Resistance 2192

Resistance 2192

In a country where love is outlawed, how will ten teenagers fare against their own feelings?

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In 2192, society has evolved. Some say for the better.

But most say for the worse.

Fifty years ago, love was classified as a crime. A crime that’s punishment is a lifetime in prison, or worse- death.

Though there is a reason for everything.

This was the aftermath of several wars- seemingly easy problems that escalated into bloodshed, murder, and eventually, civil wars.

Abortion, homosexuality, polygamy. The books say that the uprisings started in the south; beginning with just a few groups rallying together for the sake of their beliefs. The groups spread to the rest of the country, become more violent and eye-opening.

The government was forced to act. Many long-lasting and heated debates took place. Some thought the politicians would never come to an agreement until an “upriser” murdered a prominent government official, one who was openly gay.

Then came the wars.

The wars ripped apart the United States, extinguishing lives, tearing sections of our country into shreds. The population was sliced in half. It lasted sixteen terrible years.

Until the government made a decision. A single, dreadful decision. The officials hypothesized the core of these problems was love. Their, no, our single issue...was love.

So, it was outlawed. Rewritten as a terrible blight on humanity. Paranoid, the government took several precautionary actions. Sex became as illegal as love, infants being developed in labs instead of naturally. When a woman did become pregnant, though she and the father would be imprisoned, the baby would be delivered as normal, with the father and mother being sentenced to death. The resulting child would never be told it was born naturally. Children were raised in houses run by the state- living in these houses until age five, before being sent to three sets of boarding schools: elementary, middle, then high school. If the child is considered smart enough, they will be admitted into college.

Society soon adjusted to these laws, dubbing the action of sex as “taboo” or “disgusting.” It was accepted that children were developed scientifically, some even saw it as an improvement- the population was under control, genetic issues were avoided, and humanity was overall improved. Scientists began issuing special “abilities” into children about ten years after the wars, along with tracking chips a year after.

Things have settled down in the last fifty years- society fully accepting the violent changes and conforming to the governments rules, the final rebellions stopping long ago. Despite the possible risk they may pose to their new society the Government did not censor the old media. Allowing free access to old books, movies and television. In High School and College students study these old works, "as an effort to learn how and why love has a negative influence on society."

Through this examination of the negative influence of love, ten teenagers rediscover the thing forbidden in their country.

It has been a few months since these teens each discovered love in their own ways. Slowly they all met each other and have decided to work together to resist their oppressive government.

You may decide how well you know each other at the beginning of the Roleplay. The Roleplay will start with the first meeting of this new group, what type of actions if any you decide to take are your own. Will you work together with the others to fight for your right to love? Or will you passively resist, living a secret life of love while appearing to follow the government's laws? Or will you leave the group before it really starts, afraid of what might happen?

Teen One (Female)- Taken: laxnchill20
Teen Two (Male)- Taken: XShishiox
Teen Three (Female)- OPEN
Teen Four (Male)- Taken: Venom0861
Teen Five (Female)- Taken: MoonlightWraith
Teen Six (Male)- Reserved: bfb_monster
Teen Seven (Female)- OPEN
Teen Eight (Male)- Taken: Lazyscreename
Teen Nine (Female)- Taken: Cindorkella
Teen Ten (Male)- Taken: Byte

Character Skeleton
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[center][b]n i c k n a m e . . .[/b]
[b]a g e . . .[/b]
[b]r o l e . . . [/b]
[b]h e i g h t . . .[/b]
[b]w e i g h t . . .[/b]
[b]e t h n i c i t y . . .[/b]
[b]a b i l i t y . . . [/b]
[b]t a t t o o s / s c a r s . . .[/b]
[b]a p p e a r a n c e . . .[/b]

[b]p e r s o n a l i t y . . .[/b]
[b]c r u s h . . .[/b]
[b]d a n g e r  l e v e l . . .(1-10)[/b]
[b][b]a s p i r a t i o n s . . .[/b]
[b]d o m i n a n t  e m o t i o n . . .[/b]
[b]q u i r k s / o d d i t i e s . . .[/b]
[b]s k i l l s . . .[/b]
[b]f i v e  g o o d  t r a i t s . . .[/b]
[b]f i v e  b a d  t r a i t s . . .[/b]
[b]l i k e s[/b]
[b]d i s l i k e s[/b]
[b]s e x u a l i t y . . .[/b]

[b]a v e r a g e  c l o t h i n g . . .[/b]
[b]k e e p s a k e s . . .[/b]
[b]w e a p o n . . .[/b]

[b]b i o . . .[/b]
[b]o n e  g r e a t e s t  f e a r . . .[/b]
[b]o n e  g r e a t e s t  s e c r e t . . .[/b]
[b]t h e m e  s o n g . . .[/b]
[b]o t h e r . . .[/b]

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1. Don’t have sex. You will get pregnant. And die. Don’t have sex in the missionary position, don’t have sex standing up...just don’t do it, okay?
2. No love triangles- I kinda want this to work out linearly.
3. No God-modding- this covers auto-hitting (to some extent) and over-powered weapons/abilities.
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Taryn heard a loud beeping noise that awoke her from deep in her sleep. She opened her eyes and it was still dark out, the clock read four in the morning. She yawned and then got up to put on her work out clothes. She left her room and made her way to the track. She started her work out with a few laps around the track. After that she made her way to the weight room. The weight room was locked, but luckily the coach of her softball team had given her a key to the weight room and practice areas so that she could train when she wanted to. After a quick workout in the gym she made her way the softball field. In the shed near the field there was a pitching machine that she set up so that she could have some batting practice. After about another half our of batting practice Taryn was satisfied. She mad her way back to her room, the time was six thirty. "Good I can get another couple hours of sleep before class starts." She said to herself as she flopped onto her bed. Within seconds she was asleep, and in her forgetfulness she neglected to set an alarm.

Taryn yawned as she woke up for the second time. She rolled over and looked at her alarm clock, it read 1:00 PM, she shook her head in disbelief, today was only Thursday and yet this was the third time this week that she had slept through her morning classes, in fact she had only hour to make it to her last class of the day, chemistry. Taryn hated chemistry but she had to go to avoid suspicions. She got ready as quickly as she could and then rushed to class, making it just in time for class to begin. As soon as the teacher started lecturing Taryn began daydreaming. She thought of the novels she had read, she thought of the meeting that was to take place tonight at five thirty. The meeting which was being disguised as school ancient literature club meeting was being held in the conference room in the library. Taryn as one of the few people who were to attend this meeting, who is actually a student at the school was supposed to prepare the room for the meeting. She was not sure what kind of plans they were going to form or what was going to come from the meeting, she was just looking forward to a chance to talk to some like minded people who also believed that love was not as evil as the government proclaims. Taryn snapped out of her daydreaming and thinking to find that the class was over and she hadn't taken any notes. "Oh well, I don't really care if I fail anyway." she though to herself. Class ended at three o'clock and even though she had two hours until the meeting started but she figured since she was here anyway she might as well head there early and wait for the others to show up. She wasn't sure how many people were going to show up, all she knew was her old friend Elliot was supposed to come and that made her happy. She sat down in a chair and relaxed as she waited for the others.


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Kirito was jolted out of his dream by the sound of a klaxon. Grumbling and rolling out of his bet he reached over and slammed down on his alarm causing the screeching sound to stop. "Gods I hate that sound. I guess that's why it's my alarm... only thing that can wake me up." Kirito laughed to himself as he started preparing for his morning classes. It was a normal day. Wake up, shower, eat, pack his bag go to classes, meet up with Ella for a while, and go to more classes. All the while pretending he didn't notice the government dog watching him through the entire day, but today was different. Today after all of his classes he was going to a meeting. Not the normal after class help me with my project meeting. A meeting discussing the one thing in the world he hasn't been able to logistify its existence. Though no matter much he tried to disbelieve and disprove it there was always that shadow. That thing in the back of his head that said it does exist that it can happen. Maybe even to him.

He stood in the shower letting the water soak over himself. 'It can't exist there's nothing to measure or judge it by. But all of the stories and tales. The wars and fighting. It had to be caused by something but could love really be the reason? If it is then I have to understand it. I have to keep learning and I have to figure this out. I can't let this escape me. I Have To Understand It.' After a few more minutes of fuming in the shower it was time to get ready for class. He threw on his normal day suit and grabbed his bag as headed out of his room.

As he walked down the hallway he looked over his shoulder. He smiled and waved at the official who was responsible or trailing him today. 'Never a different path. Never something new. Their always in the same spot doing the same thing. After this long of being a 9.5 danger level you think they would have at least tried something different.' As he walked to his first class he looked across the campus and waved to Ella as she walked to her class. 'At least I won't be alone at the meeting. It'd be really weird.' He walked into his Calculus class and sat in the back. He wasn't in any mood to take notes or pay attention. There was to much on his mind for paying attention to class to even cross his mind. Constant panic and planning. Escape strategies. Even battle plans and thoughts on the different powers and abilities that the other members of the group would bring and how he would have to combat them with out having to resort to exploding everything.

After the hour of class he was jolted out of his thoughts by his professor slamming his cane down on his desk. "Do you require assistance Mr.Kirito?"

He looked around quickly and learned that the students were gone. "Umm no professor I don't need anything. I've just got a lot of things on my mind today. I'm sorry that I didn't pay attention today. I'll be sure to do better next time class meets."

The professor shook his head. "You kids and you worries. Just make sure to be ready for the coming exam Mr.Kirito." With that the professor turned and left the room after tapping Kirito's desk once more.

'Sigh' "I didn't expect that this would bog me down so much. I need to keep my focus. I can't let this interrupt my learning. If I get kicked out of this school I'm as good as dead with what I can do. There's no way the government would let me wander through the streets." He slowly stood and packed his things. After a moment he started walking to his next class. He still didn't pay attention but he made sure to leave with the rest of the class. And so went the rest of his day from class to class constantly running scenarios through his mind making everything out just leading to his raising anxiety. He watched as the clock ticked closer to the 1730 mark that would start the meeting.

With his final class of the day finished he headed to the courtyard. It was the only place, other than his shower, that he could clear his mind. Something about the breeze and the smell of the grass that could just relax him. While he was sitting under the trees he started to drift off to sleep. The dreams he had were crazy inexplicable not understandable things. Flashes of fire and smells of burning. Suddenly he was there in the alley where he'd first caused the explosion that raised his danger level. He'd had this dream before. He could see himself drawing the transmutation circle. "NO! It's not worth it. Don't do it!" But like every time before. His yells and screams fell on deaf ears. He watched in terror as the younger Kirito stood and as if in slow motion the spark of static electricity arced over his coat and ignited the pocket of air causing the explosion and launching him backwards into the wall.

As the younger Kirito flew through the air. The real Kirito sank to his knees, tears running from his eyes. "No, please. Don't let him be dead this time. Please he has to live. If he dies then who am I? What right would I have to be here if he didn't survive." He continued crying as the boy's body sailed through the air and impacted the wall behind him falling roughly to the ground. Surely this time he would be dead. His fingers weren't going to twitch telling the medics that he was alive they were going to throw him into the wagon and drop him in the burial site. After what seemed like forever the government showed up and just like every time before just before they gave up on the boy laying on the ground his fingers twitched showing that he was alive. As he was loaded into the medic's van Kirito woke up slumped against the tree tears flowing from his eyes.

"I hate that dream. I hate it so much. I just want to forget that day. Why do I keep reliving it. Not even reliving it just having to sit there and watch." After a few minutes Kirito was able to clam down. He looked at his watch. 1700 "It's almost time for the meeting. I'd better go meet up with Ella." He slowly stood up and walked toward the dorms. After a short walk he arrived in the entry way to find Ella waiting for him. "Hey sorry I'm a bit late... I fell asleep under a tree." He chuckled and smiled at his friend as she joined him in walking to the meeting room.

They arrived about 15 minutes ahead of schedule and were quite surprised to see that someone was already there. 'Guess There will actually be some people here. I was starting to think this was going to be more of a joke.' Kirito walked to the back of the room pulling a chair with him setting it so he could see all of the entrance/exits. After a bit he started to relax. 'I'm sure everything will be fine. I even talked the government out of observing these "Club" meetings for fear of their presence being detected by the other students and affecting our studies.' Kirito smiled to himself as he settled in waiting for the rest of the group to show up.


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Katherine sat up on the old bed, the apartment building she had been staying in was condemned and completely abandoned, no one wanted to have anything to do with it, they all feared it to be cursed due to almost every person that lived in it falling in love. She wasn't the only person squatting in the building, a lot of homeless people, runaways, couples and criminals stayed in the building with her, most people would have been afraid of the rag-tag group of people in the building but they all got on, acted as a family, sure some of the homeless ones may not have agreed with the couples but they tend to avoid each other, the criminals accept the couples due to them all being criminals, the runaways stick to themselves mostly. Katherine is the only one that actually would talk to everyone in her building, she accepts the couples, forgives the criminals, helps the homeless and cares for the runaways, being one herself.
She grabbed her messenger bag and pulled out a scrap of paper, it had an address, time and subject on it. She wondered if the government had found her and contemplated the idea of it being a trap to arrest her, but she decided it was ridiculous, after all she hadn't actually committed any crime, except for squatting and vandalism but that was just a warning and a slap on the wrist, nothing serious enough for an elaborate trap. She grabbed her hooded jacket and her hot pants, pulling them on before slipping her feet into her boots. She grabbed her messenger bag and slung it over her shoulder, the spray cans jingling softly as she did so. She walked out of her room and bumped into one of her pregnant roommates, she was showing too and it made Katherine worry for the woman's safety. She gave her a sympathetic smile before quickly making her way out of the building, if the meeting meant anything, maybe she wouldn't be returning.
She walked as far as she could to the school before swapping her boots for rollerblades and grabbing cars on the road, pulling her to her destination, unwillingly. A few stopped but didn't get out of their cars fast enough to catch her, her face hidden behind her hood as well. She eventually made it to the school and sat on a bench, swapping her rollerblades for her boots and made her way into the school. She approached the receptionist and asked for directions to the library, removing her hood as she did so. She thanked the receptionist and made her way to the library, she stepped into the library and took in the smell of old books and smiled to herself before walking past the bookcases, she yearned to pick one up and just read it but she had more pressing matters. She knocked thrice on the conference room, door before stepping into the room, she looked at the three people already there. The three there dressed far more formally than Katherine and it made her slightly paranoid about her attire, she gripped the bottom of her jacket and tugged it down in an attempt to hide her flesh. She gave an awkward smile before speaking,
"Hi, sorry I didn't realise there was a dress code." she chirped awkwardly, shrugging before placing her hands behind her back.


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Connor Harper's school day had been thoroughly uneventful and yet stress free, the latter somewhat a rarity, though mostly due to him having his mind on the meeting he heard was taking place and was slacking in class, but to be frank he rarely put full effort into school lessons anyhow, much to the infuriation of the teachers. Spending most his lessons with minimal effort at working, he was busy actually thinking carefully for once, contemplating on if he should actually head to the so called 'meeting' about a common interest between the people who will be going; the bizarre banned human emotion known as love. It perplexed him why it would be held in a school library of one of the more prestigious schools, his own one was definitely out of that category, and if it was just a ruse to find conspirators, despite him not fulling understanding what ruse or conspirator meant. What he did know is it meant bad news if it was the government keeping an eye out for folk looking to break that law. On the other hand it could help with his personal mission to figure out this love malarky. He was even more fascinated in it after he finished read about the play 'Othello' by the legendary shakespeare himself, though admittedly a dumbed down version, about how it could be manipulated to such horrible degrees of chaos.

After school was nearing the final lesson, Connor shrugged to himself as he padded through the hallways as fellow students began rushing and bustling for their class, and simply came to the decision to bail and head to the meeting place for this 'club', knowing it would take quite a walk. He honestly wasn't too keen on the whole effort scene, and knew himself enough to know he would definitely only head over to the suspicious meeting at a snails pace. As he strolled along outside the school gates, this very much confirmed this, his journey towards the prestigious place of learning laidback and with out a hurry. Well, this was until Connor realised he would be late by an hour at the rate he was going, and hastily, as well as moodily, picked up the pace, eventually full on sprinting to where the meeting was been held while grumbling under his breath; "This better turn out to be bloody worth effort, I could be at home watching martial arts right now."
He decided to give himself a little extra boost, using his ability to change his weight by making him a bit lighter, and therefore, a bit more faster, as rushed through the streets with his face turning red, and finally skidding to a halt at the school gates, not of his own school but of the one the library he was heading for.

After catching his breath for a few moments, he peered at the note that was handed, calling the club one about 'old literature studies' and grinned a little as he noted to himself he actually was interested in old literature nonetheless. He sauntered around the school, eventually finding his way into the library, peering round carefully and irritated after the exercise he went through, before seeing a girl at the door of what appeared to be the club. He made his way over before simply asking over Katherine's shoulder; "Excuse me, is this that 'ancient literature' club I heard of? Though I might join in even if i'm from a diffrent school."


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#, as written by Robbhus
The morning hours... Mira's worst enemy. The sun was shining through the dirty windows in the tiny flat, forcing Mira to wake up. However, there was no reason to just yet. She was currently without a job, were running out of savings so she could live problem-free, and had problems with getting money from the state despite her handicap, probably because she were considered as a dangerous person. However, it was still unfair to not allow her to live a life like anyone else could. The bed was cozy and warm, just like normally, almost forcing her to remain in it despite the light shining in her face. How dirty the window was really annoyed her, but it was incredibly hard to get it properly cleaned considering she lived in the seventh floor of a building so old it didn't even have a fire ladder. There was one before, but it had become so rusty that one day while she made an attempt to make the windows shine, she had almost fallen down all the way to her death. However, just barely managing to save herself, the fire ladder had been forgotten about, Miranda rather keeping a rope ladder inside of her room, hooked up to the old-fashion radiator.

Over an hour passed before Mira finally managed to force herself out of bed. The curtains did a horrible job in keeping the light out and she would have to get some new ones whenever she got a stable money source. However, considering the window led straight to a back alley, it didn't bother her too much at nighttime. The led-watch on the night-table said that the clock was 11:39 AM. School students were probably having their classes, while those who had already started working were either waking up, sleeping, or working at this very moment. Some were selling unhealthy hot dogs on fuel stations while others were constructing the next big thing, whatever that was. Not much variation in this world whatsoever.

Bread again... Miranda had been eating just plain bread, every once in a while putting some cheap butter on it, for the last two weeks in order to save as much money as possible. There was no avoiding to run out of money, but she could at least try to postpone it for as long as possible. It was incredibly tempting to walk down to the convenience store nearby and buy something good to put on the bread, possibly a soda to variate a bit from the water. It was unhealthy, though at this moment, she wouldn't really mind. At this moment, the only thing varying her diet were probably the one can with tea powder in it. She got it alongside with some money for helping one of the older men in the apartment complex with his finances, which a friend of his always had been helping him with. However, after he passed away a couple months ago, the task had been handed over to Mira, the money being paid under the table to avoid losing any of it to the state. It was enough to live like she did every month, but was it really a life?

After finishing the boring meal, the day turned back to normal. No, it never left what was normal, it was just boring, like normally. She longed for having those around her that understood how hard her situation was for her, both mentally and physically. She longed for someone she could interact with not bothered with having odd conversations filled with misunderstandings and waiting. To most people, it appeared that her opinion wasn't worth anything due to her lack of voice.

Finally, the clock passed 4 PM, and Mira could get dressed. While she stayed at home, she even tried to avoid using clothes too much. She simply couldn't afford washing clothes on a weekly basis. Therefor, she rather kept the apartment warm during the summer by opening the windows. During the winter... She didn't know yet. She would simply have to wait and see how she managed to get through it, if she even had the apartment anymore.

She knocked on the door carefully. It was a library after all, people were probably somewhere, reading a book or whatever. However, lacking the patience she needed to wait for people to arrive, Miranda just stepped inside. She was wearing a pair of simple denim jeans, reaching midway down her legs, met by a pair of brown boots. Thin, overall pretty and looked decently sturdy, even looked pretty clean. On her top, she was wearing a white top, very loose around the shoulders so it almost reached past them. The top was slightly possible to see through, revealing a black bra. In her hands, she was holding a light-brown coat. She stepped inside of the room and closed the door behind her, and walked over yo one of the chairs. She put her coat over the back of it before sitting down in the chair, not saying a word- Well, trying to communicate- at all.


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Elliot had, like all the chefs do, woken up at about eight-ish to make his way to the restaurant where he worked. It was a relatively well known place, family owned and cheap. A good place to go just about any night of the week for lots of good food and a good time. He greeted his co-workers with a wave and a smile, as he always did, and made his way into the pantry. There he took stock of what had been delivered today as well as what was fresh and what was in season. They'd gotten a large delivery of arugula as well as tomatoes, so Elliot was thinking pasta or a fresh salad when the head chef walked in to see what he was up to. "Morning Elliot," he said, his deep voice booming out of his large body, a smile on his face, and his mustache and beard bobbing as he spoke. The head chef wasn't overly fat, but he was most certainly jolly like a fat man. He had hands like bear paws and an appetite to match. "What's fresh?" The head chef asked, a stern look on his face. "Well," Elliot started eagerly. He went on to explain all of pros and cons of each particular bit of produce the restaurant had received this morning and thoroughly discussed the way that items could be paired to make something absolutely delicious. Though the explanation was long, it was concise and direct. The head chef was a good friend, but he wasn’t someone you could keep waiting. After all, when it came down to it, cooking for a living was like running a race against time. You had to be ready by lunch and if you weren’t... Luckily, it had never happened before and Elliot promised himself if would never happen as long as he worked there. After their discussion, the head chef and Elliot decided on a hearty pasta dish with fresh shrimp and sausage cooked in a tomato and arugula sauce.

"Awesome! I can't wait to put it together!" Elliot said with a huge smile, shaking hands with the head chef. He liked the head chef. He was a good man, a better cook, and an instant friend. Elliot had come looking for work when he'd flunked out of the police Academy. The head chef instantly put him on the floor and he's been working there ever since, moving up the positions to Saucier, and trying to save up the cash to have a place of his own someday. With that Elliot got to work, the old friends parting with smiles. Elliot finished taking inventory, and brought all his supplies, which included all the spices, oils, and vegetables necessary for the sauce. Elliot set the burner very low and started with oil. You always cooked a little just for yourself to make sure it tasted good, couldn't have you serving the customers crap. He brought the oil up to temperature, throwing in some arugula and tomatoes. He let them simmer for almost an hour, letting all of the flavor drain out of them before he skimmed the sauce for the large, lobed arugula leaves. After that, Elliot spiced it. He hit it with the standard oregano, parsley, garlic, and thyme and all the other boring things that go into a tomato sauce, but he also snuck in the smallest amount of cayenne pepper. Tasting it, he found his intuition to be correct, it was deliciously spicy, but not too hot. Finally, Elliot set about producing the sauce in volume. He kept the same pan, but quadrupled the amount of ingredients, and finally, the saucepan was full of a spicy delicious sauce that would go excellent with the meat and pasta. It had been a few hours, but it was lunch time. Elliot called over to the Grill asking about the meat. Sure enough, the first set had gone through and it was time to eat. Of course, that wasn't all there was to eat, the place had all your standard fare, local favorites and all that. The special changed from day to day, as it always did, and luckily, Elliot had been honored with its preparation for the last three weeks.

Chefs, unlike the people who eat at the restaurant have to eat well before the rush so they're not hungry during prime time. Sure enough, the plates all went around and everyone was impressed. It was delicious. "Fantastic job Elliot! Keep this up and I'll think you're gunning for my job!" The head chef exclaimed, bursting into laughter, and the whole kitchen following suite. Elliot laughed too, he knew it was lighthearted. "You flatter me!" Elliot said, "I'm not good enough for that kind of responsibility yet, however, by the time I save up enough, maybe you'll have pounded some skill into my thick head, eh?" Elliot said, referencing the head chef's own words when Elliot had told him his dream. "Aye lad! That I will! Now go on and fetch your apron, you're calling tonight, and I need you on wait staff, poor Reinholdt got sick. Anyhow, I'll have a swing keep an eye on your sauce and we'll play it by ear, don't hold back on the accelerare if it's getting hectic out there." Elliot nodded. Caller was a huge responsibility. It meant he'd take orders as well as put them in at specific times so a table's meals would all get to the table at the same time. Elliot felt proud that the head chef had enough respect for him to make him caller tonight. It was an honor. Elliot went into the back, got dressed in waiter's black and put on his apron, filling one pocket with pencils, another with silverware, and placing a notepad in the last pocket. Lunch rush was starting in a few hours, Elliot felt the excitement starting to get to him. He'd made an excellent sauce and he was calling. Elliot was off to a great start.

Thanks to Elliot’s expert calling and delicious special, the lunch rush had been one of the more prosperous that the restaurant had ever seen. Once lunch was finished, Elliot had a break. The restaurant closed for a few hours while the head chef thought up the dinner special and forced Elliot to get out of the restaurant and get a bite to eat. He said Elliot was running himself into the ground and it was why he was so skinny. Elliot smiled and joked with the old man, saying it was because he worked out and didn’t live with his hand in a cookie jar. They laughed for a while before the head chef literally picked up and threw Elliot from the establishment, saying that Elliot would get a page when it was time to come back. Elliot checked his watch. It was just about three o'clock. He had just enough time to head on down to his friend’s school for a quick meeting before he had to be back for the dinner rush. Elliot took his time, bumming around the quirkier parts of the downtown area and talking with some interesting people before heading over to the school. It was roughly five o’clock, but Elliot didn’t mind. He hadn’t gotten his page yet, and if the bossman needed him, he would call. Elliot strolled nonchalantly into the school and found the meeting room. He knocked on the door frame and peeked inside. “This the right place?” He asked innocently, smiling. “I hope I’m not disturbing something… revolutionary… You naughty kids. Heya Taryn!” Elliot said, equal parts of silliness and genuine idiocy pervading his speech patterns. Elliot was nothing if not a goofball. He walked over to his good friend and sat, his feet and legs hanging off one of the armrests of the chair and his head lolling off the other. He spun himself and giggled at the vertigo. “We starting soon? I gotta head back to work eventually.” Elliot asked, growing impatient.


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“Beep. Beep. Beep” Ella’s phone with a set alarm droned on in the background slowly waking her up from sweet dreams. Ten minutes later, Ella still face down half asleep was trying to ignore the constant beeping when she finally decided it was enough. Sliding her arm across she swiped off on the alarm finally stopping the irritating beeps. Ella slowly rose up from the pillow to a sitting position blinking repeatedly trying to adjust to the sunlight pouring from her windows.

“Oh sweet cloud nine dreams all gone…” Ella murmured tiredly then merely glancing down at her phone to check the time. “7:57 A.M,” her phone read making Ella’s eyes widen in shock. “What! I’m going to be late!!” She exclaimed shoving her blankets behind her making them fly away toward the ground like little specks of dandelions blown off by a child. Although class didn’t begin for another forty minutes Ella despised procrastinating and wasting precious minutes that could be used doing other things.

After a half eaten breakfast, “flooded” bathroom, and blankets left lying on the floor Ella was all prepped up and ready for school. She was feeling a bit cheery and girlier that day due to her “cloud nine dream,” wearing a floral strapless sweetheart neckline dress toning it down with a gray oversized cardigan and light brown flats with bows. Heading out the door to her first class of the day, Ella had fresh brewed coffee in a hand and her textbooks in the other. Freshly brewed coffee in the morning is an absolute must for Ella Clavery-Davenport. If she doesn’t get a cup in the morning everyday she’ll go berserk for the rest of the day.

Walking to her first class, Ella admired her surroundings of the campus. Flowers, random students laughing, and the beautiful architecture of the buildings it was all she had hoped in a college with an exception of those government love-hating machines lingering around in the shadows. The thought of them watching her or anyone else made her shiver. Her eyes lingered around until finally she spotted Kirito across the campus. He waved to her but seeing as her hands were full Ella could only smile back at him. Then turned around sighing Ella glanced back up to the tall structure beautifully constructed building and walked into her first class.

The clock was ticking down just seconds before Ella’s final class would end. If you looked around you could tell all the students were nail-biting anxious for the class to end including the professor. A minute later, the professor was out the door saying his farewells dismissing the class. Taking her sweet time Ella happily scrolled along out of the class behind all the students. She once again scrolled along the campus admiring her surroundings. The campus was less crowded now with all the students stuck up in their dorms partying or doing something they may regret the next day. It was peaceful exactly what Ella likes. She glanced down at her watch noticing she had an hour left before the “meeting”. More than enough time for her knife aiming practice. Ella cautiously glanced around noticing nothing government unusual and began speed walking quickly to her dorm room.

Luckily to Ella’s happiness she oddly wasn’t assigned a dorm roommate, which gave her some privacy to practice her knife throwing. She unclasped the wooden box, hidden deep under her bed covered by books and books on top of the other. Ella paused for a second before opening the box, looking around to see if there were hints of any surprise government break-ins and steal away her precious knives. Realizing she was just overthinking and being too paranoid Ella looked back down at the box giggling to herself. She grasped six knives in a hand and closed the box. Gently placing them on her bed, Ella reached up to the poster hanging on the wall adjacent to her bed. The poster that was once hanging on Ella’s wall was now a gigantic knife dartboard. Smiling at the sight of it, she took a step back holding a knife in one hand. Raising the knife up she aimed it toward the center of the dartboard breathing in slowly. Then threw it swiftly breathing out a slow breath.

“BBLIMM!” The knife wobbled back and forth right exactly in the center of the target. “Yes!” Ella exclaimed then quickly hushed herself realizing she could’ve drawn attention from someone next door. She looked down at the other five knives grinning, “Hmm… Maybe a couple more rounds?” An hour later Ella ended up throwing more rounds then she intended. The knives just kept coming and coming. Knife after knife, she had been able to hit the target every single time only missing the center twice. Finally, Ella threw one last knife grinning proudly as it hit the target right in the center once again for the millionth time. Deciding it was enough for the day, Ella slowly placed her knives back in the box and covered the dartboard once again.

She glanced down at her phone to check the time and in return she widened her eyes in shock. “Oh dear! I’m going to be lateeee!” She yelped shoving her phone in her cardigan’s pocket and quickly covered her secret box. Then ran out the door down to the dorm’s entryway to see Kirito was running just a bit later then she was to her relief. Deciding she had extra time to kill Ella leaned against the building sighing closing her eyes and her mind off wandering. Hopefully this meeting goes well. Those government love-hating machines are always lurking around the shadows watching us like a hawk. They act we don’t know they’re watching. Oh. Government. We know you’re watching. Love will save us. Not the stupid government…Anyways, hopefully there’ll be others who believe in love like I do or well… trying to understand it like Kirito. Oh Kirito. I remember when I first met him. Kirito chuckling interrupted her thoughts, "Hey sorry I'm a bit late... I fell asleep under a tree." “Of course you would fall asleep under a tree. Have a nice dream?” Noticing his restless state, which was most likely from the dream he had, she decided to ignore further questioning about it. “Let’s go!”

Then off they went to the “ancient literature” meeting secretly disguised for a meeting about love or whatever it would end up being. When they arrived at the meeting room Ella merely glanced down shyly to see her hands were fidgeting. Her hands only fidgeted when she was sad, nervous, angry, or worried. It was most likely all of the above except for angry. Please let this meeting go well. Ella thought to herself still staring at her hands nervously. Looking up from her hands she realized Kirito had already taken a seat and decided to take a seat next to him anyways. Sitting down, Ella’s hands continued to fidget with each other nervously. Taking a deep shakey breath Ella looked up from her fidgety hands and shyly observed her surroundings. She recognized a couple people from around the campus, which reassured her a bit, but her hands were continued fidgeting. “So. Kirito.” She softly spoke while playfully nudging Kirito with her elbow gently, “What do you think?”


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#, as written by Byte
Bee-deep! Bee-deep! Bee-

With a firm push of his hand, a rather grouchy young boy growled at the digital clock that stood on his night-stand. A single hand running through the greasy brown hair that was in dire need of a haircut – If only the person who owned said hair wasn't equal to a wildlife sloth.

Worn, itchy, tired and extremely aggravated, TJ had the opportunity to add another night to his list of failings to get some shut-eye. Thankfully he hadn't devoted his entire nocturnal adventure to procrastination, actually becoming quite absorbed in writing a dummy database for a small one-man company a couple of blocks away.

A sigh hinting at his exhaustion, TJ nodded at his latest work, re-running it a couple of times to ensure it worked well enough, and send the whole package to his client with the reminder that anything iffy had to be reported to him, and him alone.

“Not that it will ever happen.” He commented with a hint of pride. A single click with the mouse signalled the mail to send itself off into cyberspace, and TJ could finally close his piece of shit computer that was way, waaaay below standard.

He quickly made a mental note to get a new one soon, then pushed his wheelchair – Or rather dragged the metal deadweight out of his dorm. Fuck showering, he had a couple of classes that were actually useful to follow. Not that those were many, but the good outweigh the bad today, and he couldn't afford to miss Math again, lest the teacher give him another rant his mind didn't want to deal with.

Still, today was a good day. Minus one thing that he'd only decided to check out because he was curious, guess when you absent mindedly agree to an invitation you can't just bail out, right? No, no you can't.

With a series of sweeps and swipes TJ managed to pack all the necessary things in his bag, and head out into the Big Bad World.

I just damn well hope I'm not wasting time.

Finally, the bell rang and TJ was free to move out and about to do as he pleased. Flicking his fake glasses, he metaphorically took a hike for the meeting place, whatever that meant, all the while thinking of a good way to introduce his sorry as. It needed to be.. clear, definitely.

A smirk began creeping on his face, replacing the stock fixed poker face that TJ always had. “Yes, that will do fine.” At least he was pretty sure he'd be the odd one out. The new guy. The one that didn't know anybody and vice verse. The oh-no-he-is-in-a-wheelchair-feel-sorry-for-him guy.

Once he entered 'the place', TJ was a bit overwhelmed with how many people had showed up. Well, he assumed everyone here was here for the meeting.

“Crappers.” The man mumbled in a slightly aggravated tone, non too glad that he had to actually try to be somewhat social-ish.

With a mere shrug and the gathering of some courage TJ rolled his permanent seat over to the group he presumed was going to be his company for the next hour or so. “I'm late.” He began, taking a moment to turn his wheelchair in such a way that he had vision on most everyone here. “No, I did not have trouble on the way here.” His eyes darted across the general area, briefly noting everyone. “And yes I'm in a fucking wheelchair. Deal with it.” His back leaned into the soft back of the wheelchair. “I'm TJ, by the way. Nice to meet ya'll.” He added, shrugging nonchalantly. “You may proceed.” His left arm made a keep moving motion before returning it back to rest on his upper thighs.


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Taryn was sitting in her chair off in her own world as the others showed up, she snapped back to reality when she heard Elliot's voice. “I hope I’m not disturbing something… revolutionary… You naughty kids. Heya Taryn!” he said in his usually goofy attitude. "HEY ELLIOT!!" She said running up to him and giving him a hug before he sat down. “We starting soon? I gotta head back to work eventually.” he asked a bit of impatience clear in his voice. "Yeah, we'll be starting soon, just waiting on a few more people." She told him. A bit later the last two members had arrived. A young man in a wheel chair came in and started speaking to everyone, “I'm late. No, I did not have trouble on the way here. And yes I'm in a fucking wheelchair. Deal with it. You may proceed.” He said quite rudely. "I can't believe this ass hole, we're all here for the same reason, what's his deal." Taryn thought, "I believe you're the last one so,now that we have your permission to start, we'll get started." She said, trying to be a little snarky in her response.

"So we're all here to study, 'Ancient Literature', but we all know that's a load of crap. We're here because we either think that love isn't wrong, or we want to learn more about it in general. So what do we all think? Personally I think all that love is evil and ruining society stuff is bull shit. Love brings people together, we are allowed to love each other as friends, why can't we love each other for real. In all of this 'Ancient Literature' love is the solution not the cause of problems. Sure, it might cause problems but through their love they can figure it out. Can't we all agree that banning love was the wrong decision?" She said, trying to rally everyone, unfortunately they weren't like her team, and she felt that the talk didn't quite have the effect she wanted. She found herself hoping that everyone else was as passionate about the idea as she is. She looked over at Elliot as she sat back in her seat, hoping that he might have something to say to help her out.


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Kirito scoffed as the guy in the wheel chair wheeled himself in and preceded to make a complete ass of himself. Before he had much of a chance of speaking the red haired girl stood up and said about what everyone was expecting... and she started the meeting. "So we're all here to study, 'Ancient Literature', but we all know that's a load of crap. We're here because we either think that love isn't wrong, or we want to learn more about it in general. So what do we all think? Personally I think all that love is evil and ruining society stuff is bull shit. Love brings people together, we are allowed to love each other as friends, why can't we love each other for real. In all of this 'Ancient Literature' love is the solution not the cause of problems. Sure, it might cause problems but through their love they can figure it out. Can't we all agree that banning love was the wrong decision?"

Kirito smiled and decided to speak up. "I agree that the government's reasoning is flawed but I'm not going to start saying that I believe this whole Love thing. Humanity existed perfectly well before this needless ban and it would continue to exist without it. If in doing so I have the chance to underhand the 'All Powerful' government then I'm more than happy to offer any assistance that I can." After a pause he decided it would be alright for him to share his name. "And I'm Kirito by the way."


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Katherine took one of the seats and sat down, it was the most comfortable thing she had sat in for a good few weeks now and let herself just relax in it. She looked up when a guy came in and made himself known and pointed out that he was obviously in a wheelchair. "We weren't going to make fun of you, well I definitely wasn't." She whispered to him, offering him a smile.

A girl with ginger hair then stood and began the reason for meeting,
"So we're all here to study, 'Ancient Literature', but we all know that's a load of crap. We're here because we either think that love isn't wrong, or we want to learn more about it in general. So what do we all think? Personally I think all that love is evil and ruining society stuff is bull shit. Love brings people together, we are allowed to love each other as friends, why can't we love each other for real. In all of this 'Ancient Literature' love is the solution not the cause of problems. Sure, it might cause problems but through their love they can figure it out. Can't we all agree that banning love was the wrong decision?"

Katherine looked at everyone nervously and was about to speak up when another spoke,
"I agree that the government's reasoning is flawed but I'm not going to start saying that I believe this whole Love thing. Humanity existed perfectly well before this needless ban and it would continue to exist without it. If in doing so I have the chance to underhand the 'All Powerful' government then I'm more than happy to offer any assistance that I can. And I'm Kirito by the way."

Katherine then stood and looked at everyone, she let out a sigh before speaking up. "Love is a beautiful thing, I've witnessed it first hand and know of plenty of people that are in love, they're willing to risk their own lives for the one they love, they are closer than anyone else I've ever seen and they definitely are a lot more friendly and approachable than those that follow the government's regime. I'm Katherine Den..." She paused when she remembered she'd changed her name to protect her identity. "Katherine Dean."


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#, as written by Byte
“We weren't going to make fun of you, well I definitely wasn't.”

That was a major curve ball thrown right there, and had TJ with a puzzled look on his face for a fair few amount of second. However, as he did with the snarky comment jabbed at his introduction, he responded with a mere shrug.

Haven't heard that before. He thought momentarily before his attention was swiftly caught when the supposed 'group leader' began the meeting. Oh wait, no, the study group for Ancient Literature that was actually a meeting about that-thing-we-do-not-speak-of. Love.

TJ never was one for such a thing. Never had a need for it, though he couldn't say that he hadn't thought about something that, in theory, didn't harm anything or anyone that much. However he had only read about it in some book, so everything he knew about it might just as well be complete fiction, a forgery to make it out far less dangerous than it is in reality.

Because who the fuck could argue with the government, the all-powerful entity, on what was right and wrong?

Allowing the others a word on this particular... taboo, TJ sat, unconvinced that he was spending his time on something worthy. Well, partially, maybe. On a scale from one to ten he might be one point off to being genuinely interested in where this was going.

“Okay,” TJ suddenly spoke up, leaning forward so his arms were resting on the table. “Not to burst your metaphorical bubble, but,” He looked at the girl with the orange hair. “How can you be so sure that these books tell the truth?” He posed the question rather casually, even flashing a brief smirk as if to say: Yeah, didn't think of that did you?

“Books are, for the most part, fictional. Y'know, stories. Save for the ones that try to teach you cooking or how to fix a refrigerator or something.” He paused, stopping to think for a moment.

“Please,” A single finger scratched his chin, eyes still fixed on the 'group leader'. “Intrigue me. Why should I doubt the decision of our government?” He once again leaned back into his wheelchair. “Why should I discuss how our 'leaders', if you will, are the stupidest, most idiotic morons for banning something that has caused plenty bad things in the past?”

That was TJ for you, bringing down the mood with the need for facts. The need to have something realistic that might motivate him just enough to stick with this, as he thought of it now, kiddie group.


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#, as written by Robbhus
Miranda kept a close eye to the other parts of the crew she was sitting with. They seemed like an interesting bunch of people, and seeing them all work together would probably be quite amusing. She was doubting if it would even work out, or if it would just fail miserably and have them all executed by the government. Regardless though, she didn't have much to live for in the first place, so she could might as well take the risk and do what she could in order to help.

Seeing the others introducing one another, she looked in her pockets for her notepad. It was in the front pocket of the coat it seemed like, and it had the standard pencil threaded in the spiral holding the papers together. She quickly stroke over the past lines, and started writing her own introduction, though for the time being, she would just hold on to it. She didn't want to get herself involved just yet, having her drawn into an discussion would slow down the phase too much and it would waste their time.

Hello everyone, my name is Miranda

I'm afraid I can't communicate verbally because of personal reasons for this meeting, but I'll try my best to help out if my opinion is wanted.

Just like you others, I am naturally here to support the cause we are all gathered for. I have felt love in the past and I know that it is truly a fantastic thing. The government directs all fault over at this magnificent thing, blasphemy and a plan bound to fail. Sooner or later, the pure human race is going to die out for not being allowed to reproduce.

1♂ + 1♀ = 1♂♀ - (1♂+1♀) = 1♂♀

As you can see, it doesn't add up. We are wasting approximately 66% of our population, evened down to 50% because of twin births, every time a couple has a child. Synthetically created humans don't have the same capabilities as a normal child and will therefor suffer shorter lifespan and eventually be exterminated.

I believe that what has been chosen was hurried decisions made without thinking, and it just locked on. The politicians are too afraid of losing faces to go back on their decision, which is why the world is left to crumble. I believe that love is a good thing. Fiction or not, every myth has a bit of truth.

~ Miranda

After finishing, Miranda took the front of the pad and flipped it over the newly written text again, for then to lean back in her chair a little, remaining speechless like always, waiting for the major discussions to end.


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Connor kept his annoyance at having his question ignored to himself, though inside he was already having doubts if he should or went along with this whole 'ancient literature club' business. He kept his usual grumpy look on his face, attempting his best to hide his reaction to the situation, and secretly deciding his acting skills might as well be used here so if nothing else, this session would be a nice little practise for it.
He deceptively went over to a seat in the corner, the furthest away from everybody, calmly and sat upon it gently, though in reality wished to be grumbling under his breath and sit in it in a stroppy manner, as he slumped in it casually.

He then sat silently with his usual sour expression as things took their course. A silent girl walked in a few moments after he sat down, knocking on the door gently and quietly having sat down by herself with little attempt to socialise. So far, Connor liked her the best. Shortly after, an enthusiastic newcomer arrives who chattily barges in with goofy enthusiasm, giving a hearty greeting to one of the pupils, seeming to know the long haired redhead called Taryn, the newcomer then decides to sit next to, and taking a quick spin on the office chair. The girl named Taryn was also very pleased to see him in turn, giving him a short excited hug before they sat down. Connor decided these energetic souls would be happier in a sports club than literature meeting, but then again you can never know the interests of people just with slightly, kinda meeting them, sorta. The same girl confirmed this meeting would soon be underway, having been asked about it by the newcomer named Elliot, something which Connor seemed somewhat happy about, to get this potential chore over and done with.

Connor looked around at the present members of this new 'ancient literature club'; the previously mentioned Elliot and Taryn, pair of them athletic red heads and obviously good friends even to Connor's some what less-than-speedy skills of deduction, the girl seeming to be in charge of this whole thing.
Also a pair who knew each other was a rather well dressed young man with a stern looking and black hair, sitting alongside an extremely nervous, innocent seeming, brunette girl, the later whispering something to her friend with obvious concern, to which Connor hoped wasn't something to do with him being here, though he shook his head deciding he shouldn't be so paranoid.
The other two girls, like himself, didn't seem to recognise a single person there either, a thin looking hooded girl with a star on her forehead, and the quiet tall blonde from early, both keeping to themselves as Connor slumped in his chair a little further, deciding it would be a hassle and waste of effort to interact with anyone yet, more down to unwilling to actually speak than anything else, and began running old martial arts matches through his head instead.

A moment quickly afterwards, another arrival had appeared, this time a frizzy haired and spectacled boy who rolled in announcing himself fairly moodily to be late and in a wheelchair, seeming to assume everyone was going to be condescending about it, before greeting them all it what seemed to Connor an apologetic tone, to which he gave a grunt of; "No problem mate, think most of us weren't exactly on time here, bunch of hassle it is.", though it was fairly difficult to hear other than a half hearted mumble. It was then when Taryn announced the meeting shall begin.

The apparent leader started with her own opinion on the matter after announcing the true intention of the club, with believing the government was scaremongering about love, that love would solve more issues than cause, and that the ancient literature would back her on this, and finally the ban on it was simply wrong. Although Connor didn't quite agree with her words on the ancient literature, since the plays often had it much like a double edged sword, but decided it would be easier for him to hear other peoples comments on this.
Next was the stern looking boy, called Kirito, voicing his disdain for the government though though their ban was pointless due to his skepticism in the concept of love, something which Connor somewhat shared himself.
It was then followed by the hooded girl's, Katherine, thoughts on it, which was love is a great and wonderful force that brought humans closer together with more compassion and care, especially to those compared in more stricter areas of the government regime. Connor seemed to be enjoying himself at the whole debate, he liked it when opinions were being fired around the room, slumping in his chair with a quiet grin as he listened in casually.

Then came an interesting point by the frizzy haired boy in the wheelchair, on that what if the books were faked. He then went on to say that a good amount of books are fictional after all, and demand on how it could possibly be explained how banning love was a poor idea, as well as some simple facts why he should believe otherwise. Connor had a feeling this one was going to be pretty much pedantic throughout their meeting, well, if Connor had any understanding of the word.
Shortly afterwards, the quiet,tall, blonde, known as Miranda, suddenly began scribbling something down on a notepad, to reveal it was a message of her own contribution to the debate and washing away Connor's look of bafflement. It revealed she was unable to communicate verbally, had experienced love first hand, believes the government have made the ban hastily without thinking of future generations and that cloning was slowly degrading and becoming inefficient. Connor nodded in somewhat approval at the last comment, after all he believed the old plays he had enjoyed were very much rooted in reality, if somewhat exaggerated, and was fascinated that she had fallen in love before.

He then cleared his throat before sitting up straight, an act his teacher soften wished to be done in their classes, and announced; "I'm gonna speak now, if that's alright with you lot." He gave a quick stretch with arms out with a little whine of content with the loosening muscles before he began his piece. "Well, thing is, uh, I been reading some of the old books myself, mostly plays by this well good bloke called Shakespeare, really good stuff he did, very wordy though, and old too. Anyways, most of his stuff had been banging about love in it quite a bit, hate too but that's not what we're on about, some of them even being the main theme of a play. A lot of them portray love as something a lot of the characters wanted, as if it was, I dunno, an amazing thing for them, or like, the best feeling their is, and some would even go as far as killing and stealing and all-sorts for it, right, which is probably why the government wanted it banned and helps build things to their side." He then looked around to check if anyone was actually paying attention before carrying on and taking a breath for more of his rambling, with an obvious strain for words on his face. "But here's the weird bit, some of his plays put it in a more happier light, like, a pair of lovers weathering the storm of a whole load of bad things happening to them, and showing big heaps of devotion and care and things,which shows the government ain't exactly checked everything with it in since they contradict what they want shown. Now these plays are super old, like, before this government old so im guessing back then, they had a lot of fiction but a lot less to work with, yeah, so, uh, guess it's with more real in them than newer stuff. I'm pretty much here because of the ancient literature and just curious on this whole love stuff."

Connor then slumped back down in his seat to relax lazily and utter almost an afterthought; "Oh, and my names Connor."


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After hearing their discussions and opinions on the topic of love, Ella remained speechless. She couldn't seem how she would piece together words to describe her whole entire opinion on love without revealing her families' history. Sighing to herself quietly, she continued to listen quietly.

While listening, she noticed from the corner of her eye the stunningly beautiful girl scribble on a notepad. Curious she took more then a quick peak. After a couple minutes of "peaking" she realized that the (now named) Miranda girl preferred to speak through written words. Agreeing with her words, she decided to finally speak up with another guy spoke up. She quickly closed her mouth curious to what he too had to say. He continued on voicing his opinions and she too had agreed on a few ideas. He later quickly added at the end,"Oh, and my names Connor."

After a couple seconds, Ella felt the intense urge to finally speak up since she was the only one who hasn't. Clearing her throat quietly, she spoke up teasing TJ slightly since he was so rude when he came in. "I think we can all agree that love is a must. With an exception of TJ over there." Ella took a moment to gather all her thoughts, while gently drumming her fingers on the chair out of nervous habit.

"Love may seem confusingly idiotically stupid to be discussing to some," She spoke loudly then murmured the last part softly with a slight grin, "mostly just that TJ dude. Anyways! Love is a freedom that we should be all allowed to do and express freely. I don't think a little action of kissing could murder a crowd….harshly. With the government scientifically generating babies by who knows how we're going to eventually be wiped out because of the fact we're not 'naturally' created or whatever. I think we can establish that. The part that some of us are disagreeing against I think is why love should not be banned on." Stopping, Ella glanced around to see if anyone wanted to chime in. But seeing none jump in, she continued.

"With love it will eventually lead into marriage or whatever they call two people coming together in a relationship nowadays. Then within marriage, it'll lead to having kids… (hopefully.) That populate the society NATURALLY. Keyword naturally…like normal way. Unlike the way they create babies scientifically. That sounds slightly stupid of me to say since you guys probably already know this. I hope."

Taking a look around she saw a great diversity of people around her and felt slightly inspired even more to continue. "Look around you guys. Have you guys ever felt a tiny bit attracted maybe to one? Have you guys ever wanted to cherished and have someone together with you with such passion. And have you ever wanted to have that connection where you look into THAT someone's eyes and felt like you could be with them forever?" Ella clutched her fingers tightly shocked that she was still talking for this long. Feeling a bit weirded out that she was still the only one talking, she added on a lame quirky sarcastic remark hoping to get a laugh out of someone. "If yes? Horray. My lame speech worked. If not, oh dear…. Maybe I shouldn't be talking."

Glancing down at her fingers sheepishly, she spoke again for the last time. "Anyways, back on topic. Then now imagine that one person that you loved you cannot be with at all and ripped away from you because of what the government says. I'm Ella by the way."

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