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It all started with Project Alice. Then it was Nemesis. Alice returned, and with the help of her clones, brought Umbrella to its knees. After that, the world slowly returned to normal…until Annihilator was created…

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Owner: Midori Shisuia
Game Masters: Midori Shisuia
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With the destruction of Raccoon City and the Umbrella corp. shut down virtually world-wide, everyone thought that the worst was over. In the cold, mountainous regions, people were able to repopulate, as the viral infection couldn’t survive. They thought that they could go back to normal lives. They were wrong.
My brother and I were born on December 18th, of 2030. From the moment of our birth, we were used in underground top secret Umbrella research, as our father, Thomas Duberstein, was the new head of the company. He wanted so badly to resurrect Project Alice, and make it better, make it stronger, faster, and loyal. That was key. He didn’t want his new “Alice” to run rampant like the last one and threaten the company again.
My brother and I became the new experiments. We were Project Alice v2, until our father made a breakthrough. He was combining the virus with animal DNA, and he stumbled upon a new virus. One that could bond with us on a very high level. After injecting Damien and myself with the new virus, my father watched us. There were no outward changes, but so many things changed in us on a bio-organic level. Our vision increased, our sense of smell, our hearing, speed, agility, all increased. We also gained attributes and outward features of the animal whose DNA was used in creating the A-Virus. I got the Wolf. Damien, the Tiger. On top of all that, we gained incredible regenerative powers. The only thing we couldn’t regenerate from was severing our heads from our bodies. Anything else, we could overcome in a matter of anywhere from three seconds to fifteen minutes. We had become virally infected on an astronomic level, and we were no longer human. The only outward difference in our appearance was our eyes. They had turned a bright yellow, with red hair-line cracks snaking through them.
Our codename became Annihilator. We were now known as Project Annihilator. Our mission: Go out and make the world subdue to our will using force. We were to be our father’s pack mules, while he gained control over the world. There was only one problem with that. Damien and I didn’t want that. Now, we are gathering a force to go against Umbrella…just like our mother before us.

Rain Duberstein – Taken by Midori Shisuia
Damien Duberstein – Open
Thomas Duberstein (Head of Umbrella) – Open
Daniel Forger (Head of B.O.W. in Umbrella) - Open
Jerracha Forger (Head of hunting down the twins. She is also genetically altered with the A-virus, but it isn’t as compatible with her. It is slowly killing her.) – Open
Others* – No more than four

*Others include humans that the twins have on their side

Character Sheet
Name: What do ya call yourself?
Age: You’re how old?
Virus: Are you one of us…? Or not…?
Side: Umbrella or Humans?
Role: What do you do for us?
Weapons: Do you need them?


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Character Portrait: Rain Duberstien "I am the Wolf...and Project Annihilator."

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