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Right To Rule: Reborn

Right To Rule: Reborn

For generations Purple has been chosen to designate those with the divine right to rule. In its wake, all others would lay down arms or pledge their allegiance to anyone bearing the royal colors, and there was peace. Until now....

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Purple (noun): A color with the power to bestow upon those lucky enough to be born beneath it the divine right to rule, and a place amongst the gods, above all others.

Supported upon their lavishly expensive, embroidered pedestals, kings and queens alike have utilized this perception of lights rays to signify a pedigree that only a rare few can obtain. Beneath this banner, many a mortal man has claimed immortality and complete control over their lands, governing undoubtedly while being worshiped by his or her subjects. Allowed to only be worn by those within the monarchy or otherwise affiliated to it through official status, the world of Purplexia could very well be deemed color prejudice. With all other colors denoting a person of lower standards, such as green being that of the grass over which the wealthy tread upon to forge prosperous kingdoms, the people have inadvertently allowed themselves to be segregated from the self-proclaimed superior class. Of course, this isn't any new happening, as rulers will often ensure some manner of label be employed that would maintain a heavily fortified barrier between royalty and common rabble. The reasoning behind this action can vary between rulers, but generally involves ensuring an untainted bloodline, a growing tyranny through the slow dissipation of rights, or simple vanity. Whatever the reason in this world, the problem exists, and it wasn't until just recently that a young girl decides to act against it.


Born as one of two, Queen Violet Flame has ruled over Omega, the capitol of Purplexia, for the past five years, commanding the newest generation with the same grace and dignity as those before her. Faithful, clever and stunning in her beauty, her citizens adore her, these attributes easily outweighing the occasional demanding or sadistic demeanor she may take on. With her radiance and loyal supporters, she has easily maintained the integrity of her kingdom, preserving through thick and thin against any enemy that would present itself. Lord Alterez stands by her side as her equal in every respect, however he still allows her to act independently as the main figurehead of the monarchy, simply supporting her when necessary. While the pair are well liked throughout their kingdom, there are still those who would see them toppled from their overly inflated positions. Though they may not wish to acknowledge it, the threats and attacks, which have become more prevalent in the past few years, are a lot more deep-seeded than an isolated band of marauders in search of treasure.

On the opposite end of the spectrum stands the rebellion. Spearheading this audacious group of treacherous corsairs is none other than the Queen's sister, Lady Rosa Dream. Having left after the throne was denied to her, Dream has dedicated herself to usurping her sister and taking what she believes is her rightful place as ruler. Unfortunately for her, though, every attempt so far has been in vain, for she and her rag-tag team of crusaders must overcome one stubborn and formidable obstacle: the Queen's forces. Designated the Royal Purple Army, these warriors are world-class, specifically assigned to the castle which houses the Queen and her supporters. On top of overcoming the Queen's Army, the task of gaining followers is not one easily accomplished. Multiple times Lady Dream has coordinated an assault on this mighty fortification, only to end with nothing but disastrous results. Costing her greatly in humiliation compared to her sister, and the lives of those who would see her hopes fulfilled, she is quickly running out of options and cohorts to act in her name. In one last ditch attempt, she catches wind of a pirate Captain, " The scourge of the sea, unrivaled by any seafarer and supposedly a capable warrior and leader, Lady Dream enlists his help.

Lord Alterez, however, remains certain that because the Queen's sister abandoned her birthright, it is now rendered void, and so they have nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, the Lord and Queen remain vigilant, for even though they are unaware of the schemes taking place against them, they have plenty of reason to suspect something brooding just over the horizon. Massing their forces, both sides prepare for the final strike that will make or break their cause. Morale is high with the Queen, and her troops are well organized and trained, but will the benevolent, savage forces of a wily pirate crew manage an ace? The only way to find out is to pick a side and see for yourself...

Now that you have a description of everything happening, I believe it is time we get down to how one would go about applying for a position in this RP; the rules of engagement, so to speak.

Yes, it is the normal cliche Kingdom with a band of rebels planning a coup, but the results will depend entirely on the choices of the RPers themselves. If everyone is dedicated in their posts and characters, plays fair and chooses respectable, plausible actions and responses, they have as much a chance of gaining victory for their side as anyone on the opposite side would. What do I mean? I mean this isn't based off the typical "good guys get what they want," system, because truthfully, both sides are good. The information supplied at the very beginning gave just one out of many possible reasons to join the rebellion, being that one disliked the prejudice of leaders over subjects. Dig into your history books if you need examples of this occurrence; it happens. At the same time, however, the leaders aren't bad enough to merit an entire kingdom turning on them.

Overall, this means that you have to decide personally for your characters the reason you chose the side you do, and then it simply comes down to the side that employs the best tactics to come out the victor. I'm doing this because I do enjoy both of the RPers who will have to unfortunately chose the opposite sides, and at the same time, I want to present as much an opportunity for the Queen to remain on her throne, as well as for the Sister to claim it. I hope that we can RP in good nature, and be mature about the results, as like stated before, the outcomes depend entirely on the RPers for that side. This gives great chance too for people to give it their best go in besieging a castle, of they like that, or in defending it, with a heroic victory as the outcome for whichever winner. If you really can't decide and want to win either way, create a character to fulfill the role of both Loyalist or Independent. The only thing I ask is that no one be part of the Royal Family.





Northern Mountains:


Now, onto choosing a character...

Obviously we already have the leaders for both sides: The Lord and Queen, and the Rebel and aligned Pirate Leader. Once you pick a side, feel free to do with your character what you want! Being a fantasy type RP, we encourage people to be as original and spontaneous as possible, using their better judgment of course to keep it within reasonable boundaries. Need some ideas? No problem.
Both sides can carry the same character choices, from mercenaries, to newly enlisted warriors/bodyguards, defects from the opposite side with information, an aspiring hero seeking glory, or simply a loyal commoner who thinks they have something to offer.

Code: Select all
Character Sheet--



[b] Sexuality:[/b]

(This is fantasy. If you make a new race, describe it in as good as detail as possible, and include as much information as you can.)

(Loyalist or Independent?)

(Picture & Description preferable.)

[b]Personality: [/b]
(make this lengthy and descriptive. I don't want only a paragraph and not get to know the character)

[b] Like:[/b]
(+up to five or more)

[b] Dislikes:[/b]
(-up to five or more)

[b] Hobbies:[/b]
( if any, but be reasonable)

[b] Fears:[/b]
(everyone has at least one)

[b] Secrets:[/b]
(Not everyone is an open book)

[b]Weapons: [/b]
(If any, and be reasonable)

[b] Equipment[/b]
(such as clothing, supplies, etc)

(If any - Make sure you be fair. No OP characters will be accepted. Include weaknesses with any abilities - usually only applies to races)

[b]Bio: [/b]
(History, and any other information you think is necessary!)

This RP is tailored to all levels of RPers. Advanced or beginners, so long as you are willing to put in the time and effort into a post, and make an attempt at more than two or three badly punctuated or misspelled sentences, you can learn. I is more than willing to look over a post before it is sent in, all you have to do is contact him either IM if I'm online, or PM. If you need help with ideas, don't be afraid to ask. I happily will collaborate, and am sure that others will too. If you have any problems, please come to me first. Thank you!


ALSO - PLEASE NOTE: The writing in this RP may include a certain amount of violence, profanities, and even some romance (Heaven forbid, right?). While the romance and profanities will not be allowed to progress to the point where it must be taken to PMs, the violence is prone to be adequately detailed. I try to writes descriptively so as to ensure a clear picture and to avoid confusion. Especially in combat, when things can become extremely messy with people missing a certain action, or with specific occurrences being left out for whatever reason, I do not censor nor omit many things. On top of that, a lot of the combat scenes will be determined not only by the personal judgment of the RPers in deciding their character's abilities, but also in the supporting detail. Again, if you don't understand, you may not be ready for this RP. You have been warned.

Also, in account of this happening already, please ensure that your character fits the setting of the story. This is a Medieval Fantasy story. That entails knights, swords, peasants, castles, magic etc. No Special forces Marine, SEAL, SAS, Jedi, etc. While I do support having an open character base, people should still be able to use their better judgment to determine whether or not their character fits. If you can't, then unfortunately goodbye. And lastly, please have fun!!!

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Character Portrait: Kota
Kota played by Wolf's Bane109
"I will fight to the death for my Queen, as well as the people"
Character Portrait: Kalan Dervas "I don't get it. Why can't everyone just get along?"
Character Portrait: Ranald "The Beast"Artair "I don't need a reason to fight, but money is a good motivator."
Character Portrait: Artemis "I'll do whatever the job takes, just want my money"
Character Portrait: Syther Roark
Syther Roark played by claw
"High seas, high adventure, high times all around!"
Character Portrait: Violet Flame "Regardless of the cost, this kingdom shall not fall."
Character Portrait: Phoenix
Phoenix played by Abraxas_Axis
"While I stand, no harm shall come to the monarchy."
Character Portrait: Uagra "The Cold Fury" "Nothing escapes my notice."
Character Portrait: Gur'ta Ak-rinnon An orc assassin and spy, cultivated to be Queen Rosa Dream's right hand. Currently a work in progress.
Character Portrait: Lanslet "The Gifted" Almeric "I am at your command."
Character Portrait: Emrys Lumina "Oh, you think you can best me? Go ahead, take your best shot."
Character Portrait: Alterez Silver "See that behind me? Thats my authority, if you know whats good for you, don't question it."
Character Portrait: Rosa Dream "This will prove as good evidence as any of who should rule this country. I just regret that it is necessary."
Character Portrait: Elokai, The Wanderer A strange amnesiac, raised by hobgoblins.
Character Portrait: Altarius And Bloodcrest Clan "We were once a part of the Purplexian people, but we must now remain in the shadows until it is our time to make our presence reknown to the outside world."
Character Portrait: Captain Scarlet Silver "If you have the soul for the sea, then come with me. As for fortune and untold riches there will be"
Character Portrait: Garon Almeric "These old bones have at least one more war in them."
Character Portrait: Gilmere Almeric "I slaughter as many as I need to."

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Northern Mountains of O're

Northern Mountains of O're by Wolf's Bane109

If you dare to enter, may the gods give you mercy.


Omega by Wolf's Bane109

Better prepare to stay a while, since you won't be leaving, alive at least


Purplexia by Wolf's Bane109

Usually a peaceful Country and Queen Violet's domain, which is under constant siege from neighboring countries and forces

Kobolds Underworld

Kobolds Underworld by Wolf's Bane109

The secret underground world that is under all of O're

The Ancient Seas and Isles

The Ancient Seas and Isles by Wolf's Bane109

Those who travel to the monsters domain come to die, for only a fool would come here

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Right to Rule: Act 2

In which curses fade, cities fall, and heroes awaken once more, ready for the grand battle soon to come.

Right to Rule: Act One

In which a war is waged, heroes and nobles die, and the world is cast further into shadow.

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After a time, Kota made her way back into the council room, seeing as most had left, being able to see Lanslet and his grandfther still talking. She thought for a moment, and then slowly made her way towards them, giving Garon a bow as she stepped close enough to them. "It is....Good to see that you are safe and well, Lord Garon. I'm glad to see that Lanslet still has his grandfather." she said with a gentle smile, but that all too much changed into a serious expression upon her face and tone in her voice, "But...On more serious matters...Would it be alright if I could ask you for some advice, sir Garon?" she asked the old man, genuinly needing help and guidance from here on out. While yes she was of the best in combat and battle tactics, but that was when the odds were in there favor, and when she was still alive. Kota's mind drifted back to memories of Violet Flame, her Queen and ruler, and good friend. She had always looked to her in times of need, and comfort, but now....Now she was gone, and Kota almost felt...alone? Why? Yes she was thw Queen's right hand man and confidant, but still...Why was Kota feeling so empty without the Queen? For that, she didn't know. Not yet anyways.


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  1. No worries mate! I get that life happens, all good. And good luck with your webcomic. Bet it will be awesome!

    2018-11-03 17:55:13 by Wolf's Bane109

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(OOC: I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting on this. I've been very busy, both with school and my webcomic. This just completely slipped my mind, so I will try to make more time to work on this. I worked on this with you and Epislon for almost a year and I ain't gonna give it up. We must finally finish the story of Right to Rule.)

As Artemis, the half-elven woman, slipped out the window, Elokai tapped her lip thoughtfully. What she had said was intriguing but nothing Elokai hadn't guessed before. That symbol on her back meant something after all.
"So, uhh… Elo?" Gork asked. "Should we untie the guy and ask him the stuff?"
Elokai was silent for a few moments. Then, she said, "Yes. Let him out, splash some water on his face to wake him up."

* * *

The assassin known as Phoenix awoke to two things. One was a large yet rather dull pain in the back of his skull. The other was a gallon's worth on water being dumped on his face.
Phoenix coughed, dripping water from his face. Somebody held a large bottle of something. "Here," said a rough and friendly voice. "Drink this. You'll feel better."
Phoenix opened his mouth and let the liquid pour down his throat. He coughed a bit at first. Alcohol. It did dull the pain a bit.
"Don't give him too much of that, Gork," said a harsh female voice. "We need him sober for the story he's about to tell."
Story? the assassin thought, confused. Then, all of last night's memories came back to him.
Phoenix jumped to his feet, but then immediately regretted it as the pain in his head sharpened. He fell back down and began to puke.
"See, Gork? This is why you don't give alcohol to the captives to wake them up."
After a bit, Phoenix straightened himself and looked around with a somewhat clearer eye. It was early morning - the sun was rising in a mellow orange out the window. He noted his weapons had been taken - even his hidden ones, like the ones on the inner linings of his hood, cloak and boots. Keen eyes, he thought begrudgingly.
"You gonna be okay there, lil buddy?" said the rough, friendly voice from before. Phoenix looked up to see the burly hobgoblin from the night before. "Yeah," he mumbled. "I'll be good. Thanks."
"Well, now that you're better, you have to do a little something for us." A woman crouched down next to him, and Phoenix drew in a breath. "Violet Flame," he said in awe. "It is you. You're really alive." He already knew she was, but in his mind's eye he'd always somewhat doubted it. Now, being a bit drunk, his amazement was renewed.
The queen's face scrunched up. "No thanks. I don't like that name, sounds to pompous. Call me Elokai."
Phoenix started. Even after the past week's events, he was still startled by this change in personality from the prim and proper queen to the rude and boorish thug. Yet she still carried that strong-willed drive and stubbornness that she'd always had, right up to her death. Well, not really death, he supposed.
"Um... Very well, Vi- Elokai. What is it you want from me?"
"I want a story," Elokai said plainly.
"Err... what kind of story?" Phoenix questioned.
"The story about the past me. This "Violet" chick, whoever she was. I wanna know what happened to me."
Phoenix was still for a moment. Then he sighed. "Very well. I shall tell you, even though it is rather painful for me, due to the... events that created you.
"It all began when a king of old began his rule upon the land..."


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Kota sighed a bit, after some time had passed, she looked at Lanslet, "I was thinking, earlier. About what to do....I have allies in Omega, some we can trust. I just need to find where she is..." she paused for a moment, in thought and spoke up again. "I will also need to find Phoenix...If he still alive that is..." she remained thinking on her old friend and fellow body guard and assassin. she knew Phoenix rather well, even if he was incredibly silent and well too reserved for his own good, Kota saw him as a friend, especially in these times, and if he was still alive, she'd need to find him, sooner than later.

Kota looked around, and thought, she was a very well known face, one that would be recognized far too easily and quickly. They would need something to help disguise herself, as well as Lanslet, if he were to go with her to Omega. She knew there were mages in the Lycan clan, they could possibly help, and she would need to request their help for their mission in gathering an army, especially outside of the vale. She could hire simple mercenaries, but that was too easy, as well as who knew if they would be loyal to their cause, or be willing to betray them to Guu'rtas men, or worse. She would need help, an army of sorts, and they would need it soon. All too soon with the way things were changing for them at this rate.

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