Renaissance Academy for the GiftedPaige Black

"If you're all done being stupid, I'm gonna stop pretending I care."

a character in “Renaissance Academy for the Gifted”, as played by Midnight's Work

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Paige Black

Paige Black
Some people call her by her last name, but some times people call her Ginger, because of her awesome hair
Seventeen...almost old enough to legally do some things she already does
If it's not already obvious enough, female.
Hidden House, but she seems to be a part of...Drama
Student or Staff
When she wants to, Paige can seem as sweet as a flower. With her brilliant blue eyes, and soft features, she seems completely innocent. But honestly, Paige Edmund Black, is anything but innocent. When she's not trying to fool people, she's a bit of a punk. Her usual expression is a smirk. She is a badass ginger, standing at a height of 5 foot 4. Average weight, average curves. Her clothing style cant exactly be classified, since she's changing it all the time.
Paige is...a lot of things. At times, she can be the nicest person in the world. Someone who'd do anything for a friend. She can be all bubbly and filled with sunshine...but thats very rare for her. Usually, Paige is brutally honest, which can come off as her just being mean. She's also a bit vindictive, and extremely sarcastic. She's hyperactive, and filled with snark. She's headstrong, stubborn, and when angry, hard to reason with. She's got a quick wit and a sharp attitude and is never afraid to use them. It takes a lot to gain Paige's trust, but not much to lose it. The way Paige is, she can convince you that she's as sweet as sugar, then she'll rip that rug out from under you and change your entire perspective of her.
She's a mind invader. She can get into people's heads, change their perception, manipulate their thoughts. She can unhinge the mind, and to some extent, control it. She can make them see things that aren't really there, and has a knack for making people think they're going mad. But it takes a toll on her strength and energy. If she uses it too much, she'll either get a nosebleed, or pass out.
To put it bluntly, the first part of Paige's life was pretty normal. Her dad, well, she has no idea what happened to him. Doesnt even remember what he looked like. He left after her little brother was born, so she would've been four years old. Even before he left. Her mom had to work three jobs to keep the house, and when Paige was old enough, she found a job so that her mom would be able to quit one of hers. Later, her mom got remarried, and things turned around. Her stepdad was really nice, he loved her and her little brother, and they loved him too.

Then, it all came crashing down. Her mom, on her way home from her night shift, at her second job, fell asleep at the wheel and a passing semi rammed into her car. Paige was devastated when she reached the hospital. When she got there, she looked into the room to see the doctors lifting the sheets over her mothers head. She fell to the floor in tears.

Her stepfather took care of Paige and her brother Edmund. And when Paige was 16, he sent her to the Academy, promising that he would take care of Edmund, who, since he was the only family Paige had left, she was very protective of.

So begins...

Paige Black's Story