Rosalie Yard Academy for Vampire Mate Meeting

Rosalie Yard Academy for Vampire Mate Meeting

Humans paraded infront of a crowd vampires? These vampires have to choose one of them as a mate or risk turning insane. Just what may happen?! (Full)

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Welcome to Rosalie Yard Academy!

A School for girls and boys aged 18+ is looking for new students, this school is well known over the country for many various reasons, however the truth is only known to a few.
Rumours say that any woman or man who entered the school has never returned, yet some have returned looking wholly depressed, others never seen again.

It is an unquestionable rule that those who learn the truth of the school cannot speak about what they learn for the good of society. This school is called Rosalie yard Academy for the training of young girls and boys in the art of how to become women and men.

The schools secrets? Well....

Girls and boys that attend are taught how to make themselves look feminine or masculine, how to act proper in a situation and most of all, how to go about the choosing ceremony.

The true purpose of the school, is to train young girls and boys to become mates for non-other than vampires during the choosing ceremony.

Yes that’s right you didn’t misread.

Rosalie yard selects mates for vampires, teaches them how to be proper and learn to abide by the vampires blood lust without danger as they are paraded on a stage for choosing out of a crowd of vampires watching them at their finest.

However there is a reason for all this,

Vampires cannot survive without a blood mate, a mate that their entire body drives them towards, a mate they can feed from giving them peace for a time.
For you see, if a vampire does not feed from their mates blood but the blood of others, after a certain amount of time they grow to become enraged in blood lust, they basically become insane. So finding a mate is of the utmost importance, but that isn’t an easy thing to do which is why Rosalie Yard was created.

However, even if a vampire feels that they have found their mate, if at the choosing ceremony the elder vampires find that they are not mates, most often the human girl could be killed as the vampires grow enraged at the frustration.

School Facts:

  • Girls and Boys of 18+ have to legally give their permission to go to the academy at their own will, no one is forced.
  • They are each given a human servant to help them get read upon arrival for the duration of their stay. (You play your own servant)
  • Humans are paraded on a stage upon first arrival in black and tie evening wear, (parade choosing) the audience are vampires, and if any of the vampires like what they see they may stand and take the hand of the human to walk them down the stage and claim them for the night. This doesn’t mean they are permanent mates though! Vampires can steal the humans away if they please.
  • At the choosing ceremony you may find you are not truly mates after all. If this happens, the human cannot go through the ceremony again so they could not find their mate cursing the humans in the process. They are forever tied to the place of the ceremony , so those that failed the ceremony normally become students servants and most end up as blood donors to the vampires.
  • At any point a human girl or boy could be devoured by a vampire’s inability to control themselves
  • When a girl or boy is found to be a mate, they will be changed to vampires – (possibly be the end of the roleplay? Depends where you guys take this XD)
  • More than one vampire may try to get the same girl for a time.
  • Not every girl gets chosen so those that don’t go home and can return the next year.
  • A human finds out about the school through someone else who has been there or they are specially invited. Most of the time it is through someone they know.

Vampire Facts:

  • Vampires grow insane without drinking the blood of their mate after so many years depending on the vampire.
  • Insane vampires are called blue bloods.
  • Blue bloods are stray and the Academy is guarded at night in order to protect the humans from attacks.
  • Can not stand daylight
  • Each have various ranks in strength and culture. I.e a leader and pawn

The Roleplay starts when the human girls and boys who have decided to go to the academy are getting off a coach.
Vampires may have arrived at the academy already.
I shall play the mistress of the Academy, and thus I shall direct what rooms look like, how the ceremony goes ect so that you may post it yourselves if I am not available when your time comes.

Please add you own problems, man troubles, women troubles, bitten to death? Blue blood attack? Ceremony gone wrong?

PAIRINGS – VAMPIRES CHOOSE ! HUMANS ARE ALLOWD NO SAY! – (If you want to be gay/ lesbian please let me know ^^ however that doesn’t mean your human/vampire may be :P hehe drama!)

I can add more if get enough interest

Human girl 1 ~ Played by Lifebird ~
She has been to the Academy before but was rejected by vampire boy 1 after the parade choosing so is back for her second try. She is slightly bitter about the fact and confident she will find her mate this time. She dislikes the mate vampire boy 1 chooses.

Human girl 2
~ played by Ms.SwiftKill ~
She is only attending because all of the cousins went and they found their mates, she isn’t really too sure on the idea however and feels pressured into going by her family.

Human girl 3 ~ Taken by HiddenNymph. ~
She is the foolish one; she accidently got on the wrong coach thinking she was going to her hotel. She has no idea what fate lies ahead of her, but will she decide to stay anyway?

Human boy 1 ~ played by Alan23 ~
He found out through gossip from a friend and researched the school, he would love to become a vampire and wants nothing more than to have power but he is clueless when it comes to romance.

Human boy 2 ~ played by BRIBRIBEAR ~
He was sent to the academy by his parents as they felt he wouldn’t be able to find love otherwise. He is an extremely shy boy and finds it hard to stand in the presence of such scary vampires, this is his third year at the academy.

Human boy 3 ~ played by Silvermist09 ~
He is following in his older sister’s footsteps, she became the mate of a famously strong vampire giving her fame. He is confident and loves to play tricks on people especially spooking the other students out.

Vampire girl 1~ played by BRIBRIBEAR ~
She is Vampire boy 1’s sister; she can be stubborn and extremely rude since she doesn’t really care what others think of her. Her insanity level is still at a low but she wants to make sure she doesn’t get to braking point before it is too late like her brother seems to have done. She is classed middle rank when it comes to strength unlike her brother. This is her third year at the academy. She dislikes Vampire 3.

Vampire girl 2 ~ played by KeiraHigurashi ~
She has an elegant trace to her steps, she is kind and calculating of situations preferring to take the easy route out than to fight. Her intelligence overpowers many but that is useless when it comes to raw strength as she is one of the weaker ranked vampires. This is her second year at the academy. Her insanity level is currently stable.

Vampire girl 3~ played by Crybloodredtears ~
She is always smiling with a slight skip in her manner as she loves to see things in a lighter text than a darker one. However that is a front as if she gets mad you know to stay away as she is a high rank vampire. She has an insane crush on Vampire 2 but knows that he is not her true mate so finds it hard to find one in the humans. This is her first year at the academy and her Insanity level is currently stable.

Vampire boy 1
~ played by Amigamaru ~
He is collectively cold to others at first appearance and the strongest vampire at the Academy as of recent controlling most of the land with vampires serving under him. He has found that living without a mate is becoming stressful with his blood lust reaching its limit so was forced to find one with the aid of the academy, something he isn’t happy about as he feels he shouldn’t need the help. This would be is second year at the academy.

Vampire boy 2
~ played by Inos ~
He is lazy and would rather read a book or sleep than get down to some dirty work however he has a strong sense of pride and honour and is a most loyal friend when you make the time to become one. He dislikes Vampire 1 so they always argue since he is Vampire boy 1’s second in rank, and his insanity level is currently stable.

Vampire boy 3 ~ played by SoulCandy ~
He is exceptionally skilled when it comes to the perception of others. He generally offers a hand out to most people but prefers observing a situation before hand. He's the guy to go too when your looking for someone dependable since he doesn’t normally consider himself but thinks about others first, at least with vampires anyway. With humans he is cautious and doesn't want to go near them since he feels his blood lust is reaching dangerous and does not wish to hurt them. A middle ranked vampire.

Mistress Anastasia Harlem - Played by HiddenNymph
A kind thoughtful teacher at first meeting, however when she gets to instructing her students she tolerates no rebellions or anybody or makes trouble, meaning she can be scary to get angry and a tough teacher with the kindest intentions.

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[b]What are you?:[/b] (vampire/human and what number?)
[b]Name: [/b]
[b]Age: [/b]  (if vampire be creative - If human 18+)
[b]Gender: [/b]
[b]Rank: [/b]  (If vampire eg. Low/Middle/High/Strongest)
[b]Orientation: [/b]
[b]Ethnicity: [/b]
[b]Country: [/b]  (are you from Russia or france for example)
[b]Personality: [/b] (don’t just use what I gave as a basis, please expand and make the character your own!)
[b]Likes: [/b]  (list them)
[b]Dislikes: [/b]  (list them)
[b]Fears: [/b]  (list them)
[b]Hobbies: [/b]  (list them)
[b]History: [/b] (Include feelings on academy)

No goddmodding
Use the character sheet, though you may add more if you wish, no less.
Romance obviously, but adult also depending on who apply's, I shall leave it up to you.
VAMPIRES DECIDED PAIRINGS. No humans aloud a say. ^^
Post at least once a day
Please don't have two RP's keep posting in reply to one another, let the RP flow between everyone before replying. Thank you.
Respect other RPers.
Reservations last three days.
You may make a reservation through OOC or email me.
If you read this put KAPOW! at the end in character sheet!

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A screeching sound abruptly alerted Jessica to the halting of the coach as it came upon a view she had not expected to see. Quietly she sat in her seat clutching her bag tightly to her chest nervous, just where had she ended up now? This wasn't the hotel she was supposed to go too with her friend Amy, no, this place was somewhere much different.

She was lost, again.

The sudden opening of the doors near her as she sat at the front made her jump as a tall bulky man stepped inside. His eyes were hard as they scoped around resting momentarily on her shaken form before doing the same to the other girls and boys residing within the coach as though inspecting them all. His sight alone was enough to unshakle Jess from any comfort she may have forged, this wasn't normal, she had been listening to some of the whispers of the other girls and boys, this place.... this place was definietly somewhere she should probably avoid. What did they mean by, choosing ceremony or the parade ceremony? It was all a mess of confusion within Jess's mind.

"Alright!" the sound of the bulky mans coarse voice sent Jess to jump again at its sudden eruption. "As you file off the coach state your name and then line up in an orderly fashion, I won't take any bickering or gossip as you girls always do and I expect the men to be respectable" he paused the tone in his voice as he spoke suggested he didn't like females too much or this job. "Get a move on then!" he shouted impaitent hopping back off the coach.

Jess instantly fumbled with her things gathering up her cell phone (which had died after losing signal way back in the journy) into her bag. Hesitantly she remained in her seat however, she would rather not be the first person off, it seemed like that guy was checking names off with a clipboard just outside the door of the coach. Her name wouldn't be on that clipboard.

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Toukan slipped out of her seat quickly, wanting off the thing soon, taking her two bags with her. SHe had laughed to herself during most of the ride when she saw just how much all the girls brought with them, taking up most of the room, like they were moving. She had brough only the important things although her mother put in there carefully for the evening thing, the only dress/skirt like thing she had in there. Her bow and arrows were strung over her shoulder as she placed her bags in where someone would later toss them all in their rooms perfectly never having failed once to find its room once. Knowing the man with the clipboard a little she nodded her head at him trying to remember how to greet in English and decided its just better to say her name. "Toukan Shinja Miller?"

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#, as written by Inos
Meanwhile a rather loud yawning sound echos through Alexais room and the corridor near it as he wakes up rather early(normally he does not wake up before its already night).
He wakes up because of the remaining daylight shining right into his eyes.
While waking up and yawning he rubs his eyes a bit then he slowly stands up from his bed.
As he stands up he stretches his body a bit as his gaze trails through his room and stops at a rather large pile of books (around 10).
"Hm...I have really become slow at reading...only so much in one day...oh well...."

After saying this he quickly changes his sleeping cloths into some casual cloths while thinking hm...since the humans should arrive today..this might be good for a first impression..
After changing he puts his night cloths on a chair in his room then he walks out of his room and slowly makes his way through the corridor which connects most of the rooms and since its pretty dark in their he does not need to worry about the sunlight.

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Ryan woke up early, He opened his eyes, as he opend his eyes looking at the tv that was off. He got out of his bed, and stretches his muscles, and then he walked over to the wash table, and he washed himself and walked over to the closet to choose some clothes to wear today, he then dressed himself up,he walked out of his room. But before walking away, he turned around looking at his room, That looked like a standard room, tough he is a lord he disliked to use his monney for this kind of stuff. he dosn't care about the monney, or his rank, and title. But he takes his job seriously when he is at it, he then turned around, and before walking away he closed the door,And he slowly went to the inside guarden. Where he sat against a tree, But before he arrived at the tree, He went, and got himself some food to eat, at the tree. As he sat at the tree some time went while he ate his food, and sang to practice his voice. He looked at his watch wich time it was, he noticed it was about time to walk over to the place where the opening will start, Then there he waited for the humans to arrive at the stage, he suddenly remembered his first time, and that girl he liked. But he ended up breaking with her, Because he noticed they weren't reall mates ment for each other.

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Austin sat in the corner of the coach with his eyes closed. He didn't want to see the familiar sights that reminded him of where he was going. He focused on breathing, and breathing itself. It will be okay, he reassured himself. You've been through this twice already. But it didn't help to soothe his nerves. He knew that in a matter of an hour or so, he'd be in the presence of hundreds of bloodsuckers who could kill him before he could blink twice.
He took a deeper breath, shaking off the thought. He finally opened his eyes, but avoided the gaze of any curious eyes that were also in the coach with him. The official who sat in the car gave his usual speech, and Austin was the last one to leave the cabin. He cleared his throat before stepping foot on the Academy grounds. "Austin Morris," he told the official, and he checked off a box on his clipboard. It always made Austin feel like he was nothing but a number. And in a way, he was. It wasn't like he ever got picked each time he came around to the school. That only made things worse for him, though. He always turned into a "one-night stand" for some vampire at the ceremony. He gets picked, tasted, and left half-drained and disorientated to find his way back to his room. And his brother wonders why he doesn't like vampires. He refrained from scoffing with disgust as he entered the gates, and headed off to where he needed to be.


Lily primped, as she always did before she left somewhere. She was ready far too early, as usual. She had done everything but put on her heels, which she would do in another fifteen minutes. Her dress was black with a swooping v-neck, and she loved what it did for her curves.
But as always, she knew that by the end of the night, she will regret having picked this outfit. Sure, she loved the stares she got, but they only amused her for so long before she starts to look for a cover-up or just leave. She always finds that she doesn't truly want attention from any other man.
Regardless, she stared out of her open window from a distance. There was a square of light shining down on the floor of her room, which she promptly avoided. The guests were already arriving. Still in her current good mood, she smiled. Excellent.

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Cassandra seemed to glide elegantly across her bedroom floor in her pale blue corset dress with the intricate white lace embroidery. The full skirt was layers of pale blue and, white material that was also embroidered, some of the over-layer of pale blue fabric pulled up to her hip on one side. The skirt hid her still bare, except for the white tights she wore, feet. She would put her metallic silver strappy heels on her feet closer to the time she needed to leave her room, and those were beside her bed waiting for her.

A soft sigh escaped her as she picked up a small remote and pointed it toward a small sound system across the room, immediately playing one of her favourite pieces by Tchaikovsky. The sound of the Waltz of the Snowflakes filled the room as Cassandra danced around, light on her feet as she closed her deep brown eyes. She held her dress up a bit in each hand, preferring to not accidentally step on it and ruin it. After a few moments of this though, she became bored and moved over to the large four poster bed and lay down carefully on her back. " How boring it is to wait.." she murmured aloud to herself as she stared up at the transparent white curtains of her bed.

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Glen looked in the adjusting his dress coat, it was classic black and almost matched his short black hair. he had slicked back the slight curls of his hair for the occasion. Taking one last look in the mirror he headed to the door closing it softy behind him. He was a little nervous to be around so many humans once again. He had attended a few before and neglected choosing a human keeping to the side, this time though he could not neglect choosing one. For his own sanity he had to choose a human. hopefully they would be the one he was looking for.

He walked down the hallway not really in a hurry but not wanting to be late either. As he walked his fingered moved slightly against his side like he was playing the piano. He was a habit he had started in early teen years and had yet to rid himself of. He passed a few vampires heading in the same direction but kept to himself like always.Eventually he entered the room glancing at the stage he conformed that they hadn't started yet. Taking his normal position at the side of the room, he leaned against the wall and waited for it to start.

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#, as written by Alan23
Ian Traves-Hamilton watched the coach as it receded into the distance. He had completed his check list of the important things, before it was fully out of sight. Not that it mattered, really. To arrive at the Academy with nothing but what he stood up in might have been even more of an adventure. Trouble was, he had a certain anal cast to his mind that he had never quite been able to shake off.

Suitcase (check). iPod (check). Phone (check). Flash drive containing various hacking programs that might come in useful (check). Open mind (check). Yep - got all he needed.

Well, he was here. here of his own free will. Whatever it might bring. The humiliation of rejection, of being unchosen? A mysterious new fate? Whatever, it was too late to back out now. He'd spent his orphanage leaving-grant on this trip. He could, if he wished, walk away now - but then he'd have nothing. Nothing except the regret of never knowing what might have happened.

He'd been putting off the moment, and he couldn't do so any longer. He looked up at the Academy, in the distance, behind the gates. The long drive, and beyond it, the main building itself, his home for the foreseeable future. He did not even know himself if he regretted the impulse that had brought him here. He began repeating the mantra he'd written for himself, the one designed to remove any regret.

I do this from choice
The price for this is one I chose to pay
This road take me where I chose to go
I chose this.

And then, unable to delay any longer, he hitched the strap of his backpack, picked up his suitcase, and walked briskly towards - what?

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Jess clutched her bag tightly when it seemed most of the people had left the coach, she was the only one remaining and the looked from the driver in the mirrior made her nervous. Flashing him a forcing smile as if to say everything was alright she gulped and took a shakily step forward to hop of the coach and towards the unknow.

The bulky guy from earlier stood waiting with a quick "name?" as he looked only at his clip board. Jess mumbled really quietly her name which made him frown pulling his eyebrows together before looking up at her slightly irriatated. "Name?" he spoke louder this time with clear indication she was meant too aswell. The sheer look he gave her made her uncomfortable as she managed to say "Jessica Doxin."
Satisfied he sighed and looked down the list only to come up short making him frown again, he did a double check then gave a look of surprise mixed with a little uncertainess as they both stared at each other in silence.
Her name was not on that list, he knew she didn't belong there, he should send her home now right? This had happened to her before it would be fine.

What he did say next however was not what she had expected, "stand in the line with the others" his words were sharp making her freeze before steadily doing as she was told. What on earth was he doing? what was she doing following the rest of these people, they were starting some sort of academy weren't they? Jess didn't belong there she hadn't signed up or anything they should really send her back home.

The guy then walked up and down the line of people as suddenly behind him the same number of people that had been on the coach appeared standing elegantly with smiles of welcome. "Alright" the man bellowed to them all "For the benifit of those that are new my name is Hugo, I am in charge of your welcoming then you will be passed over to Madam Harlem. Stadning behind me are the people who shall assist you for your classes, your meetings, and of course the ceremonies. You can ask them whatever questions you like and they will answer, in all basic terms they shall be your assistents or servants during your stay." nodding behind him at the people they then suddenly moved forward and each chose someone off of the coach to 'assist'.

Hugo himself stormed up to Jess holding out his arm as she looked at it puzzled "Take it, I have no idea what to do with you untill I explain to you a few things, so follow me into the academy" he whispered down to her ear making her stumble with her words. What was there to explain to her exactly? "Um - but-" she stuttered unsure what to do.
"You don't have any luggage for me to pick up do you so just take my arm and let me take care of you for the moment got it?" his voice was more stern this time as she shook her head at his question about luggage immediantly taking his arm and allowing him to lead her into the school.
Great, what was going to happen now she wondered.

(create your own servant humans they are NPC, Vamps can havee one too if they like)

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Toukan went straight to her room, not looking at anyone and not talking either. She wanted to get this over with because she may look pretty compared to how most people picture Canadian women but she liked sleeveless tops and thick leather-like pants, not pants. Her room was like the last one she had except this one was without a fireplace and the windows looked out at some trees. Her assistant that was reserved to the room was a man, but she didnt really care they probably knew she didnt like being near women in the first place and after last year its just safer to give a male one. Toukan could take care of herself anyways so no worries and less complaining from him hopefully.

After carefully hanging her quiver and bow up by her bed and went through her bags that were already in the room for her dress. Asking for the mans help she got it on and looking at him with a dead serious face she asked, "Do you know how to do anything with the damn hair?" To him her demeanor was priceless but he held his smile because she looked like she knew how to really use those arrows.

The whole thing took an hour and Toukan was able to learn a lot about her assistant without even needing to say a thing to him. His name is Tyler, from the deep south, and is filling in for his dad. He was suppose to be helping one of the men humans but because his sister heard who she would have to serve she left and he replaced her to keep the family honor. Toukan didnt really know how to feel about that but she was happy that at least they were afraid to cross her, she did apologize though about scaring his sister. Tyler just nodded before showing herself in a hand mirror the room had since there was no vanity. He had curled it so the curls were huge and they were put up on the top of her head held down by two pins that came together to look like a lock on the top of her head, one strand on both sides were loose laying softly just on her shoulders. She had put on the only necklace and earrings on that she owned, the earrings were music note stubs and the necklace was a old fashion key with small etchings that looked like the wind with a small bird shape as the hole her chain went through, stopping on her collar bone.

The dress was something her younger sister made since she didnt like what Toukan had picked which was simple, "Too drab" as she was told. It was Gothic to say the least, it being a dark gray and black down to her thighs just past her finger tips. There werent any ruffles but it hugged her tightly everywhere with room at the bottom to swish when she walked. It had a key on the bodice that was made out of metal holding the thing together like a button. The top was dark gray with a black sash that needed to be tied on the back, the skirt the same as the top, and black shapes from the card deck on the skirt at the bottom. The sleeves were made of real feathers of actual barn owls, a thank you from our school pets Lily and Richard which were named already when she brought them home from last year. It was the only light color in it and laughingly Tyler called her a Gothic Alice in Wonderland huntress. He even insisted on wearing her hunting boots lined with rabbit furs she made just last week, because she was bored, and attacked her with this stupid make-up that was over her eyes making them silver and the under part dark with smoky swirls.

As she took him by the arm so he can escort her to where they were to wait with the other humans and their assistants he noted to her that she might be the darkest one there at least her look didnt seem like she was a little girl in "Toddlers & Tiaras", which he explained was a American tv show about toddler beauty pagents. Toukan had to keep herself from snickering loudly at the comment and nudged him with an elbow playfully as a thank you while he steered her to where the guys were all hanging out. When she asked him later why he did that he said shrugging "Well not only did they match your dress, some of them anyways, it seemed like a smart thing to do."

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#, as written by Inos
Meanwhile. Alexai continues his way through the corridor while being deep in thoughts of how the humans would be like and how the whole ceremony would be like, after all it is his first year at the academy.
Moreover he wonders how his so called Boss would be like, but rather then being nervous about the whole situation he is rather thrilled and excited about it.
While all this thoughts run through his head he passes by a few persons without really noticing them.
In that manner he makes his way to the room the ceremony should be held in.

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Mariah smoothed over the red dress, then looked at herself in the mirror. She nodded to herself with satisfaction. Hmm, not too bad. I won't mind showing up like this in public, but I could have done better. She sighed, and teased a few stray wisps of hair back behind her ears before leaving her room.

She had already gone over this once, but even so, she was doubting that she would find her "other half", "Mr. Right", "mate" . . . It was all the same, wasn't it? But this wasn't a question about love. This was her sanity that was at stake. She was sane now, sure, but if it took too long to find that person, that wouldn't be true anymore. Maybe her old boss' claim about this school wasn't valid. Maybe it was just luck that he had found someone. Doubt settled into Mariah's head and she tried to shake it off as she continued on her way to the room where the ceremony would take place.

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#, as written by Alan23
Ian had a sense of having moved up in the world! Compared to the scratchy sheets and dingy walls of the London orphanage that had been his home until recently, the room that he'd been taken to was a veritable paradise. Everything, from the rosewood furniture to the silk sheets on the softly sprung bed, the dark-tinted windows to the recessed TV in the wall screamed decadent luxury. And, most of all - this was the first time in his life he'd actually had a servant.

"Urm, what should I call you?" he asked nervously, as the tiny woman - really, she couldn't have been more than four and a half feet tall, though she was perfectly formed - began reaching up to hang his spare jacket and a few other items of clothing into the inbuilt wardrobe. Doing so caused the short, white dress she wore to pull up, showing far more leg (in fact, far more ass-cheek) than was good for his peace of mind. For answer, the tiny woman turned, smoothed down the dress with much wriggling and gyrating, and took up a small tablet PC that she wore clipped to the wide cream-colored leather belt that sat around her waist. She tapped the screen, typing quickly, despite the fact that her green-painted nails were close to an inch long. Leaning forward caused her pale-blond hair to fall forward, and she pushed it back with an annoyed expression on her small, pixie-like face, as if this was a frequent problem. She handed him the tablet.

You may call me Thena.

"Thena. That's a nice name. Is it Greek, or-" Ian replied. And then stopped. Was she mute? Should he make an effort to speak slowly, or shape his words so she could lip-read? Seeing his confusion she smiled, and took the tablet from him, typed a few words, and held it up.

You may speak normally to me, I have perfect hearing. I am neither deaf nor mute. But I am ashamed of my voice.

As if to illustrate the last point, a blush had appeared on her alabaster white skin. Ian wondered if she were a vampire, like so many of the adults here, but decided it might be rude to ask, unless she volunteered the information.

"Well, I am pleased to meet you, Thena," he said, smiling.

As I am pleased to meet you, Ian Traves-Hamilton, she typed. She erased, and typed again. I think we are going to get on. I hope you will ask me anything you wish to know, or for anything you want. It is my desire to serve.

"Yes, I rather think we are," laughed Ian. "Er, Thena - can you tell me any details of what goes on here? I'm - well, I came into this a bit quickly."

I think you know why you are here, she typed, adding a smiley to soften her slight reprimand. But any gaps in your knowledge will soon be filled. Trust me on this, Ian.

And in the absence of any other source of information, Ian decided to do just that.

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Ryan looked at his watch while he waited for evryone to gather around the stage, He picked up a leaf he founded near the tree before he went to the stage. And started whisling a beutifull and calm tune that could be heared by evrybody, So that the people who where waiting might have calmed down from there stress before the event started. He then looked around at verious people while they walked into the room that holds the stage. the room was so big that it could have held a army of giants without them having problems to move around.

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#, as written by Inos
Alexai walks into the ceremony room and sees a guy who seems to be whistling something.
While he sees him he tries to get information about his personality but of course did not get much via first glance.
After finishing his little first analyse he walks over to a table which has several chairs around it.
The table as well as the chairs are made out of massive wood and looks elegant as well as a bit old fashioned.
Alexai sits down on one of those chairs while leaning against it.
After doing that he looks around the room and is a bit suprised in how big it is.
The size even reminds him a bit of the the rooms in the royal house he lived in when he was a child.
After a few seconds of memories of his childhood he keeps on looking around trying to figure out who of the persons is who without asking them of course.

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