finding the source of the Fall. The world is in a crumbling state of stability, and it won't take much to fling it into chaos once more.


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There will a posting schedule regarding this roleplay. If you're not able to post or you decide to step away from the roleplay, please do inform the rest of the writers involved so that there aren't any issues concerning how to work around your character's absence.

No word requirement will be set for the roleplay. Please write as much as you feel necessary without worrying about meeting an arbitrary number.

This roleplay does utilize an application system, and all applications should be posted in the appropriate OOC forum. The roleplay will be going through three main arcs, and at the beginning of each arc there will be an opportunity to join in on the main storyline as a team at Beacon Academy. However, this is dependent on the amount of interest, as a minimum of four people need to be interested in joining in order for a new team to be created.

In the universe of RWBY, parents named their children after colors to protest against the oppression of the arts. Because all the characters in the animated series follow this rule, I want this role play to adhere to it as well. Your character's name must be one of the following;

xxxx 1.) A color
xxxx 2.) Sounds like a color
xxxx 3.) Means a color
xxxx 4.) Makes people think of a color.

For example, the name Lotus is derived from the Lotus flower, which has a distinct pink color.

Lastly, this is optional, but if you want an emblem to represent your character, please include said emblem in your application. After you're accepted into the roleplay, you have one (1) week to complete the character sheet. If you do not do this your slot will be reopened for someone else to apply for it. I hope to see a cast of diverse characters, and I encourage every applicant to try something new whenever creating their characters.

Team names have already been selected; if you want your character to be on team OPLE, their name must begin with the letter O, P or E. The leader of the team will be the very first letter in the team name, which in this case is the letter O. The same applies to Team GRDN. It is also appropriate to note that Team GRDN is a second year team, meaning that they should naturally be more experienced in combat than team OPLE is.

If you are confused about any of the information listed here and you need clarification, please PM me or ask the question in the OOC. If you're not exactly familiar with RWBY but would still like to join, I'm willing to provide you with all necessary information. Congrats if you managed to read through all that! I want this roleplay to have a very relaxed atmosphere about it. More importantly, it should be a fun experience for everyone involved.

If at any point you need to step away from the roleplay because of personal issues or you just lose interest in the story and no longer wish to participate, please tell me. The group as a whole will then find a way to work around your character without killing them off. Communication is key, and I will do my best as a GM to communicate with you all as well.


Woo! This roleplay has spent a long time in the making and I actually began making it September 2nd, 2016. Its been more than a full year since then, and here we are o7. Just to clarify something, although this is a RWBY roleplay, this is basically going to be an alt universe with my own characters thrown into the mix. This means that the same teachers (such as Dr. Oobleck and Peter Port) aren't going to be present, and the headmasters of the academies are also being replaced. (Sorry Ozpin!) This is not because I have any problems with the characters in the original series, but because I want to add a more personal touch to the roleplay.

Remnants Lost is credited to SpiritDancer as the GM of the roleplay. Do not use any material you see in this roleplay for other projects without permission to do so. RWBY is credited to the company Rooster Teeth. All credits for the main banner artwork used in the roleplay introduction goes to Takenisketch, whose permission I obtained before using their artwork. The Une Deux Trois PSD used in the making of the graphics for the roleplay is credited to WasirauhlPSDs. Credits for character artwork can be viewed in their individual profiles.

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Emerald Forest

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Forever Fall

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A mountainous forest in the kingdom of Vale that is filled with ancient ruins.

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Remnant by SpiritDancer

The world in which our story will be taking place.

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Ignia's eyes were glued to her cards.

A: "Hello, how has your day been?"

A tough battle indeed. She had to avoid revealing too much about herself but giving enough personal info to form a lasting and positive impression, that could lead to an enduring relationship, then dividing into sleep-overs or perhaps planned MEETUPS? She could save time by stating that it was good, but then she would be seen as a normie. Someone who responds to an interesting question with such half-hearted answers. She read in a book somewhere that intentionally revealing less information could make a woman seem mysterious, alluring and therefore attractive by default. Would that mean playing hard to get? She didn't want to play hard-to-get, that could be seen as pushing away potential friends due to a tragic event in the past or perhaps to save their peers from the person's inner demons.

Ignia fumbled with her cards. Tapping her pen on the hard-paper stack as she made numerous ink dots unknowingly. Aside from going where she was told, she was not listening to anything she was told. People say to stay away from screens as they would rot your brain, read books instead. In Ignia's case, her mind has been filled with warped impressions of simple ideas of love and friendship, by authors who put pen to paper as a livelihood instead of a passion. She was plenty passionate, though prone to using energy for things that don't matter at all.

Mouth-noise, all of it. Ignia's hands moved, sorting through her beloved conversation script stack, but her ears did not twitch once. The scary lady spoke of important information and such, but Ignia, unfortunately, did not hear a single word. She wasn't lazy, or disinterested. Failing the acceptance test would be a nightmare for the poor girl, having to spend her days as a huntress all alone. No friends until she grew old, placed in a nursing home with her only companion a half-blind janitor who helps her take her medicine. Ignia slapped her cheeks until they look flushed. Think good thoughts Ignia! You can't lose faith now.

Her own words of encouragement kept her focused, placing her cards in her pocket, completely oblivious as her peers were launched into the air around her. She took a deep breath, closing her eyes before finding herself in the air. She didn't know what happened but she was falling fast. Extending her hook-shot arm, she aimed it at a taller tree and shot the harpoon through multiple branches. As the cable ran out, she swung to the nearest limb of the tree and landed on the bark as footing.

Hmm...what was she supposed to do again? The only possible solution was to find someone and introduce herself to them.
That must be why they flung her into such a large area, so she could find multiple friends and they could reach the finish line together. What an invigorating and effective way to have them meet each other? She never doubted the management at the beacon, and this was one of the reasons why!

Bringing her hook shot back, she aimed her other hand at a tree, demonstrating the same motion and bringing herself to the branch in a swift fashion. Ignia went on her merry way, swinging in the direction of any noise and completely ignoring the Grimm that walked about the ground.

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