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Zerstoren, a world-famous American Band, has just finished up their 2011 World Tour. Now they find out they're to tour soon with another band - and they have to get to know them before hand. How could anything possibly go wrong? [FULL]

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:: N A V I G A T I O N ::

I. Updates & Calender
II. Introduction
III. Plot
IV. Characters & Songs
V. Rules

:: U P D A T E S ::

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March 23, 2011 ~ Grand opening! Character submissions are now being accepted! <3

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:: I N T R O D U C T I O N ::

I could hear the fans screaming, even from where I stood backstage in my dressing room.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror, my mouth set in a slight smile. The fans were screaming for us to come on – “Zerstören! Zerstören!” Their shouts echoed throughout the backstage area, even though it wasn’t set up for sound to travel that far in the back.

And to think – we were an American band in Japan. This was our reaction? If I weren’t here to experience it myself, I would have never thought my band would get this far. We had originally started out as a cover band, but broke away to do original songs as we became more famous in the states. By the time we reached fame in Europe, we had a nice setlist of originals. And by the time we reached fame in Japan, we had more originals than we did covers.

With that thought, I heard the door to my – technically our - dressing room open. In piled the rest of my band; the drummer, the guitarist and the Keyboard player.

I turned as soon as I saw their reflections in the mirror. My smile grew as I walked over to them all – their faces seemed to mirror mine almost exactly.

Our bassist spoke up after a few seconds of silence. “Are you guys ready to get out there and take down this venue?” His face was broken into a huge smile. The rest of us nodded.

“Alright. You all remember the lineup, right?” our band leader, and drummer, said. I nodded, as did the other band members.

“Well, good. Ready to head out?” We all gathered around in a circle, arms around each others shoulders, before we began our traditional pre-show chant.

“Zeeeeeerstören. Zeeeeeerstören. Zerstören. Zerstören. DESTROY!” Breaking from our group circle, the other four members left me to my thoughts and devices in the dressing room, as they made their way out of the room, off to do their own little pre-show rituals.


“Guys, I heard you guys did great!”

The sound of our manager’s voice rang out in the room – we were all gathered in my room, listening to him on speaker phone. He was reading some reviews that had been made of our show. All of us were smiling from ear to ear.

“By the way, guys” he began. “I received a call from another band manager yesterday.”

I looked at the phone, my interest peaking more. “What about, Marcus?” I asked, finally speaking up during our phone conversation.

“Good to know you’re with us, Ashira. I had yet to hear your voice, and I figured they had just left you at the venue last night” he joked, before continuing. “Anyway, I spoke with the manager of another band, and he suggested both of your bands touring together. Now, since you’re all in Japan together already, I agreed to it, and suggested that you just stay put where you were until the tour.”

“What kind of tour, Marcus?” our guitarist asked, a frown on her face. “I don’t really think we’re physically up for another world tour yet.”

“No, no, no. Not a world tour. Just an all Japan tour. Smaller than you’re used to, but I’m sure you’ll love it. I agreed to it already anyway, so you can’t argue with me.” We could hear the smirk in his voice.

After a moment, our keyboardist's quite voice broke the silence. “What band are we touring with? And when?”

“Well, you’ll be starting touring in about two to three weeks, so its not too much time to get rested up, but you’ll have about three days in between each show. And as for the band, well, I don’t know if you’ve heard of them or not. But they’re pretty big in Japan. They’re called Calico Ghost Town.”

My ears perked up at that too. “Yeah, I know them. They have some really killer tunes.”

All the others looked at me. “How do you know them?” our bassist asked after a moment, leaning slightly against his chair as he stared at me.

“A friend of mine gave me a mix tape once… Yeah, I know. Sorta corny, because they totally weren’t the cool thing to do anymore. Anyway, they were on that mix tape, and I thought that they were really good. So I looked up some other songs. I’ve never seen them live, but I know of them, at least…” I mumbled a bit as I got to the last part.

All of the others nodded a bit, our drummer smiling at me slightly, before continuing the conversation with Marcus.

“Alright, so, when do we get to meet this band, Marcus?” he said after my little speech.

“I arranged for you all to meet up with them tomorrow, actually. I know its sort of short notice, but you can handle it.”

“Where are we meeting them at?”

“They’ll be stopping by your hotel. Make sure to brush up on your Japanese.” We all sort of laughed at his last sentence. We had been in Japan so many times, and had all spent a lot of time studying the language – there was no need to brush up on our Japanese.

:: P L O T ::

So basically, there is an American Band that has just finished touring in Japan - that was the end of their world tour. Their name is Zerstören, and they've gotten pretty big throughout the world. They had decided to take a break and relax for a bit in Japan, but their manager decided that during that relaxation time frame, they should hang around with the band who they would be touring with next. Of course, that tour wouldn't take place for the next month, but they needed to prep for it - and he was right; they would want to know each other before hand.

So they decide to meet up, and the other band - Calico Ghost Town - stops by their hotel. From there, they all decide what they want to do. Of course, not everyone hits it off right away - its kind of a bit awkward for some of them, but they do try to make the best of it. And eventually they end up sort of at least liking each other a little bit. And romance even starts to bloom between them. They get pepped for the tour, and when it finally comes, their relationships may start to get in the way. The media might not like it. Though the fans might just eat it up - they love it. But is having a relationship between bands good? Can they each make it survive?

:: C H A R A C T E R S ::

You may reserve a character spot for 48 HOURS. After that, your spot gets opened once more to the public.

::Members of Zerstören::
Note: Zerstören is German for "Destroy". All members of Zerstören are American. They have been a band since 2005 (6 years). Ashira, the lead singer, helped to start it when she was 17. They did not reach American fame for 2 years. Members have been added and taken from the ranks. All band members ages should range from 21 to 25.

[Male][BAND LEADER][Drums][Original Member]
Grant Charles Wyatt played by Artik

[Female][Vocals][Original Member]
Ashira Ferrous Slater played by GoriexGorie
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[Male][Bass][Joined in 2006]
Jed Blacke played by Choker

[Female][Guitarist][Original Member]
Liylah Skye O'Shea played by iHipster

[Female][Keyboard/Incidentals][Added in 2007]
Jamie "J.J." Locke played by akai-pyon
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::Members of Calico Ghost Town::
Note: All members of Calico Ghost Town are Japanese. They started performing in clubs in March of 2007, and were quick to reach fame in Japan in November of that same year. So far, they have preformed one West Coast USA tour, and two Europe Tours, as well as numerous All-Japan tours. Their group-up with Zerstören for an All-japan tour is primarily to help with publicity through articles about Zerstoren that will be printed in the states. It may also help to encourage further double tours with other American bands in the States if it goes well. One member has been added over the years. All members should range in age from 20 to 25.
NOTEx2: I wont accept anymore characters who arent blatantly Japanese for Calico Ghost Town. Having one who moved to Japan at a young age is fine for variety - but thats VARIETY. not everyone can do the same :)

[Male][BAND LEADER][Lead Guitar][Original Member]
Saitou Ryuu played by GoriexGorie
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[Male][Vocals][Original Member]
Ayase Mikeida played by ~Nutty~*Green Neko*

[Female][Bass][Original Member]
Bambi Doret played by WheresWally

[Male][Rhythm Guitar][Joined in 2008]
Kaname Seiji played by akai-pyon
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[Female][Drums][Original Member]
Miki Asako Watanabe played by iHipster

:: C H A R A C T E R ~ S K E L E T O N ::

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Also, be sure to upload a picture for the character thumbnail! Thank you!

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[size=90]Any nicknames here.[/size]

[size=90]Age here.[/size]

[size=90]Female or male.[/size]

[size=90]Zerstoren or Calico Ghost Town.[/size]

[size=90]Drummer, singer, guitar, etc...[/size]

[size=90]No less than 5 well written sentences. No lists.[/size]

[size=90]May be in paragraph format, or in bulleted format.[/size]

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[size=90]Please describe what you cannot see from the picture.[/size]

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[size=90]Please include any other information you may find relevant.
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  • I like grammar. Grammar is good. Please try to use it. Thank you.
  • GoriexGorie & iHipster are the GM's to this RP. All in all, that makes us like your gods. ;3 Dont like it? Leave.
  • Please respect all of the other members of the RP. While drama may and will happen IC, don't take any of it out of character. If you want to argue with someone, do it outside of my RP.
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  • If you'll be gone for more than one day, please let us know via the OOC forum! I cannot stress how important this is.
  • Romance is okay! Also, this is sort of a romantic RP. So... you know. Romance. Yeah.
  • Make sure you pay attention to what is going on in the RP before you post. :)
  • Two characters per Roleplayer limit, unless there aren't enough people interested.
  • MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FUN! This RP should be a way for you to branch out. If you ever feel like you need help with your writing, feel free to approach me. I'll be glad to help~!
  • And last, but most important, make sure you abide by all rules set forth by RoleplayGateway! :) That will help to make this a fun roleplaying environment for everyone.

As a note, all songs listed - unless otherwise noted - belong to their artists, and it is the artists that should receive credit for their creation. We are simply using them to better our RP. :)

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J.J. watched as Ashira left, before quickly finishing her food. She glanced over at the toaster - her bagel still wasn't done. Sighing in exasperation, she walked over and pushed the button up, too impatient to wait too long for the bread to be done. The bagel was pretty crispy, and it was warm, allowing the cream cheese to melt perfectly into the nooks and crevices that made up the surface of the half-bagel.

She took a bite out of the thing, before turning back to the others. Swallowing, she headed back to her table, staring down at the Styrofoam cup of hot coffee still there. Sighing, she picked it up, stirring at it as she glanced out into the lobby. She noticed Ashira talking with the other band...

At least, what she assumed was the other band.

"Should we go....?" she asked Grant - since he was, you know, band leader.

- - - x - - -



Seiji turned at the sound of the voice, distracted from Ryuu's talk. He took in the white girl - she wasn't bad looking, per say, but then again, who was he to judge foreigners? He waited, listening to the interaction between Ryuu and the girl (Ashira), feeling a bit of excitement boiling in his veins. Finally, they were meeting Zerstoren.

He cleared his throat, as Ryuu made his way over to the sofa and plopped down, Ashira following. He wandered around briefly, before returning his gaze over to the two of them.

Might just as well listen.

He had nothing to offer right now.


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#, as written by Artik

"Huh?" Grant mumbled almost inaudibly, mouth still partly stuffed with a muffin that he had in one hand, a would soon be full with a swig of coffee that he held in the other hand. He blinked at J.J for a moment before simply looking over to where she had motioned with her head. "Smmhghhhitt" He swallowed his big bite of muffin before it was fully chewed and tossed the little bit he had left in the trash, before clearing his throat with a sip from his coffee. "Kitty Cats" He announced as if J.J hadn't just brought his attention to it. "Let's go! - Oh wait." He turned, brought his fingers to his lips just like he had earlier this morning and whistled a sharp, ear piercing sound that got the attention of the whole cafeteria, though he really only needed the attention of Jed and Liylah. "Kitty Cats!" He yelled again. "This way!" And without another word, Grant turned, smiled, handed his cup of coffee to J.J temporarily, and proceeded to run, not jog over towards the couch Ashira was sitting on. Clearly excited, when he reached the back of the couch, Grant vaulted himself over it rather smoothly, and managed to land in a sitting position right beside Ashira, before casually sticking a hand out in the male's direction. "Grant. Drums. Nice to meet you." He spewed out in fluent Japanese, for the most part.


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Bambi raises an eyebrow when the boy - Grant, was it? - launches himself into the air and lands on the couch beside his bandmate. The girl's Japanese had been alright, good for a tourist, anyway, but the boy's isn't as good. "We can speak English, if you'd rather." she points out in their native tongue. Her accent is odd, it swings wildly between English - she must have picked it up from her mother and her family in London - and Japanese.

"I'm Bambi, by the way." she introduces herself in return, though she's already forgotten the Zestoren girl's name, she has things of much greater import on her mind, like what she'll be wearing for her date tonight.

There's a 'no smoking' sign on the wall, but rules have always meant very little to Bambi, so she pulls a half empty packet of cigarettes with out of her handbag and light up. She notes the looks she recieves from the others and shrugs, "the staff are too afraid of me to tell me not to."


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Aya watched everyone as he chewed on another pocky stick. he walked over and sat indian style in one of the couches, by himself. He blinked a few times when he saw the male from the other band( or as he guessed) fly through the air and onto the couch.

Aya looked at Bambi curiously.'' Are they the other band?'' He whispered to her and looked back at the two americans( again as he guessed). He was kinda hyper, due to all the pocky he uncounciously devored. He waved at the two people, one female (Ashira) and one male (Grant).'' Ohayou gozaimasu! I'm Ayase Mikeida, vocals for Calico Ghost town!'' he said smiling from ear to ear.

(sorry its so short)


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Liylah watch as Grant picked up J.J. She had to admit, the face that J.J. made was pretty priceless. She laughed a little, and as soon as he put J.J. down, they were to the elevator and on the bottom floor.

"At last! Finally time for some coffee." Liylah said, extremely happy. She walked over and got herself a cup of black coffee. She wasn't in the mood for sweet coffee. 'Bitter the better', she'd always say. She went up to the front where they had baskets full of fresh fruits and grabbed herself an apple, some grapes, an orange, and two bananas. She put them all in a bowl and sat down with the rest of her band members.

Liylah was about half way done her food when Ashira walked off. Eager to finish she nearly choked while trying to finish her food. She threw out her empty cup and her plastic bowl. Joining the rest of her band mates, she walked with, assuming they were going to join up with the other band.

As they made their way to the lobby, Liylah could see Ashira and a bunch of other people, which Liylah guessed was Calico Ghost Town. She watched as Grant, gracefully, jump over the couch. Liylah thought it looked like fun, but knew that she shouldn't try, she'd just make a fool of herself. That would not be a good first impression, clumsy, even if it wasn't that far from the truth.

Liylah walked over near where Ashira stood, almost right next to her, to a small group of the band. About two of three stood there. She smiled, realizing them notice her. "Ohayo" Liylah said, figuring she was a little off.

She turned when she heard a girl speak, "We can speak English, if you'd rather."[i]

Liylah liked the sound of that. She knew she was gonna mess up some how. That was the type of person Liylah was.

"Anyways, hi! My name is Liylah O'Shea. You can call me Liylah though."


Miki smiled as she watched her band members try to figure out some ideas. "Maybe we could give them a tour of all the hot spots or take them to a great place to hang out?" She said with a bright smile. That sounded like it might please everyone.

Everyone walked in and it seem like all that while later, a younger, cute white girl came up to greet them. The girl said her name was Ashira. She had blondish hair and her eyes looked brown. She was a bit shorter then Miki.

Miki stood there for a bit, very bored. But next thing she knew, a boy came flying over the couch. It surprised her, and she guess everyone could probably tell that she wasn't expecting that. She saw a girl with dark blond/light brown hair come in. The girl looked about the same height as herself. In front of that girl was another girl, who had light/dark brown and platinum blond roots. Then there was a brown headed boy, a very tall boy. He had to be at least a foot taller then Miki. Everyone looked very interesting to her. She never imagined them as looking the way that they did.

The light/dark haired girl walked over to them and had said "Ohayo". But that was the only words the girl could get out of her mouth before Bambi had interrupted her.

[i]"We can speak English, if you'd rather."[i] Bambi said.

Then the girl started, speaking in English this time. [i]"Anyways, hi! My name is Liylah O'Shea. You can call me Liylah though."

"Hello, my name is Miki Watanabe. You call me Miki though." She said, a little rough on her English and she wasn't all that great at hiding her Japanese accent. Bambi was good at speaking English.

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Finally meeting the Kitty Cats. :)

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You haven't missed much, Neko! :) Basically, Calico Ghost Town just got inside the hotel, and they're sorta prepping themselves for meeting up with the group. Zerstoren members are in the dining area getting breakfast. :)

In my next post, I'm going to have it so that Ashira comes out and notices them - hopefully that'll get the ball rolling again. :) Thanks for checking in, and I hope this helped!

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I'll be using #7D26CD for J.J.
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Okay, I got my rhythm guitarist up. :D

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Actually, it had been something I had planned on writing. But I never really got around to finishing more than the first chapter, so I decided that it would be fun to RP. :)

Also, I'm very long-winded. So its easy for me to come up with stuff like this. xDDD

And nope. I just want you guys to post when you can. BUT there will be a posting format, so we know who it is straight off the bat. I'll be making that in a bit. <3

Okay! <3

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Jaa, I'll make the rhythm guitarist after I finish practicing violin. xD

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Hey Gorie, how did you come up with all of this?
Oh and when we start posting is there any order we should post in, like all of Zerstoren then Calico Ghost Town?

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I love it, Artik! <3 haha That would be great~

Also, I'd love it if you covered that role, Akai!

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And not to double post but just read Liylah's CS. Her and Grant have got to be prank war buddies on the rest of the band. Or have some sort of prank war between then. Maybe even a guys vs girls things, I dunno'. I think it would add to the whole friends for so long dynamic, giving them some sort of tradition aside from the chant at the beginning of each concert. :)

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Go for it, if you're up for it. :)