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Right To Rule: Reborn

Right To Rule: Reborn


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After a time, Kota made her way back into the council room, seeing as most had left, being able to see Lanslet and his grandfther still talking. She thought for a moment, and then slowly made her way towards them, giving Garon a bow as she stepped close enough to them. "It is....Good to see that you are safe and well, Lord Garon. I'm glad to see that Lanslet still has his grandfather." she said with a gentle smile, but that all too much changed into a serious expression upon her face and tone in her voice, "But...On more serious matters...Would it be alright if I could ask you for some advice, sir Garon?" she asked the old man, genuinly needing help and guidance from here on out. While yes she was of the best in combat and battle tactics, but that was when the odds were in there favor, and when she was still alive. Kota's mind drifted back to memories of Violet Flame, her Queen and ruler, and good friend. She had always looked to her in times of need, and comfort, but now....Now she was gone, and Kota almost felt...alone? Why? Yes she was thw Queen's right hand man and confidant, but still...Why was Kota feeling so empty without the Queen? For that, she didn't know. Not yet anyways.

The setting changes from Northern Mountains of O're to Omega


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  1. No worries mate! I get that life happens, all good. And good luck with your webcomic. Bet it will be awesome!

    by Wolf's Bane109

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(OOC: I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting on this. I've been very busy, both with school and my webcomic. This just completely slipped my mind, so I will try to make more time to work on this. I worked on this with you and Epislon for almost a year and I ain't gonna give it up. We must finally finish the story of Right to Rule.)

As Artemis, the half-elven woman, slipped out the window, Elokai tapped her lip thoughtfully. What she had said was intriguing but nothing Elokai hadn't guessed before. That symbol on her back meant something after all.
"So, uhh… Elo?" Gork asked. "Should we untie the guy and ask him the stuff?"
Elokai was silent for a few moments. Then, she said, "Yes. Let him out, splash some water on his face to wake him up."

* * *

The assassin known as Phoenix awoke to two things. One was a large yet rather dull pain in the back of his skull. The other was a gallon's worth on water being dumped on his face.
Phoenix coughed, dripping water from his face. Somebody held a large bottle of something. "Here," said a rough and friendly voice. "Drink this. You'll feel better."
Phoenix opened his mouth and let the liquid pour down his throat. He coughed a bit at first. Alcohol. It did dull the pain a bit.
"Don't give him too much of that, Gork," said a harsh female voice. "We need him sober for the story he's about to tell."
Story? the assassin thought, confused. Then, all of last night's memories came back to him.
Phoenix jumped to his feet, but then immediately regretted it as the pain in his head sharpened. He fell back down and began to puke.
"See, Gork? This is why you don't give alcohol to the captives to wake them up."
After a bit, Phoenix straightened himself and looked around with a somewhat clearer eye. It was early morning - the sun was rising in a mellow orange out the window. He noted his weapons had been taken - even his hidden ones, like the ones on the inner linings of his hood, cloak and boots. Keen eyes, he thought begrudgingly.
"You gonna be okay there, lil buddy?" said the rough, friendly voice from before. Phoenix looked up to see the burly hobgoblin from the night before. "Yeah," he mumbled. "I'll be good. Thanks."
"Well, now that you're better, you have to do a little something for us." A woman crouched down next to him, and Phoenix drew in a breath. "Violet Flame," he said in awe. "It is you. You're really alive." He already knew she was, but in his mind's eye he'd always somewhat doubted it. Now, being a bit drunk, his amazement was renewed.
The queen's face scrunched up. "No thanks. I don't like that name, sounds to pompous. Call me Elokai."
Phoenix started. Even after the past week's events, he was still startled by this change in personality from the prim and proper queen to the rude and boorish thug. Yet she still carried that strong-willed drive and stubbornness that she'd always had, right up to her death. Well, not really death, he supposed.
"Um... Very well, Vi- Elokai. What is it you want from me?"
"I want a story," Elokai said plainly.
"Err... what kind of story?" Phoenix questioned.
"The story about the past me. This "Violet" chick, whoever she was. I wanna know what happened to me."
Phoenix was still for a moment. Then he sighed. "Very well. I shall tell you, even though it is rather painful for me, due to the... events that created you.
"It all began when a king of old began his rule upon the land..."

The setting changes from Omega to Northern Mountains of O're

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Kota sighed a bit, after some time had passed, she looked at Lanslet, "I was thinking, earlier. About what to do....I have allies in Omega, some we can trust. I just need to find where she is..." she paused for a moment, in thought and spoke up again. "I will also need to find Phoenix...If he still alive that is..." she remained thinking on her old friend and fellow body guard and assassin. she knew Phoenix rather well, even if he was incredibly silent and well too reserved for his own good, Kota saw him as a friend, especially in these times, and if he was still alive, she'd need to find him, sooner than later.

Kota looked around, and thought, she was a very well known face, one that would be recognized far too easily and quickly. They would need something to help disguise herself, as well as Lanslet, if he were to go with her to Omega. She knew there were mages in the Lycan clan, they could possibly help, and she would need to request their help for their mission in gathering an army, especially outside of the vale. She could hire simple mercenaries, but that was too easy, as well as who knew if they would be loyal to their cause, or be willing to betray them to Guu'rtas men, or worse. She would need help, an army of sorts, and they would need it soon. All too soon with the way things were changing for them at this rate.

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