Rule 45: Broken

Rule 45: Broken


Forbidden love of races [semi-literate/OPEN]

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It is 3047, Earth has change, and technology has disappeared, as with most humans. Vampires, Fey, Werewolves, Elfs, Demons, Fallen Angels and so much more now inhabit the Earth. There are new laws that has to be followed by all races, no matter who you are, if you break any one of the rules you will be executed if you are found. Most of the rules are general, you are not allowed to murder someone, you are to respect authority, no technology. Though there is one rule that is very big.

Rule 45: No one is allowed to fall in love with another race, if someone is found breaking this law both people will be excuted.

This rule was put in place because the Leaders do not want hybrids living among the lands. There is word that there was a hybrid born once and it caused mayhem and chaos. Some say it is a myth though but others are not so sure. Though there are some people that can’t help who they are falling for, this is a story about those people and how they find each other and maybe even love.

Please let me know who you want to use for FC, they must have a gif I can use

The Fallen Angel and The Human
She was on the run when she met her, there was not many humans anymore and if anyone found one they where usually used as slaves or worse. She was in the woods heading to a lake when the angel fallen in front of her. From then on things began to change..

Human girl| Age: | Partner: Fallen Angel girl|Fc: |OPEN

Fallen Angel girl| Age: |Partner: Human girl|Fc: Sky Ferreira|TAKEN by Echo_Rose

The Vampire and The Werewolf
He smelt the blood of the wolf before he came upon her, usually werewolf blood made him puke but this wolf’s blood smelt different, almost had a sweet smell to it. The vampire found the wolf in an alley way with a gaging wound.

Vampire boy|Age: |Partner: Werewolf girl|Fc: Matt Bomer|RESERVED by arteech0kee

Alayna Marx|Werewolf girl|Age: 25|Partner: Vampire boy|Fc: Meghan Ory|TAKEN by fauxtruth

The Seelie Fey and The Unseelie Fey
He was taking a stroll in the garden when he noticed someone trying to steal some herbs. Taking one look at the other guy he could see it was Unseelie. When he saw the face of the other male he fell in love.

Unseelie boy|Age: |Partner: Seelie boy|Fc: |OPEN

Seelie boy|Age: |Partner: Unseelie boy|Fc: Will Higginson |RESERVED by Imbecile

The Demon and the Fallen Angel
He was blindsided by the attack, he knew it was one of those pesky demons trying to steal from him. He tried to counter the attack but it was hard because the demon was a hot female.

Demon girl|Age: |Partner: Fallen Angel boy|Fc: |OPEN

Fallen Angel boy|Age: |Partner: Demon girl|Fc: |OPEN

Character Skelly

Code: Select all
[size=160][color=][b]Full name of character here. First middle last[/b][/color][/size]
[img]GIF here[/img]


[b]Real Age:[/b] Highest you can go is 400, except for human, be reasonable

[b]Appearance Age:[/b]



[img]Picture of your face claim here[/img]

[b]Abilities:[/b] Be reasonable, think about your race, humans have more physical abilities such as hand to hand combat or knowing how to wield a weapon. Two abilities at most.

[b]Likes:[/b] At least five

[b]Dislikes:[/b] At least five

[b]Fears:[/b] Everyone is afraid of something

[b]What does your other form look like:[/b] Unless you are human you have another form, the form you are in most of the time is your human form

[img]Picture of your other form here[/img]

[b]Personality:[/b] At least two paragraphs or one very good one

[b]Any unique marks on their body, scars, piercings, or tattoos:[/b]

[b]Brief History:[/b] Doesn’t need to be too descriptive, at least six sentences

[b]OOC questions:[/b]
~If romance gets too heavy are you willing to go PM?: Y/N
~Code: ?

[img] another image of your faceclaim[/img]

1. What I say goes.
2. Please no god modding or taking control of other characters that aren’t your own
3. Be respectful of everyone
4. Romance is to be expected, so I do consider this an adult rp, but when the clothes come off black out and go to PMs.
5. Code is “Life is a song, Love is the lyrics”
6. When reserving please let me know who you want to use for a face claim, and make sure they have gif’s I can find so I can put one up on the front page.
7. Is able to post at least 350 words
8. Last but not least have fun

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Character Portrait: Alayna Marx
Character Portrait: Jacque Le'Fleur


Character Portrait: Jacque Le'Fleur
Jacque Le'Fleur

"How often do we find ourselves trapped in these dilemmas?"

Character Portrait: Alayna Marx
Alayna Marx

"My favorite animal? A wolf, naturally."


Character Portrait: Alayna Marx
Alayna Marx

"My favorite animal? A wolf, naturally."

Character Portrait: Jacque Le'Fleur
Jacque Le'Fleur

"How often do we find ourselves trapped in these dilemmas?"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Jacque Le'Fleur
Jacque Le'Fleur

"How often do we find ourselves trapped in these dilemmas?"

Character Portrait: Alayna Marx
Alayna Marx

"My favorite animal? A wolf, naturally."

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Re: Rule 45: Broken

Skype is JynxiiKitten (: maybe we could work out a onexone to do?

Re: Rule 45: Broken

Looks like this one died too... Echo, message me on Skype if you can? I'd like to role play with you (:

Re: Rule 45: Broken

If no one has reserved it yet, I'd like to be the fallen angel girl (partner for the human girl). ^ ^

Re: Rule 45: Broken

<--wonders if you'll reserve the demon girl for meh :3 I don't mind what one :)

Re: Rule 45: Broken

so when are characters going to be accepted or asked to adjust or characters so that we can get started on this roleplay?

Re: Rule 45: Broken

Is it okay if I change my FC?
I know it's kinda late to do so, but I've already got the profile set up - so finishing it won't be a problem.

FC: Logan Lerman

Re: Rule 45: Broken

Is the demon girl available still, just wondering

Re: Rule 45: Broken

Depends on what kind of fey you pick here is a link that mentions different kinds of fey

and yes you can another day, i still have to finish my character and also still need someone to pick up the human girl then if all the characters reserved gets in we can start

Re: Rule 45: Broken

Ah, ok. o 3o

I think I understand now. XD
But yeah, I'll try to get in a character tomorrow or something!

Re: Rule 45: Broken

Glamouring, from my understanding, is just tricking the eye into believing its seeing something else when it's seeing something different. It's not really shape shifting. The fair folk are clever.

Re: Rule 45: Broken

Ah, okay! Thanks for clearing that up!
So this glamoring process... Can that be seen as shapeshifting? Or do they just have the appearance of the creature and not its physical abilities?

Can I also have my reservation extended for another day or so?
I'm so sorry. >_< I thought I would've had time tonight.

Re: Rule 45: Broken

Okay hes yours!

Re: Rule 45: Broken

Oops! Sorry, FC is Ian Somerhalder.

Re: Rule 45: Broken

Thats right, they can't lie but they always come up with a way to get around telling the exact truth lol

Re: Rule 45: Broken

I don't think the Seelie/Unseelie can lie either.
They just use clever wording to confuse you.

Re: Rule 45: Broken

Seelie and Unseelie are like fairys but the seelie are the light fey and unseelie are the dark fey. They are what you would say allergic to iron. They can glamor themselves so they appear human or anything else to someone. They don't need to be feminine that is totally up to you.

and yes you may have the seelie boy

Re: Rule 45: Broken

Can I reserve the Seelie Boy please?

FC: Will Higginson


Could you also explain to me what Seelie/Unseelie Fey are? o 3o
From what I've read, I gather they are some kind of fairy? It's really confusing @[email protected]

If they are fairies, do you expect the boys to be rather feminine?
I may change the FC if so.

Re: Rule 45: Broken

yes you both can but yoku i need a faceclaim from you

Re: Rule 45: Broken

I'd like to reserve the unseelie boy please!

Re: Rule 45: Broken

Hmm... May I reserve the Vampire Male?

FC: Matt Bomer