Revolt Nightwing

Revolt Nightwing


The war over, world in ruin, a shady group in control.. what else would you do as the first experiment of super soldier? One, subject Zero is exactly that, and she has turned against them, now the most wanted criminal who is starting a revolution.

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It all started in 2020. Forces bombed every major city in the world, leaving no one to know who it was behind it. Because of this the entire world broke out in war against one another. Hardly any previous allies were still allied. Everyone was against the rest, some even among themselves. Many were thrown into the battles and more bombings and types of warfare were used. From some of the tactics, radiation started to change people through the years of fighting, leaving them hideous monsters. People got minor abilities as well from the radiation waves. None quite major as they could be.

The war lasted many years, not ending until 2121. Billions dead or changed, the world was left in ruins. No city was intact. Families were broken, friendships either destroyed or grew stronger. A few groups known as the Nightwing took control of what was left of the world, branches in every country. They start to build an army to fight back the changed and keep crime down, basically use fear to keep order. Then they started to do experiments to build the best type of soldier that could fight far better than ever seen before, with abilities like some changed only more powerful. Each one of the subjects would get a tattoo or brand on their arm or neck of their number.

Welcome to Fracture.
Once the largest city, it now lays in near complete ruin. The only fairly well off places to live are where the Nightwing have set up their central base.. that and the shacks that the people have to live and work. It was here that the first subject or soldier experiment was conducted, creating Subject 0 (zero). They created her and had so much success started making more. However, they trained her too well, the toughest out there she began to go against them. It was then they banned her, a price for her head. She ran after that, hiding, helping, building a revolution that the Nightwing have no idea about.

Groups (other than humans)
The Nightwing--> The form of government that has taken over control. They try to cut down on the crime while protecting the rest of human life from the changed ones. However, they themselves enjoy the occasional crime. Stealing teen girls for their own pleasures or teens in general to become soldiers, no one is safe from their acts. People in this group can be the subjects they created or the leaders themselves.

The Subjects--> This is the group of humans or Feral who were taken and made into super soldiers by the Nightwing. They were all given a number on them, starting from 0 who is now rouge, on up to five hundred world wide. They can fight better than anyone else and if they did not have abilities, they would now, more powerful ones. They are a mix of wanting to follow and then wanting to revolt against their creators.. though many will hide it if they do not want to become like the first.

The Changed--> This group are those humans who have changed into beasts/creatures. Most have some deformities of the body and have developed great strengths. They roam around the ruins for food. No one knows for sure what their intelligence level is but they fight well and are always causing trouble.

The Feral--> This group are those who have gotten abilities or powers from radiation but are not like the changed in that they function and are normal humans. They live with the humans however and many will find themselves either taken by the Nightwing, joining the rebellion, or running from picking a side.

The Day Bringers--> This is the rebellion. Started by Subject 0, they work to protect the people from not only the Changed, but the Nightwing. Through a variety of tactics, they work to take down those in charge and bring a new age to the world.. a better world.

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Character Portrait: Michael Hono
Character Portrait: Subject 0


Character Portrait: Michael Hono
Michael Hono

Red hair, pale skin, red eyes, and flames that kill the night

Character Portrait: Subject 0
Subject 0

Taken at age 10 she became Subject 0 and over her years became the most powerful and feared subject. On the run she tries to over throw the Nightwing.


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