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Hope for escape... Pray for survival...

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“Good evening I am Terry Mitchell. We interrupt this program to bring you this important news bulletin. We are receiving unconfirmed reports right now, of random acts of violence and mass murder all over the city. Details are a bit sketchy right now and there has been no official statement by the police as to what is happening but we will continue to bring you late breaking coverage of the story as we get it into the station.”


“Good evening I am Terry Mitchell. For those just tuning in we will be remaining live on the air for the remainder of this crisis. As we reported earlier there have been widespread attacks all over the city by what are described as bloody corpses in a trance like state. We still have no specific answer as to why this is happening. Reports are ranging from a germ or virus with a mind altering effect or some sort of chemical spill or behaviour disorder and mass hysteria. All roads and freeways are jammed with people trying to get out of the city. Now the governor has issued this statement ‘All people are urged to stay in their homes and lock their doors until the situation is contained.”


“There is widespread panic all over the city. Most communities are without telephones, many without power and some without water at this time. Now the scientists at the CDC have realised this statement, ‘The bodies of the recently dead are returning to life driven by an unknown force that enables the brain to function.’ For people that are trap or are unable to get to the safety of their own homes we are providing a list of rescue stations on the screen below. Please make your way to the rescue stations that are closest to you. The military has been mobilised but the violence is so widespread that it is impossible for rescue services to respond to every situation. People have been left to defend themselves….and people have been taking the law into their own hands. If you are watching this broadcast at this time please get to one of the rescue stations immediately.”


“Again we have reports that the dead are returning to life and are attacking the living. Any unburied human corpse with its brain intact will still function…the dead body must be deactivated by either destroying the brain or severing the brain from the rest of the body. Every dead body that is not properly exterminated will kill…every person that dead body kills will get up and kill…no matter how mutilated or damaged the body is...”

The Virus

The virus had been originally produced by genetically engineering a strain of the measles virus in order to be a cure for cancer and other diseases soon after. It was suppose to be known as the ultimate vaccine. The strain seemed to have shown successful test results until poured into the New York City populous after mutating into something far worse than what it had been anticipated for. After the evacuation and quarantine of Manhattan, New York City, 90% of the populous left behind died within hours from exposure to the virus. The 10% were either immune to the airborne strain of the virus or “lived” with the gruesome symptoms of the virus. The latter made up most of the 10% on the island. Those that were immune to the airborne strain were not safe, as they became prey to the infected; they’d either be food or they’d be infected through the exchange of bodily fluids, whether it be saliva, blood, or even vomit. With this being the case, the number of infected rapidly grew over the first few days after the quarantine. Humans weren’t the only ones infected by the virus as animals could be catch the disease through the transfer of bodily fluids as well. An animal with the virus is a rare occurrence, but it will experience the same symptoms as a human infected.

Though it may seem that no one is safe from the infection, there seems to be a very small fraction of people who are completely immune to the virus as they show know symptoms after any kind of contact with the infected. Just because you’re safe from the infection though, doesn’t mean you’re safe.

The incubation period for the virus has many variables (i.e. strength of a person’s immune system) depending on the host. However, some common symptoms that show someone has been infected are:
-Pale skin
-Sensitive bones
-Insanity or progressing loss of intelligence

As the virus progresses insatiable hunger and sporadic bursts of antipathy begin to show.

The Infected

There are different types of infected:

-They walk around aimlessly searching for brains/flesh (basically they are searching for food).
-They are slow and fumbling and tend to be attracted to noise.
-They usually stick around places that were familiar to them before they became zombies.
-Very dangerous in large numbers.
-They can easily be killed, even for an inexperience person.
-Blunt weapons (i.e. baseball bats, tire iron, golf clubs etc) can be used to kill them with.

-One of the most dangerous types.
-They are very fast, can jump and tend to be more coordinated than the walkers.
-Blunt weapons can be difficult to use on runners, firearms or long distance weapons would be a better choice.
-One needs to be an accurate shooter, or be very stealthy in avoiding these types.
-You can easily escape them by running them over with a vehicle, however this can sometimes result in you being mobbed by dozens of them.

-They are the newest kind, and most dangerous.
-They are smart and resourceful.
-They can pretend to be normal humans, but their dead rotting flesh tends to give them away.
-They can’t necessarily talk, but are capable of gesturing (i.e. nodding/shaking head, pointing).
-They are much like runners except they can use weapons and organize themselves into coordinated attacks.
-Best strategy to deal with them is to avoid them at all costs.
-If you do come into contact with one, surprise attacks or distraction attacks work best.
-Like runners using firearms, explosives and booby trapped can also be used to kill them.

-They are zombies that have been dismembered in a way, which result in them having to crawl on the ground to chase down a humans.
-They can be easily killed and are also easy to run away from.
-Both blunt weapons and firearms can be used to kill them.

-Only zombies that don’t go seeking people to eat.
-They tend to just sit around and play ‘dead’ until someone comes to close.
-They can be easily killed and best way to escape them is to just run away because they tend to not follow.
-However, they can be the real threat because they can pass as dead zombies.

Animal Zombies
-Animals are only immune to the airborne virus strain of the virus.

Attack Methods
Bite: Zombies mostly tend to just lunge straight for their prey and rip into their flesh with their teeth. The saliva in the zombie’s mouth will make contact with the wound and spread the virus.

Scratch: Zombies also tend to use their sharp fingernails to cut open skin. This can be used to injure potential victims before eating them.

Bile: Some zombies share a habit for random vomiting and these types tend to vomit at the same time as they are attacking an enemy. The bile tends to inflict damage due to an unknown acidic trait.

”Playing Dead”: A few zombies may lie on the floor in a motionless state; mimicking death. When the prey has moved close enough, they will attack them by grabbing and biting into the leg.

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Six Days After...

Six days… That’s how long it’s been since the once tourist attracting, booming city to become its own circle of hell. Within a week, the bustling city streets had fallen silent. The bright lights that once seemed to give life to the cities nightlife, gave no impressions. Anyone and everyone in the city were looking for some way out, but right now it seemed like the only way out was death. As most saw it, you could do one of three things. You could try to escape the city with the risk of being put down by the military quarantining the island. You could also try to just stop everything as it was by putting a bullet through your own skull or jumping off the highest building you can climb. The last option is what the most hopeful and willful people trapped in the city decide; survive. The one word answer isn’t as easily done as it is said though. The last thing not mentioned, was that the city was infested by what most call zombies. Others see these mindless husks with the insatiable craving for human flesh as just…

“Restless corpses… Yeah, let’s just call them that.” A young man by the name of Michael Rodgers said as he looked off of a high rooftop. Small beads of sweat seemed to roll down his face as he just took the time to observe what was going on down below.

“Listen man, they look like zombies, act like zombies… They’re fuckin’ zombies!” Another man seemed to reply. Compared to the lean athletic looking gentleman, the one who just spoke had a more muscular build. He also seemed more aggressive in his nature than Michael as well. His name was Christopher Jones (CJ), a member of the gang known as the Bloods. The two were now exchanging looks as a disagreement steadily arose.

“Really? I’ll call them husks before I call them zombies.” Michael said with an unpleasant look. “Zombies sounds too… too silly man.”

“Man, forget you then. I’ll call ‘em whatever I want. You know what I mean when I say it anyway, right?” CJ said with his intimidating attitude. The two men young men had been together for less than two days, and it was easy to tell. For one, Michael and CJ were on complete opposite sides of the rooftop. The two barely made eye contact, and when they did, it seemed like some sort of standoff in an old cowboy scene. They were like most survivors at this time. Trust ran thin, high hopes were far from the spirit, and fear seemed to creep up on everyone. No one could forget the endless screams that echoed across the city for the first two days, or how horribly their legs and chests ached from running for so long. The same trauma affecting the many people still left in the city, was ironically keeping them apart. Even with their differences though, Michael and CJ, and perhaps many others will realize that cooperation was more than just necessary. “So, when we heading out?” CJ asked.

“You wanna go get the food now? The sun is still out, and it’s our best bet.” Michael said as walked across the roof and grabbed an aluminum baseball bat. These days, you had to use whatever you could against the infected. “You know Harlem better than I do. Where’s the grocery store.”

“Just follow me kid.” CJ said as he approached Michael who was now opening the door that led into the building’s stairwell. “What we gettin’ again?” CJ asked, before Michael sighed and shook his head.

“Just wait till we reach the lobby.”


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At an abandon houses garage Mike was just about waking up, opening the garage door which he sealed the night before so none of these, things, would know anyone was there. Just in case they did for whatever reason come in the garage he slept in the ambulance and locked all the doors. Mike had been hiding out there for a couple of days now trying to decide what to do next, having not eaten for 2 days now he decided to go look for some food today.

limping back into the ambulance he starts up the engine and starts to drive around looking for store to get some food from. The problem was the noise from the ambulance tended to attract attention from, for lack of a better word, zombies, and due to his leg injury he couldn't just hop out run to get some food and run back. All he could do is walk. He'd have to drive into the store, grab what he could and get out as quick as he could. Should probably grab some fuel when possible as well, never know whats going to happen and it's better safe than sorry. He also hopes that he finds some other survivors because the odds aren't on his side on his own.


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The blood trickled down the hockey stick and onto the tiled floor. It began to form a small pool of blood. The young brunette exhaled deeply as she slumped up against the wall. She was meant to be learning to save lives not taking them away. Exhaustion could be deadly in the situation they were in. However, so could closing your eyes for a quick nap. Her eyes became heavy; she couldn’t even remember when she last got a full night’s sleeps. She had been keeping her body awake by consuming energy drinks and coffee but that never last long and only resulted in her having to pee a lot.

“Hello,” a rather cheerful voice spoke as footsteps could be heard coming down the wooden staircase. “Good morning,” Daniela replied trying to give the little boy a blissful smile back but she failed miserably. “From the position the sun is in right now…I don’t think its morning anymore. More like mid-day.” He almost skipped towards the refrigerator and opened it up trying to see if there was still anything to eat that hadn’t gone off yet since the electricity has dead. “Did you have a good nap?” She slowly rose to her feet brushing her hair out of her face as her dark rimmed eyes stared at Alex waiting for his reply. “It was good. I see we had a visitor.” He moved towards the cabinets and began open the ones he could reach. Daniela just nodded trying not to remember back to what she was forced to do earlier that day.

“There is nothing to eat. I think we need to go to the deli down the road.” He closed the last cupboard and walked right up to her. Alex eyed Daniela up and down, seeing her in the state she was in sent a worried shiver down his spin. “You look like shit,” he smirked at her and she couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle. “Sorry that we can’t all look as handsome as you,” she gave him a quick cuddle and a kiss on the forehead. She was happy that she was lucky enough to have company with her because otherwise she would properly have given up when this all began.

“I guess we don’t have any other choice…your dad still got that Harley Davidson in the garage?” This was only the second time the two of them had left the house. The first however was only to go next door to find some more supplies. This time the distance would be far greater and she was feeling a little nervous especially since they didn’t have a car. Alex nodded and then signalled her to follow him. “Wait a second…just let me grab a few more things,” she grabbed the duffle bag of the couch and loaded it up with some butchers knives, some pots and a small fire extinguisher. This should hopefully do. She threw the bag over her shoulder before grabbing Alex’s hand as he lead her to the garage.

Once reaching the door that leads to where their vehicle was she signalled Alex to go behind her. She gripped the hockey stick tightly with both hands and she kicked the door open. There was a loud bang as the door hit the wall, it echoed through out the room. The two waited patiently for any signs of life but there was nothing. “Let’s go,” the two rush down the three steps and towards the bike. Alex pulled off the cover of the Harley as Daniela grabbed them two helmets and opened the garage door. “Just to be safe,” he grinned at her before popping it on. Daniel took a seat first before helping him onto it. However, instead of having him hold on to her back she allowed him to sit in front of her, in hope that this would protect him more.

“Do you know how to ride one of these?” he asked her as she turned the ignition key before switching on the fuel line. “No,” she spoke in full concentration as she slowly accelerated a little. The bike roared to life as the two exchanged a look of both surprise and relieve that it worked. Daniela sped out into the street before putting down the screen of her helmet as the sun glared down on them. The street looked completely dead.


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" Please, Fujiko......." said Kyle, as he lye in the middle of the studio that use to be host TRL........staring up at the girl who had become somewhat of a friend over the past six days.
His fever was now easily over 104, and with no medical help, he'd be dead in minutes.

"Kyle, i can't.....i'm sorry, i just can't do it!" Fujiko responded, with tears welling up in her eyes.

"I......i don't be........a walker Fuu. Give me.....the gun."

"Oh Kyle......"


Fujiko ran her hand through the 57 years olds thick black hair......and stared down at him sympathetically.

"You know i can't do that.........those freaks would be crawling all over this room in seconds."

"Then kill me.....please Fujiko.......or i'll shoot myself!" Kyle said, before grabbing a gun out of his band and pulling it up to his head.
Fujikos watery eyes went wide.

"Don't force me to do this!! It's not fair!" she whispered

"None......of this, is you.....please don't make ME, have to shoot this gun.......and be responsible.....for you.....becoming surrounded........."

She clenched her eyes shut, and then stood.......
The last thing Fujiko wanted to do was kill the man that had saved her back so many times........but deep in her heart, she knew she'd never want to turn either. So without further ado, Fuu grabbed her basic hunting bow from atop her backpack, and pulled an arrow out from a pouch on her hip.

"I'm so sorry....." she whispered, as Kyle closed his eyes.
She'd take only a few seconds to gather her thoughts, before putting the arrow in place, and shooting it out towards Kyle....where it would land directly in the middle of Kyle's forehead.
A few tears found their way out of Fujikos eyes, and she felt like she wanted to break down.....but she knew their was no time for that, so instead she pulled the arrow out from Kyle's forehead, and wiped off the blood on the carpet....before sliding it back into the pouch that ran down her exposed thigh.

Fujiko walked over to the large row of windows, and stared at her reflection.
She had been dressed in the same "ripped jean shorts, white holey sleeveless shirt, and brown short-boots" for the past three days........she had only showered once, and could stand for a good bath. But creature comforts from a week ago were the last thing on her mind, as she pushed her body up against the glass, and began to stare down at the now deserted Time Square.
Fuu wasn't sure what she wanted to do next.......but when her stomach began to rumble, she knew she needed to eat. Her and Kyle had widdled out their stash of candy bars and canned veggies a day ago, and she knew the one thing she couldn't afford to go without, besides water, was food.

So the deflated young girl walked back over to her backpack, which had four unopened water bottles, her psp, a family pack of batterys, some games, a few pair of underwear, another pair of shorts, and another tank, inside of it.
She began to gather up a few extra things around the studio and place them inside her bookbag, when all of sudden she heard a noise coming from the hall.

"Damn!" she whispered under her breath, before standing up, slinging the bookbag over her shoulder - which once again had the bow attached to the front of it, and picking up her family samurai sword from the ground.
She had just kicked the rainbow-panda skateboard she had found the other day into her hand, as the door swung open, and in strolled a walker.
Thankfully the young girl was able to dunk behind a row of stacked chairs, before the walker turned in her direction.

Fujiko watched, terrified, as the thoughtless corpse walked further into the room.....before suddenly turning and walking towards the bathroom.

She knew it was now or never, and after a quick look down at Kyle, she dashed out of the door and headed into the stairwell.

The whole way down she was cautious.......and by the grace of God, she made it to the first floor without a single run in.
However, when she opened the first floor door and walked out into the main lobby of the building, there were a group of at least ten walkers........who instantly turned in her direction.

"SHIT!" she snapped under her breath, before hooking the sword on her hip atop the arrow bag, and running through the front doors. She then made sure the bookbag was tightly attached to her back, before she took off down the road and around the corner on the board.
She looked back a few times at she flew down the street, and finally, on the fourth and fifth look back, she had lost the group of walkers.......causing her to hop off of the skateboard. But she didn't stop moving forward.......Fujiko would walk for nearly two hours, before making her way into Harlem........a district she knew was less pillaged through than downtown.

"Where to go, where to go......." she whispered to herself aloud, before finally stopping outside of a small grocery, attached to a Spanish Deli.

"This will have to do." Fujiko thought, before pulling a rubber band off her wrist, tying her hair up into a long ponytail, and then walking inside the broken down door. She left her skateboard at a deserted register, and then pulled the bow from her bookbag, loaded it with an arrow, and slowly began to make her way around each and every corner of the small grocery store.

After casing the small store, including the back rooms, Fujiko felt safe enough to attach the bow back to the bag again, and thrust the arrow back into the pouch that now carried seven that she could began to stuff non-perishable food items into her bag.


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Ruby sat sat down looking at the lighter and hairspray in her hands and a slight grin appeared on her face."I never thought i would have to use these two in combination." She looked at the burning corpse only a few meters away from her. "And the hairspray is from a pricy brand too,such a waste." She put the lighter into the pocket of her black jacket which she was wearing over a white dress. She was happy that she at least put on her gymps when she had left for a party a few days ago. Not that she came as far as the party. As she stood up again she wondered where the douche was in this house. She had slipped inside the house murdering it's zombie owner. Right now there wasn't anyone else in the house. So she should take chance to douche and eat something. After she could sleep for a little while and search for some clothes which would fit her.

The water in her hair was dripping and she had wrapped herself into a big towel. Ruby had just found the kitchen and opened the fridge to see if their was anything she could eat. There were some leftovers from chinese food and a warm-up meal. She took the warm-up meal and placed into the microgolf letting it heat up for 15 minutes so that she in the meanwhile could search for some clothes. But then she remembered that electronia didn't work since the whole city was out of power since the aoclopyse. "Dammit,I'll have to eat it cold. Well i'll do that after finding some clothes. Fastly walking through the house she found what seemed to be the previous owner his room. She grinned when she saw some woman clothes which his girlfriend had probably left behind. She put them on and was happy to see that the black pants an white shirt fitted her perfectly and even complimented her figure. "Lucky...."

She walked back to the kitchen and searched for a fork wich she found quite easily in the end. Without any appetite she eated the cold meal up literlally forcing it down her throat. Aftyr she had finished her dinner. She returned to the previous owner his room. She knew it wasn't a very good idea but she also knew that she wouldn't get a chance like this again and ended up laying down on the bed. Only after a minute she was already deep asleep.


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"Good shit, CJ."

As the two men approached the door to the stairwell, CJ reached into his back pocket and grabbed a small flashlight. Since there was no power, the stairwell was pitched black. It had been one reason why the two sought to move from where they had been. Having to use a flashlight all the time, made the two men vulnerable to the infected. It was like using yourself as live bait.

“Over eight flights in the dark… Good shit, CJ.” Michael said sarcastically as he grabbed the railing to aid him down the steps. CJ just ignored Michael’s comment and lit the way. They had traveled up these steps earlier today after escaping a small horde of zombies.

“Yo, how about we stay in this place man. Think about it. I have the key from dealing my shit in here. We got two locked doors between us and the outside. Between you and me, we’re set up real good.” CJ said as the two moved down the steps a bit faster. Michael remained sile nt for a moment as he thought up the cons of being here.

“But we don’t know what’s in here with us. Eight floors… Eight floors with apartments that could be filled with those things. I’m sure they’re not good with doors, but I don’t wanna take that chance…” Michael said bringing CJ’s thoughts on a plan down. “We do need to really ready up though. We can’t keep roaming, and we can’t stay in one place without any way to fight back. For now, we can stay here, but we gotta hit up 125th street for supplies.” Michael informed before hearing CJ suck his own teeth.

“I like how you think you the boss and all, but I’m the one with the guns. All you got is that bat, and that shit ain’t gonna save you for long kid. I’m only keeping you around, because I like how you think.” CJ said before the two fell silent. Fortunately for the two, there seem to be any of the infected on the stairwell. There were a few dead bodies however. The virus killed off most of the people that were left in the city, so most of the time survivors would often run into plain dead corpses. It was good to always be careful though. When entering the lobby, the two men looked upon it with widened eyes as they saw several of the infected roaming it. “Aw fuck!” CJ yelled before trading his flashlight for his pistol.

“No! I got this!” Michael said before running up to a zombie slamming its skull in with his bat. Michael flinched as he heard the cracking sound the bat made after making contact with the zombie’s skull. “Fuck.” Michael cursed under his breath before turning to CJ who held his gun up. “Don’t shoot!” Michael demanded over the groans and moans of the restless corpses that seemed to head toward him.

“Fuck that!” CJ yelled as he moved up close and pulled the trigger of his gun right into a zombie’s head. The semi-automated pistol sounded off, echoing through the lobby.

“Use him! Use the body for a silencer!” Michael shouted before swinging his bat into the side of another zombie causing it to hit the ground. Disgusted by Michael’s advice, CJ decided to shoot at the zombies dragging their feet toward him. Michael couldn’t believe what CJ was doing, but he wouldn’t complain about it since he seemed almost invisible to the zombies headed for CJ. After bashing the face of the zombie he put on the ground, Michael stalked behind a zombie going for CJ while the man shot another zombie in the head. CJ knew he wasn’t the best shot, and that’s why he took his time. He wasn’t too bright, but he needed to conserve bullets as best has he could. After taking out the second zombie he had shot at, he caught Michael take another one out with his bat. With a quick pull of his trigger, he shot the zombie in the shoulder before cracked it’s skull with a swing of his bat. The two looked around for a few seconds before their eyes locked onto the entrance. The windows in the doors had been broken into, but there were no signs of any more zombies arriving yet. “Great job… asshole.” Michael said as he breathed heavily.

“Who you callin’ an asshole, bitch?!” CJ questioned as he pointed his gun up at Michael. “Those zombies would have been all over your ass!”

“I told you to silence your shots.” Michael now said in a whisper. “I fucking told you.”

“You think I was gonna touch that thing?” CJ protested before Michael shook his head. He didn’t speak for a while until he heard the sound of what he could only describe as the horde outside the entrance into the apartment building.

“Fuck! Fuck it!” Michael shouted before jogging back to the door to the stairwell. “Let’s go… I think we might have a fucked up plan B.”


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Why has this happened..why has everything I had been lost. A Feeling of despair coarses through my vain, I’ve tried so hard all my life just to keep going. But now I think I’m loosing the will to do so, Lord please tell me why..why..Lord why. A Man was seen knelt on his knees the Holy Bible at his knees, and a gun in his hand. A an AK-47, it was an odd mix scripture and guns. Only times that united weapons and scripture were times of religious persecution or combat. However it was neither of these times, something far worst was going on the end of the world. God had constructed the world In six days, and in six days it had been deconstructed bloody. In the seventh day of creation God had rested in order to enjoy his creation, so what would the seventh day behold in this rampage of the undead activity and destruction?

Where was God now as these undead beasts rampaged across the planet wiping out women and children. The Man knelt down was a Caucasian male dressed in casual clothing torn, a dead woman was seen by his knees. Tears rolled down the man’s face, pain and anger were seen in his eyes. A container of gasoline was seen by the body, he picked it up and dumped the contents on the women. “Dear Lord I come to you today in your humble name to praise you Lord for everything you have done for me. I just want a sign of why this has happened, why has the world fallen apart. I thought your word meant the world would be consumed in fire, but is this the prelude for the Antichrist’s rising? Will he rise fom the ashes to rebuild the world, and a begin an even greater age of evil against your name. I’ve lost everything I loved to these beasts God, all I have left is you Lord please protect me please..please help go on..please..I loved Trina..with everything I had..and now I lost it..I feel the pain of loss..loss of something I’ll never regain.”

With his prayer he stood up and took out a lighter, pulling it back he lit the body on fire. He walked away clutching the bible and putting the lighter in his pocket. He stopped as he saw movements, a shadow, he gripped his gun and stood still trying to hear any movements. He quickly turned and pulling the trigger unloading on an undead monster as it tried to tear him apart. The monster hit the ground dead, and he looked at it. “Remember the name ..Cory Brunz..Ill kill all of you..everyone of you demonic pieces of filth will pay for what you’ve taken from me.” He made his way away from the graveyard area, and into an abandoned BMW, turning the key in the ignition he drove off heading off to a nearby convenience store..
In another part of New York a man was seen with dental hygiene so bad he’d give most dentists a heart attack on sight. He danced around humming the lyrics of Otis by Kanye West and Jay Z, one of his favorite songs. He saw himself on stage with the two rappers, adding his own verse loaded with lyrical content, and then saw himself in a club with Beyonce yelling about being possessed by a demon. He laughed at these “memories” he had an indication of his shattered psyche. Reminiscing about drug induced memories an Arabian male approached him. An aura of goodness was seen around him indicated by the light blue hue around his body. Another individual was seen approaching this one the opposite of the good Arabian, an evil aura surrounded him symbolized by the dark red.

“Really this is what Allah’s done for you all? The world’s fucked up, well good thing is no more door to door salesmen , and Jehovah’s witnesses. I can’t tell which one I hate worst, but really fuck faith, we need to get drunk, and enjoy the world the fucking world is over. Fuck faith it ain’t done shit for us, Sohaib don’t go all good Muslim on me what are the benefits.”

The good Muslim Sohaib gasped. “How dare you Ashraf! After all he’s done for us Rasheed do not listen to him! We must stay faithful, we must preserve these are the tests of the end days.”

Rasheed nodded.” We gotta PARTY LIKE ITS THE END OF THE WORLD! KEEP IT ROCKING till 6 am! NEW YORK TO LONDON OVER TO JAPAN! PARTY like it’s the END OF THE WORLD PARTY LIKE ITS 2012!!!!! WHOO!” He screamed as he sang Jay Sean’s song 2012. “Alright then time to get food or else the zina is gonna come and eat Ashraf for being evil karma. But first we gotta do the slank dance ok.” He said as he began dancing and making his way to a nearby Spanish deli. He reached into his pants pocket pulling out a spatula and making his way inside, his two Arabian consciences following behind him as he snook into the store. He quickly made his way to the snack aisle hoping to find nachos.


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Every man for themselves …

As they rode towards the corner of the street to their local deli, Daniela detected something strange outside the front of the store. She pulled the brake and dragged the bike around. She placed her foot on the ground to balance as they stopped a few metres away. Her head turned slightly to have a closer look, to her horror one of those beings was munching on some dead ladies body. Daniela noticed Alex turning his head to have a look but she quickly accelerated away not wanting to frighten the young boy. As her bike roared around, she kept her eyes on her side mirror and noticed the infected’s head popping up. Her eyes widened a little afraid it might get up and run after them, however as she drove off she noticed it just returning to its breakfast. Must’ve been a walker.

Alex seemed a little confused about Daniela’s action but decided not to question. They drove back down the street and it looked like the bike was a little too loud because their previously empty street was becaming a little too crowded for Daniela’s liking. She tried her best to weave passed the ones that had stumbled onto the road. Her hands gripped tighter around the handlebars as one got to close to comfort. As she drove on Alex began to scramble around in the duffle bag and pulled out a butcher’s knife. He then moved underneath Daniela’s arm just as they rode passed an infected and he threw the knife. Although he missed the head he did get the sucker on the leg which made him stumble back and away from them. Daniela smiled underneath her helmet before her eyes locked onto their new destination.

With her left hand she tapped Alex on his blue helmet to get his attention before pointing at the petrol station up ahead. He nodded his head to tell her it was a good idea. They circled the place first, making sure it looked unoccupied before Daniela pulled into the station and stopped right near the front door. So they could easily get in and out. The two hopped off, taking their helmets off as Daniela pulled out the hockey stick. “It seems a little too quiet don’t you think,” Alex asked as he followed her closely behind to the door. The sliding door opened quickly and as they stepped inside a small bell went off. The two stopped in their tracks, looking left then right and waiting for something to happen but nothing did.

They almost tiptoed down the first alley before hearing what sounded like a number of footsteps coming from behind them. Daniela pulled Alex close to her as they spun around but as she turned she felt a punch too the face. She cringed and fell to the ground. Alex cried out feeling hands grabbing him before the barrel of a pistol was pressed up against the back of his head. He felt a hand over his mouth as a husky voice whispered into his ear, “Better shut up or your sister will get it.”

Daniela looked up to notice four men and one woman staring down at her. Although they looked like they hadn’t had a good sleep or shower in days they were clearly not infected. Alex tried to reach out for her but the man holding him pulled him away as the others pointed their weapons at her. “What’s a pretty little girl like you doing in a place like this,” they all seemed to burst out with laughter. Daniela wiped the blood away from her lips before slowly getting to her feet. “Easy now…” the husky voice man spoke, who clearly looked like the leader of the gang. She kept her hands out in front to show she didn’t want a fight. “We are just looking for some food…we only need a little and then we will be on our way.” Alex met her eyes, she looked like she was trying to tell him something but he couldn’t quite make it out. “If we let you have some of our food what will you give us in return….pretty lady.”

Daniela felt one of the men’s hands in her hair. She knew what they had in mind but tried her best not to show the fear in her eyes as his hands touched the side of her face. She turned her head away from him. Alex didn’t really understand what was about to go down but the tension amongst everyone trigger him into action. He bite down on the man’s hand and then elbow him in the nuts. From the sudden surprise attack the others lost focuses and Daniela saw an opening. She kicked the shotgun out of the woman’s hand then dived for it. The woman leapt after it as well but Daniela was able to get her hands on it first and pointed it straight at her. “BACK OFF!” She yelled as Alex ran to her side.

The guy Alex hit was still laying on the ground in agony as the other two held their weapons firmly pointed at them. It had turned into a Mexican standoff.


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Fujiko had just finished zipping up a few bottles of warm soda into her bag, when she suddenly heard the voice of a man, sounding slightly deranged.....and singing a song she couldn't identify to save her life, at the top of his lungs.
"What the hell....." she whispered to herself, before slinging her backpack over her shoulders, and quickly making her way behind the abandoned register in the front of the store, JUST as the man entered the Deli......with of all things - a spatula, in his hands.

Fuu simply stared, intensively. Attempting to figure out what exactly was, wrong, with the man.

"Is he....dead?"

"No, maybe he's....crazy?"

"Or...both? I mean, there's a fine line in some regards."........
were all thoughts that ran through Fuu's head, but she eventually settled on the fact that the man wasn't infected, just a bit....bizarre. So as he made his way into the food isles, she decided to grab her skateboard and jet.
But just as her arm reached up for the board, her heart three walkers began making their way across the street & towards the Deli.
She instantly froze....cursing under her breath, and hoping against hope that they weren't heading into the store.....but it soon became evident they were heading for the door to the Deli, in a rush.
"Dammit! It was him...." she whispered "....and his fucking singing!! Tracked them here like a beacon......"

Fujiko would hurriedly swing the backpack off her shoulder and in between her knees........where she'd work feverishly to unhook the bow from her bag.....getting it off JUST as the first walking corpse would reach the sidewalk, mere feet from the open door.
She knew she couldn't handle a storming of all three, so seconds before she tried to jump atop the counter and begin firing like a wild woman, she stopped, and decided to wait and see where they'd go inside the Deli.

It wasn't long before the first walker made its way inside, and started to head left towards the food isles, clumsily......while the second one entered, and went to it's right, causing a knot to well up in Fuus throat. For all that second walker had to do was look down, and he'd spot her..........but luckily as he moved passed her register, he seemed completely unaware of her presence.

"Where's the third......where did it go.... she wondered......until finally spotting it in between the door frame, apparently not sure of whether or not it wanted to come in or not.

"They're no longer in a my chance!" she thought nervously. "I'll shoot the one in the doorway, and then, by the grace of God, i'll have enough time to take care of the others......right?"
Fujiko didn't believe her own uplifting words.....even though the plan sounded good in theory.
Sure, she was a decent shot in archery during summer camp, and she enjoyed shooting with a bow when she'd go hunting with her friends upstate.........but this wasn't a normal draw back hunting was just some collectible her family overseas had sent her, along the a handful of swords, pocket knives, and old paintings. The thing had never left it's case for more than fifteen minutes, until six days ago. So to say that she wasn't too confident in her efficiently using it in such a dire situation, would be putting it lightly............but she had no other choice, and after closing her eyes and meditating for a brief moment, she slowly stood.....making sure not a single sound was made, until her first arrow came in contact with the third walkers forehead.
As soon as it did, the one that had walked beside her moments earlier snapped around.....just as Fujiko turned to face it.......and began to make his way towards her, quickly.
She went to jump on the counter, but instead fell on her back as the cheap shelving she had tried to use for balance, broke underneath her boot.
With the walker just a foot away from her, Fuu knew she wouldn't have enough time to get she instead grabbed a small metal trash can beside her on the floor, and threw it with all her might, at the walkers head.
It was far from enough force to harm the thing, but it distorted his focus long enough for the young woman to crawl to her feet and then run towards the doorway.........where she quickly took note of the other walks absence, before yanking out the arrow from the fallen corpses forehead, aiming it at the one coming towards her, and shooting.

Her shot had hit the walker with enough of a punch to send it back a few feet and then to the ground. But it wasn't dead, since the arrow simply hit the thing in the shoulder.
"Fuck!" she snapped, before walking over towards the struggling monster and attempting to pull out the arrow.........however her actions were foolish, because it quickly grabbed her leg......and in the struggle to free herself, Fuu once again fell to the ground.......this time, sending the bow out of her hands and clear across the store floor.

" FREAK!" she said furiously, in between harsh kicks to the walkers head & neck.
It took just a few good swell kicks underneath the walkers chin, to snap it's head back, and force it's grip to loosen just enough for her to slip free.....and without looking back, she ran over towards her bow, pulled a new arrow out of the pouch on her hip, and aimed it at the walker, who had just made it to his feet.

Much to her shocked annoyance though, there was no where for her to aim........seeing as how his head was snapped clean against his back, as he began coming for Fuu again, much slower this time, and obviously disoriented.

"Stupid waste....." she spat under her breath, before slowly making her way around the confused freak, until his upside down forehead was in view..........once spotting it, she quickly raised her bow, closed her right eye, and shot......the arrow landed in the top of the walkers forehead, and sent it crashing to the ground.
There was no time to be happy however....for she knew there was a third one inside the Deli........but where?.

Fuu would spend only seconds retrieving her two arrows from the fallen bodies, before slowly walking over towards isle one........spotting nothing.
Isle two........nothing
Three, four, five, nothing........

But as she approached isle six, of seven total, she heard staggered footsteps, and quickly placed one of the arrows into her bow......before hoping out into the isle, just in time to catch the walkers back turning the corner.

"That man!" she thought, as she quickly ran to isle seven.
Sure enough, in the snack isle, the walkers pace began to suddenly pick up as he spotted the older deranged man in the middle of the isle.......but just as the freak approached him, with arms stretched inches from touch, Fujiko landed an arrow, off-center, in the freaks forehead........sending it to the ground.

After the body hit the ground, the young woman couldn't help but fall into the shelf to her left, as she took a deep breath and began to try and calm her nerves.
However she didn't get far in her deep breathing before holding out her finger towards the man.
"If you want to die, that's fine by me! But next time, try and be a bit more quiet when you enter a building! There might be people who want to LIVE inside it!!!!" she snapped..........before dropping her arm and pushing herself off the shelf.

She didn't want to wait around in the isle for him to respond......and instead, started to make her way back to the register.......but she'd only walk a few feet before hearing what sounded like an engine, roar around the corner and down the road.

It took Fujiko only seconds to recognize the familiar engine sound.
"A Harley!!???" she wondered aloud, before turning back toward the man for a second....and staring at him with an expression that asked "Did you hear that too!?"

Instead of waiting for him to answer though, she ran back to the counter, grabbed her board, and then walked out into the street......parallel from the Deli door.

By the time she arrived outside she was JUST able to catch a glimpse of a young woman and boy entering the gas station at the corner.
Fujiko couldn't help but a feel a bit happy, to find not just one, but possibly three, uninfected people so was almost like a sign of hope from above, even as she took note of the few dead walking up the road. But even more worrisome to her in that moment, was a gang of five individuals, wearing leather jackets and dirtied jeans, heading into the station behind the woman and boy......with riffles and and guns drawn.

"Oh gees......." she whispered, knowing whatever was about to go down, wasn't going to be good.
Without much thought, she ran back towards the door and stuck her head inside it...
"I'm leaving...for the Gas station........if you're of any use, come help....if not...." her voice trailed off, as she couldn't find the words to finish her statement. Fujiko didn't bother to try though, before throwing her board on the sidewalk, and taking off down the hill towards the gas station.

She spotted movement of the people in the door before she rolled up to the window on the side of the station and ducked down.

Finally having enough courage to slide her head up ever so slightly, she saw a stand of the leather-glad men was on the ground, and the woman and boy stood alone, against the four others.

"Gees, what the hell can i do?" she wondered.......before she remembered the soda in her bag. Most were in plastic bottles, but she had scarfed a couple in cans too, and quickly took them out.
Fuu knew she'd have only one chance to get this with after a deep breath, she threw a can against the half broken glass above her and shattered what was left of it, before standing, and with all her might, throwing the other can directly at the head of one of the men with a rifle, causing him to drop to his knees, while the rest of his people had confused written all of their faces.

"Don't shoot!" she called out to the woman with the boy behind her. "Knock them out! Use anything, just don't shoot...we'll be surrounded!" Fujiko said, before reaching into the window, grabbing some kind of metal remote, and throwing it at the end of the man already on his knees......sending him to his side.
She'd quickly dunk back down, grab her board, and make her way around the back of the station, hoping that the woman would heed her she tried to enter the store from the back, before one from the group, decided to follow her outside.


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Five Must Be Our Lucky Number

Michael and CJ hurried up the stairwell, not even cutting on a light to see where they were going. The adrenaline seemed to pump through both their systems as they never thought to stop until Michael tripped up the stairs. Michael grunted just before getting up and dusting himself off. CJ just stopped and panted beside his companion.

“I wonder what… floor… I wonder what floor we’re on.” CJ said as he stood up and walked to the top of the steps Michael had tripped on.

“Don’t go in yet!” Michael said as he moved in front of the door to enter the floor’s hallway. “Get the flashlight out so we can see.”

“So you don’t bust your ass?” CJ said with a snicker. This was no time to laugh, but he couldn’t help it. He grabbed his flashlight and before getting ready to push the door open. As much as CJ wanted to just burst in, he felt a tug behind him.

“You’re not even gonna use the window on the door to see it we’re clear?” Michael asked before shaking his head and gripping his baseball bat with both hands. Michael was glad about only one thing in the situation, and that was the fact that the door had to be pulled open to enter the stairwell. That didn’t seem to change the fact that the two men couldn’t leave the building from the base. “Just open it.” Michael said before CJ pushed against the door.

“Anyone home?” CJ said as he flashed his light from left to right. “We need a better flashlight man. I’m tired of having to move this shit around… Oh look, we’re on the fifth the floor.”

“I don’t care what floor we’re on. See that apartment with the door opened? That’s us.” Michael said as he stared toward the dimly lit doorway.

“What about it? There’s supplies, but…

“Exactly. Supplies. Maybe we lost the first floor, but we have the other seven plus the building beside us. We have a whole building of supplies!” Michael said with a smile. CJ smiled as well, but then a confused look came across his face.

“Wait hold up! You said, being here was a bad idea.”

“Well there is a chance there will be infected in the building, but I thought of something just before I was thinking about swing this bat across your face… There can’t be that many people in here after the evacuation was issued. Even after the infection spread, I doubt anyone could get back in… If we siege one apartment, we can get the rest day by day. We can even take our time because we can lock the doors behind us. Think about it. Food, bed, security! We’ll even have a peephole. Now you ready to check it out. You can use the gun since we’re basically fucked already.” Michael informed as CJ took everything he said in.

“Damn, we hit the lotto Einstein!” CJ exclaimed.


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Rasheed was minding his own business as Sohaib and Ashraf argued about some verse in the Q’uran regarding drinking. Rasheed just held his spatula making his way through the aisles while he had now went from singing into humming another tune. He’d switched from hip hop to nursery rhymes, not even noticing as walkers made their way into the aisle. However it seemed his non attentiveness would be the death of him, as a walker entered the aisle while he was browsing the cereal section for fruit loops.

“Damn it Ashy shut up, can’t an old man sing his songs!! I can’t even find any fruit lo holy” Gripping his kitchen utensil he turned to face the walker. However he’d lucked out as an arrow hit the undead monstrosity right in the forehead

“Praise Allah” Sohaib hollered in his mind, and Ashraf rolled his eyes, and the two personalities continued arguing. Rashed frowned at the dead zombie.

“I sing to sing, what’s an old man got these days huh? All this Zina everywhere, the old days are pass no more aliens or me to fight, no more princesses to save, no more robots to share a beer with. Even the chickens are sailing on a different boat now a days.” He said blabbering about things that made no sense. He watched as the girl ran off to help some others in a gas station, and Ashraf just grinned.

“She had a nice ass, and I bet the front is just as-“

“Hold on Ashy, Soh we got work to do, I’m smelling more of em, and dis here spatula aint gonna help, we gotta check out the gardner section, me and my gramma use to go all the time to get them plants to get rid of them demons.”Sohaib just sighed, and Rasheed ran out of the aisile. Minutes later he was rushing outside the grocery store a gardening shear in hand. He’d broken it in half however in order have not one but two blades at hand.

He took a deep breath and then ran forward towards the men still standing, and the disarmed woman. “HALAAAAAAAAAA” He yelled out as he jammed one of the shears into the man’s chest having charged from behind, with the other blade he swung wildly at one of the other dirty assailants.
Cory continued driving, a sadness in his eyes, but he had a self appointed mission. He was driving slowly, too much noise would attract them, not to mention while he had gas stashed in the trunk he didn’t need to use the car too much unless he needed a hasty escape or long distance travel for one reason or another. He needed to rest soon, and falling asleep in the car out in the open could possibly result in this vehicle being his final resting place.

He made his way outside the vehicle looking at a nearby apartment. There were no doubt infected inside, but supplies in abundance could be accessed by him. Vending machines with drinks and snacks, beds, locked doors, and carpets no more sleeping in abandoned churches, and gas stations. He stashed his gun in his pocket, getting out his knife. He felt a lot more comfortable using his gun, but the noise it produced was not worth the risk unless the situation was the definition of hopeless.

“Alright we’ll here I..”Suddenly he heard an unmistakable noise gun-shots, that meant there were other survivors in the area, and then he heard the sound of them. Not just one or two, an entire horde, he grabbed one more thing from his vehicle before slamming the door. The Holy book in his hands, he rushed inside the hotel, with a horde behind him. He stashed the knife in his pocket whipping out the gun pulling the trigger opening fire, the situation was one he could classify as hopeless. He made his way towards the stair well and began heading up.

Darkness was what he had to combat next, complete and utter darkness. He said the Lord’s prayer as he made his way up the stairs, slowing down as he reached the third floor. He wished he could trace the gun-shots, but then again what if other survivors were hostile. They might not take the risk to discern between the living and dead, or worst they might have been began to loose their sanity with what was going on, and prove more of a threat then an ally.

As he kept moving he saw a damaged door, and dead zombies. Someone had been here, and recently. However he didn’t have time to think as he spotted more zombies and he quickly tippy toed up a few stairs before he took off running firing a shot hoping to attract the attention of the survivors as he continued up the flight of stairs,. He stopped cold the door was open, he heard voices talking about something. He gripped his own weapon, praying the situation wouldn’t turn into a Mexican stand off. He made his way through the door way, he saw light.

“Hey Anyone here! I heard gun shots! I’m just looking for supplies, don’t shoot Don’t fucking shoot! I got weapons too, I got transportation too, and only I know where the key is.” He tried to sound stern strong, but he was nervous if whoever was around had truly lost their sanity an escape vehicle would mean nothing to them.


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Protecting the Innocent

Alex closed his eyes hugging Daniela’s leg as the stand off continued. There was silence amongst them all as they all had their fingers firmly on the trigger of their weapons. All off the sudden out of know where a coke can comes flying through the window and knocks one of the men out. But from the sudden surprise one of the men fires off a shot towards the two of them. Daniela picks up Alex and leaps into the next aisle and before she could even check if either one of them got hit she heard a female voice calling out to them from outside. She was ordering them to knock the other three standing out but not shot them. Daniela opened her mouth to question her orders but the girl had already disappeared and just as she did so did one of the men. It looked like he was going to go after her from knocking out his mate.

“Where is that bitch and that little boy?” They heard the woman calling as the two of them scrambled on their hands and knees into the next aisles. “Come out…come out where ever you are!” Her voice seemed to echo in the empty store. However, within only a few minutes of the other survivor coming to the rescue another man came running into the station holding a shear in his hand as he screamed out before stabbing them into the man’s chest. Daniela covered Alex’s eyes as her own eyes widened with shock. Although the group had clearly down wrong she wasn’t planning on killing them. They were human beings after all and not infected. “Alex start filling up the bag with food…hey and not just lollies,” she whispered to Alex before handing him the duffel bag as she rose to her feet. Her gun was now pointed at the man in the shears who now had taken out the man who got bunched in the nuts. “HEY, STOP!” She called out to him before seeing the woman running out of the station in fright.

Alex ran threw the aisles, forcing as much food into the bag as he could. Although he spent most of his time in the lolly and chip aisle, he didn’t manage to get some more healthy food options as well. Daniela in the meantime made herself closer to the stranger, weapon still drawn as she picked up one of the rifles to check how much bullets where in there. To her surprise it was empty. She cursed underneath her breath. It would’ve been great to have some extra weapons. Alex came slowly walking back to her side as he dragged the overflowing bag back to her. “All done,” he smirked before his eyes met the strangers. Seeing his bloody shears his eyes trailed down to the two dead bodies. Daniela quickly turned him around not wanting him to see all the blood. “I think we will take the back exit…” she pushed him forward before picking up the bag and turning back to the survivor. “Thanks for you help,” she gave him a polite smile before she turned back to Alex and walked towards the back exit. She was truly grateful for the man’s help but she was still concerned with protecting Alex’s innocence.


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Three Makes a Party

“The fuck!”

“Shit!” The two men cursed before turning toward the man that had just entered the dark hallway. Michael had his bat ready for a good swing, while CJ held his gun and flashlight pointed to the stranger’s face. CJ might have fired his gun if the guy hadn’t hollered, but he kept his weapon raised. The men were all silent until Michael took a breath of relief and leaned against the wall. “You say you have weapons… and transportation? You’re not useless then… That doesn’t make you safe though. Anything those things bite becomes one of them.” Michael said as CJ used his flashlight to examine the man.

“He looks like he’s okay, but we can’t trust that.” CJ said.

“We can’t do anything else though.” Michael responded before turning toward the new guy. “My name is Mike by the way. The gunshots were from this idiot over here named CJ.

“Yo shut the fuck up!” CJ yelled. Michael chuckled a little before continuing.

“Anyway, you shouldn’t have come here after hearing gunshots. Now you’re stuck in here with us… With your help though, we can get out of here easy. Maybe even make this our base of operations.” Michael said with a gleam of a smile.

“Someone sounds happy. Let’s just check this apartment out before some more bullshit happens.”

“Best plan you had all day.” Michael replied.


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Once Fujiko made her way to the rear of the gas station, she pressed her back against the building and clenched her skateboard tightly against her chest.
"Calm down's okay, you haven't died yet, you'll be fine" she whispered to herself, before gruesome screams could be heard coming from inside the station. "Walkers?!" Fujiko assumed, and she slid to the ground even more unsure of what her next move should be. But within seconds she made her way back to her feet, and went to open the rear door to the gas station.......she knew she couldn't just leave.
Much to her chagrin however, the door didn't seem to want to open.
"Dammit!" she spat under her breath, before dropping her board, taking a step back, and side kicking the door........multiple times, until it swung open.

She didn't make it more than a few steps in before nearly running into the young women and the boy. "You're.....okay?"
Fujiko looked beyond them confused, but relaxed a bit when she saw that the screams weren't from walkers, but instead from the two bodies now on the floor........would had quite obviously been stabbed by the same bizarre man she had her own unpleasant encounter with in the deli only moments ago.
"Him again!" she whispered, before turning back to face the two woman and boy. "Don't ask me, i have no idea what's wrong with him..........but i do know we can't stay here long, all that noise........probably attracted every freak within a mile.........we've got to get out of here."

Without wasting another second Fujiko walked back out the door and picked up her skateboard. But she quickly a sudden realization hit her in the head.
Just how in the hell did she expect to flee this place? On a skateboard???
Fujiko turned around and placed her free hand on her hip, as the other hand held her skateboard loosely beside her leg. "That loud freak-attracting motorcycle of yours.........can't fit three can it?" she joked, before turning her head from side to side, looking for anything they could use for better transportation.
To her right she spotted a broken bike rack, two downed bikes, and an old beat up sedan. To the left, she saw the hill she had just came down, lined with a few random cars, but also filled with straggling walkers......that she knew within under a minute would likely spot the group if they stayed outside for long.
So she again cussed under her breath as the Sedan was beginning to look like a prized Lexus.......however when she turned to walk towards it she caught a glimpse of another vehicle several yards away, in the back of the station, up against the edge of wooded area.
There stood a much better shape than the Sedan. But it wasn't alone........there was also a pick up truck w/ "Huey's Electrical Work" on the side of it, and of all things, a sheriffs car...........all rammed behind the station together, with the doors wide open.

Fujiko couldn't help but laugh softly to herself..........before turning to face the woman again.
"What's the likelihood that any of these start up?" she said with a smile, before catching a glimpse of the walkers up the road, which wiped the smile clear off her face. "You try the sheriffs car, i'll take the pick up...........both are more likely to have CB radios vs. a minivan.

Sure enough when she hoped up into the cab of the metallic-red GMC Sierra, she spotted the walk-talkie piece of a CB radio laying on the seat........which was covered in wrappers and blankets.
[color=Red]"Somebody must of been staying here......."
she whispered to herself, as she began to search for keys.
But as her head pop up from underneath the steering wheel, her head hit a pair of dangling keys............they had been in the starter the whole time.

"Please God, let this work"

Her short prayer was answered when the truck started up, and she quickly threw her board and bag onto the cluttered passengers seat. "We've got a winner!" she yelled out the door, before staring at the fuel gauge. "Come on baby, rise some more!!" she said, as she watched the arrow go up, and up, and up, until it stopped only a few notches below the "F".
"YES!" she said gleefully, before closing the door......astonished at her own luck.

"Does the police car start?" she yelled out the open window, before waving the walkie part of the CB radio around. "We can talk over this if it does......just hurry up, i think the freaks have spotted us!!"

Fujiko was ready to drive out of the parking lot ASAP.........but she would wait until the girl was able to either start the police car, or make it to the truck's backseat door.
"Oh dammit......what about, him." she said to herself, unsure of whether or not she should even bother...............but a life is a life, even if it's a bit.......crazy. So she stuck her head back out the window and yelled out to the man. "YOU! IN THE GAS STATION! WE'RE LEAVING...........YOU'RE EITHER COMING, OR STAYING! BUT YOU BETTER MAKE UP YOUR MIND......NOW!" She'd then turn her head back towards the young woman and boy, as she put the truck in drive.
"Let that car start we can place Mr. Crazy in the back seat, behind a barrier..........instead of crammed in a truck with all of us......." she whispered to herself, knowing most, if not all, NYC Sheriff cars had either bars, or a glass barricade, up to block the front seats from the back.


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Daniela grabbed Alex’s hand and tugged him along towards the back door. Just as they were about to reach the door it slung open with great force, making the two off them jump a little from surprise. However, luckily for them it was just the girl from earlier and no zombies. She looked at tad overwhelmed which was understandable in the situation they were in. Daniela and Alex didn’t have to be told twice about getting out of there because all the noise would’ve clearly attracted the infected. “I agree,” Daniela spoke looking back at the crazy guy who didn’t seem to be responding to any of their questions before the two of them followed the girl outside.

The sun was still shining but it wouldn’t be long til it got dark. “Can we go back home…”Alex mumbled as Daniela seemed to almost drag him along by the arm towards the sheriff’s car that the girl suggested the go check out. “We are…we just need to find a vehicle.”Daniela felt her shoulder getting sore from carrying the duffle bag with all the food in it. She was glad the car wasn’t that far from the station. She used her elbow to smash the passenger seat window to unlock the door before throwing the duffle bag onto the floor of the car. “Hop in,” she ordered Alex before making her way to the driver’s seat. Alex began to scramble through all the compartments trying to find the key.

They heard the pick-up roar to life as the girl called over to them asking if they got their car started. “STILL TRYING!” Daniela called out as she opened the compartment underneath the wheel, pulling out the wires. “Try the red and blue one,” Alex spoke in a serious tone as he looked over her shoulder. “Are you sure? I don’t want to get zapped.”
“I’ve watched a lot of cops and monster garage…unless of course you have a better idea.”
Daniela shook her head, what was the worst thing that could happen if she got it wrong. She began to twist the two wires and as soon as they hit each other a massive spark occurred and the engine came to life. “Told you…” they both laughed before they gave each other a quick high five.

“Close the door and put your seat beat on,” Daniela did the same before putting the car into reverse. Lucky for her she had done her manual license otherwise this would’ve been a bumpy ride. She reversed the car out of its parking spot before putting it into first gear. Alex rolled down the window as they drove up beside the other girl’s car. We got it working…” he smiled before noticing a bunch of zombies coming towards them. Daniela already had it covered as she slammed her foot down on the accelerator and drove straight into the infected. Most of them got run over however a few seemed to have leapt out the way. “If he doesn’t come out of the station in the next ten seconds we are out of here…” She called out the girl as she kept circling the station running over any infected that got in their way. Alex seemed to be chuckling to himself in the passenger seat enjoying the speed.


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No Church In the Wild

“Best plan all day? Nah, the next one coming up is!” CJ announced before Michael swung his bat around and cracked the newcomer in the head. The aluminum bat rang after colliding against the man’s hard skull. CJ kept a serious face up as he watched the stranger stumble to the side before hitting the ground. He was knocked out cold, something the two had planned for anyone trying to just slip into their company.

“This is good. We can check him for bites, take his shit, and then we tie him up.”

“Sounds good… AK 47? Mhmm, I’m liking this guy already!” CJ exclaimed as he grabbed the gun off of the man and slung it onto his back.

“You gotta give me a gun or something.” Michael said to CJ as he seemed to be hogging all of the weapons. CJ just chuckled and tossed Michael his Glock.

“There you go… Trigga Mike. Yeah, I’m gonna call you that. It fits… You ready?” CJ asked as he squatted down by Cory’s head.

“Yeah. And thanks man.” Michael said before grabbing Cory’s legs. The two worked together to carry the man into the apartment. When deciding where to put him, the two just figured they would just drop him on the tiled floor. “I got the door,” said Michael as he made his way to the door to close and lock it.

Meanwhile, Cory was being searched for any supplies he might have by CJ. CJ smirked as he found some marijuana.

“This boy was packin’ bud… Oh shit, a key!” CJ said with excitement at his find. Michael looked to him as he returned from securing their door. He guessed it was the key to the car he was talking about. Michael chuckled before using his foot to turn Cory’s face toward him.

“We hit the jackpot. Now all we need is some way to get down, and we’ll have our own escape route.” Michael said with a smile as CJ continued to search and take everything he could find.

“Why do we need to even escape? We can just take trips from wherever, to back here.”

“If we did that, we would only attract more of those things out there. The same way you did with this gun.” Michael informed. He didn’t know how to use a gun, besides what he had seen in movies, but he was sure CJ would give him some kind of lessons. It wasn’t long until the two of them were both just looking down at Cory. It wasn’t truly clear why they did what they did or what they truly wanted from Cory, but the man would soon find out


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“If he doesn’t come out of the station in the next ten seconds we are out of here…” said the woman, as she pulled up beside the truck.
Fujiko couldn't of agreed more, as she spotted a horde of walkers running clumsily down the hill towards them.

"Look Mister, You've got eight seconds!" she yelled out the window. "8...7...6...5...4...3...2........." Fujiko threw the truck into drive after "2". "Okay, lets jet!!" she yelled to the woman, before peeling out the gas station JUST in time to miss the horde of walkers.

She thought she was home free once she pulled out of the station, but the truck only got a few hundred yards, before a group of at least twenty infected walked into the middle of the street. "Damn it!" she yelled, before slamming onto the breaks - sending the truck to a grinding halt. She didn't know what to do, seeing as how the hill behind them was crawling with walkers last time she looked......but much to her surprise, when she looked again in her rear-view mirror, all the walkers from the hill were now mostly making their way about the gas stations parking lot.........
"I-if we drive fast enough, we can make it!" Fujiko whispered to herself, and then placed the truck in reverse, backed up enough to spin the vehicle around, and started to head back in the other direction.
She then began to fiddle with the CB radio, until hitting a channel that sounded clear. "If you can hear me, what do you think about crossing the expressway and going into-"
The channel suddenly cut out on her, and she cussed under her breath, as she continued up the hill - spotting the Sheriffs car behind her. Fujiko randomly punch radio out of frustration a few minutes later, and it seemed to knock some sense back into the the channel once again cleared up, and she picked up the receiver once again.
"Hey, i think this thing is working again. The's over-run................we'd do best to try and avoid it.............if you can hear me, i'm going to try and make it to the Bronx via the Expressway before the sun sets.........the clock in here says 4:22.......means we have a little over an hour before the sun sets.....we can make it to the expressway in about 15 minutes if we floor it........over?" Fujiko threw the CB device onto the seat, waiting for a response, as she gripped the wheel tightly. Two walkers had just made their way into the middle of the road, and she knew she had to brace herself for impact.
When she hit the monstrosities however, it was like she had hit a bug.......because besides a few smudges of dirt and blood on the windshield, the impact didn't seem to phase the truck one bit.
"Thank god for Chevys!! Wait, what am i saying....this thing is actually a GMC......"
She laughed at herself for a moment, remembering how much she use to swear she'd only drive Chervy's if she ever bought an American made car.

If the radio would allow it, she'd converse with the woman hopefully still behind her throughout the fifteen minute journey.

"We've got to find somewhere to rest after we cross this thing............those beast are always more active at night..........we'll be a traveling buffet if we stay on the road for much longer." she whispered to herself........seconds before slamming on the breaks.

"Oh great....just fucking great!" she whispered, as she stared ahead at the mess of piled/backed up cars on the expressway.........there was no way they'd be able to cross it successfully. But that was the least of her worries, as a loud voice suddenly rung out......from where, she wasn't quite sure.
"Please move away from the expressway........the area has been Quarantined, you are not allowed to pass!"
The voice sounded as if it was coming from what Fujiko assumed was some sort of Military megaphone.

"You've got to be kidding me! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME DAMMIT!!!!!!!!"
She couldn't believe the Military of all people would really try and force survivors back into the hell hole they knew the city was........and so out of pure anger, she began to pound her fist into the steering wheel furiously, before finally stopping at the sound of a small military-grade helicopter flying over towards her from The Bronx.

"This is your last warning, move back from the expressway!"
They didn't give her much of a chance to move back, before they began to fire wildly around the truck.
Astonished, and suddenly fearful of her life, Fujiko quickly threw the car into reverse.........and eventually turned around to head back in the direction of the city, the last place she wanted to go, as the helicopter circled over her once before making its way back across the water.

As it did, Fujiko angrily picked up the CB receiver.
"Can you beleive that?? They tried to shoot us.........i know fear causes human beings to act irrationally but that was just.......insane." she yelled into the device, before she began to wrack her mind for a place they could possibly stay.
Finally, after a few minutes, it hit her.....Gramercy Park.

"Hey, i just thought of a place we might be able to lay low if your interested........Gramercy Park. It's a half hour away, and was pretty deserted when i made my way past it last.....most the houses there are empty a lot of the time, like the 19 Gramercy Park South one. I had a girlfriend who did house cleaning once a week there, she said the owners where never around, and that it was just her and her co-workers most of the time, so........maybe we can try there!?" Fujiko would hook the receiver back up to the CB but keep the thing on, so she could use it hands free. "It's the large brick house, i don't know much about the place, but the owners don't live in the city, so it's likely empty....and maybe we could lock ourselves up on the top's probably a safe choice to hide from the learners that like to hunt, i mean owner the damn city, at night...... since the windows have dark indoor shutters on them that we could close"

They were only five or so minutes out from Gramercy Park now, and Fujikos nerves were beginning to run wild as the sun was only twenty minutes or so from fully setting...


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The two watched the station front door like a lion staking their prey. Even though the man seemed strange and could potential be violent he was still human and they didn’t really want to see him dead. In the background they could hear the other girl counting down and as soon as she hit zero Daniela took a look in the rear-view mirror before back at the door. They had no time left to wait and had no other choice but to leave him behind because they were now risking their own lives. Daniela nodded at the girl before flicking the car into first gear as she followed her out of the station. However, it wasn’t long before their cars came to a halt noticing a number of walkers now in the middle of the street. “Jeez…they are like everywhere.” “I guess it’s nearly nightfall and dinner time,” Alex half chuckled before swallowing hard getting a little worried now. Daniela noticed his changing mood and pulled out a lollypop from the duffle bag, “Want one?” She smiled at him cheerfully or at least as cheerful as she could before sticking one in her own mouth and handing one to him. Alex popped it in his mouth as his face lit up. She knew it wasn’t really a good idea to give him sugar because he tends to go on a sugar rush high before becoming all depressed. It was actually quite funny to watch how he could be all happy dancing around and the next minute he is slumped on the couch looking miserable.

Noticing the girl spinning back around and heading in the opposite direction, they followed by doing an illegal u-turn. It wasn’t like they were any cops around anyway. The girl’s voice could then be heard over the radio however before they could quite make out what she said they were cut off. “Stupid shit,” Daniela cursed underneath her breath as she hit the radio. After a couple of minutes of silent driving the girl spoke again. She was talking about taking the Expressway to Bronz and since neither of them had any better idea and there was no way of them actually getting back to Alex’s house they decided to just go with the flow. Three pair of hands and heads is always better than two. “Sounds good to us,” Alex replied as he jumped up and down in his seat a little getting excited about using a handheld radio.

As they got closer to the expressway both Daniela’s and Alex’s mouth opened wide seeing all the cars piled back so far. “Oh my God!” Up above them they could hear a helicopter hovering as an unknown person’s voice could be heard ordering them to turn back around. They halted and watched as the other girl seemed to continue on before shots began to fire around her car. Both of them hit the deck fearing they would be hit next but they only heard the stranger’s voice again. “Is she alright?” They popped their heads back up to find the girl’s car reversing now. “Looks like it…let’s get out of here.” Daniela put the cop car in reverse and followed the girl away. Hearing her idea of going to Gramercy Park seemed like a pretty good idea. It was only a few minutes away therefore they should make it there before the sun sets. “Okay. Lead the way.”

After couple of minutes they had safely arrived at Gramercy Park. “Keep your eyes peeled for number 19,” Daniela ordered Alex who seemed preoccupied with sucking and licking his lollypop. “Okay….15…17…19…THERE!”He yelled which made her jump a little from surprise. “Looks pretty dead to me shall we park the cars and check it out…” She spoke over the radio before pulling up to the curb. Daniela’s eyes remained on the house for a moment. Watching all the windows to see if she could see any movements inside but there was nothing. “Let’s go…stay close.” She grabbed the duffle bag and the shotgun and hopped out the car making her way around it to open Alex’s door. He leapt out of the car and giggled before hearing Daniela shushing him. The two moved towards the girl’s car and waited for her to get out.

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