Glen Reynolds

i don't want to hurt you

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What are you?: vampire male 3

Glen Reynolds

Age: 250

Gender: male

Rank: Middle

Orientation: Straight

Ethnicity: French

Country: England


Glen has spent most of his years to himself he prefers it that way. He will only fight when necessary, helping other vampires if they need it. In his recent years he finds his bloodlust is reaching his limit. Not knowing of to go about finding a mate he traveled to the academy seeking help. Although glen wishes to find his mate he is cautious of the humans, finding himself slowing losing control whenever close to them. He spend most of his time in his rooms or out late at night for this very reason. The only time most people see him is during the choosing ceremony and even then he stands to the side.

Time to himself

Egotistical people
loud crowded places

losing control,

Writing piano music

glen Was born into a middle class family of vampires in the 1700's , he was the only child in his family and his parents doted on him. He was spoiled as a child and acted like it. As he got older and started learning music he got more mature and started keeping to himself preferring it. He started hanging back at events he was invited to preferring to observe other people and their activities. He traveled a little learning a few languages and about other cultures along the way. he never had any interest in finding a mate, until he found starting to lose control. he held off for a little while and attempted to find his mate on his own.He had no such luck finding himself getting out of control whenever near them. he family traveled to the academy seeing no other choice and hope that he will find his mate. He doesn't quite believe the academy can help him but see's it as his only shot for curing his blood lust.

So begins...

Glen Reynolds's Story