Hannibal Faust

The shadows are where I dwell, creeping darkness to show you hell

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a character in “Rhythm Brawl: Heroes of the Elements”, as played by shinigamiriku


Full Name: Hannibal Faust
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Hannibal is six feel tall even, his build is slim but muscular, his skin is very pale to the point he gets mistaken as an albino sometimes. His hair is midnight black with white streaks. His irises are pitch black.
Role: Darkness (successor to Erebus, Greek god of Darkness)
Personality: Hannibal is a quiet individual; he prefers to not talk unless he can’t help it. To many this would lead them to believe He is shy and scared, however it is quite the opposite. He is mentally unbalanced, bordering on sociopathy. He has little to no understanding of basic human morality, meaning his actions can come off as very cruel and brutal. That he is sadistic is not a fact he chooses to hide as he enjoys the pain of others
Likes: Death, Cats, solitude, books
Dislikes: People, bright lights, Robots, dogs
Place of Birth:Munich, Germany
Other Information:
Theme Song:

This section only applies to Elements
Favourite Musical Artist(optional): Cannibal Corpse, Linken Park, Rob Zombie
Genre Preference: (
Genre Weakness:
Personal Playlist:

Artist-Cannibal Corpse Devour
Devour: A song mainly used for offence, the darkness manifest in swarms of bats, insects, and rats. Their main goal to attack, swarm, and devour whatever target. It can also be used as a defensive ability, the swarms can surround and shield Hannibal.

Linkin Park-From the inside
Inside the shadow: Hannibal can merge with the shadows to evade attacks. By using a shadows malleability or simply letting the attack pass through him. Though in this form a light based attack has the potential to severely harm, if not outright kill him. It can also be used for infiltration.

Daisuke Ishiwatari-Queen of rose
the gardens coffin of darkness: At it’s core, a capture and restraint ability. Tendrils of darkness in the shape of thorny vines ensnares foes and holds them while at the same time damaging them. The next phase is a coffin shaped structure akin to an iron maiden that holds that further prevents them from escaping.

Demon of the shadows: Hannibal’s entire body is covered in shadows and solidified in the form of a demonic figure. In this form he leaves his usual distance sweep attack file in favour of close quarters, melee combat. Sharp claws protrude from his hands as the main weapons and the shadows layering his body function as a sort of armor. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this power, it causes a severe strain on his mind and body; it cannot be used for extended periods of time.

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